Grasping Evil - Chapter 115(2)

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The good thing about this girl was that there had been no trace of killing intent radiating from her from the beginning until now… Her cultivation base was strange… And her magical strength only seemed to be at the early Gold Core realm, however, her spirit sense had already reached the intermediate Nascent Soul realm. That tender hand of hers crushed the pill bottle, then she opened her tiny mouth, revealing her cute canine teeth and chewed as many pills as her mouth could possibly fit and swallowed them, until all the pills were gone!

Although the pills were merely First Revolution grade, the pill bottle was crafted by the historical sapphire. In addition to preserving the medicinal effect, the greater advantage of the bottle was its solidity. It could withstand even an attack of a Gold Core expert.

However, it was so easily broken by the little girl. It seemed like she didn’t even use a portion of her strength to do so. How terrifying this little girl’s body actually was?!

“It tastes bad. These Pill Cookies does not taste good at all… make another one that’s better for me!”

The little girl looked over at Xue Qing with dissatisfaction. Immediately, Xue Qing’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat.

“Well, to make Second Revolution Pills for you… but, this old man doesn’t have that many spiritual herbs… Oh ya, let my master concoct pills for you! The pills made by my master will taste a whole lot better!”

When Xue Qing was at his wits’ end, he suddenly realized that Ning Fan was studying them with a faint smile. Intuitively, he thrust his master into the fiery pit.

“He knows how to make Pill Cookies?”

The little girl looked at the direction where Xue Qing pointed. Her eyes widened, staring at Ning Fan in disbelief. Within her eyes was a flash of black greedy light that inflicted pain in Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness, causing him to make two steps backwards hastily. A slight astonishment was shown in his eyes.

That black light, what was that ability…? How could it induce pain in his sea of consciousness?

“Hey, you! Make me some Pill Cookies now. Or else, I’m going to eat you!”

The little girl exposed her small canine tooth and bit them, as if that would frighten Ning Fan.

“Eat me? My flesh doesn’t taste good at all but, I can certainly make some delicious pills for you to eat. However, what benefit will I get by doing so?” Ning Fan smiled slightly. His eyes fell upon the brocade pouch at her waist.

The quality of this pouch was extremely high. It isn’t just half notch or one notch higher than the average storage pouch. Due to the little girl’s negligence, the pouch wasn’t bound tightly. The traces of medicinal fragrance that emitted from it refreshed Ning Fan’s mind…

1000-year-old spiritual herbs, 2000-year-old spiritual herbs, 5000-year-old spiritual herbs… There was even 10000-year-old spiritual herbs!

This female girl was unusually rich.

“Benefits? What benefits do you want? If the Pill Cookies you make are delicious, I won’t beat you, okay?” The little girl spoke in a negotiating tone.

“Beat me? You can’t beat me…”

“Then I’ll beat you. And then, you’ll make the Pill Cookies for me!”

A black light flashed in her eyes and turned into a ray of dark light that charged at Ning Fan. With a wave of her delicate punch, a sonic boom was heard. It was clear how powerful the force of this fist was!

“This girl has incredible strength!”

Ning Fan’s eyes seemed slightly astonished. A silver light radiated from both of his hands. When he made a palm strike on the girl’s fist, he was forced back a little by the impact, then he leveraged the force of the backlash and made another palm strike on the same fist.

Every impact stirred Ning Fan’s blood and Qi. With such a strong fist, it wasn’t hard at all for her to kill a late Gold Core expert! 

After the thirteenth palm strike, ninety percent of the girl’s fist force had been discharged. All of these happened within a second.

At this time, Ning Fan was no longer pushed backwards. The silver light in his body converged on his right fist. He then activated the Ancient Beast Protecting Wristband. Demon Qi soared from his body. And, he launched a punch, colliding with the girl’s small fist.


There was a huge rumble. With them being at the center, all of the rocks within 300 meters range were shattered!

In any case, Ning Fan had withstood the punch of the little girl and gained a clearer understanding about the little girl’s physical strength.

Without using his trump card, he might not be able to beat this girl…

“Eh? I really can’t beat you…”

The little girl withdrew her fist and showed a strange look. Given Ning Fan’s cultivation base, wasn’t he supposed to be sent flying away by this fist strike?

But immediately after that, a wicked smile was plastered on her face. “Even though I can’t beat you, I have plenty of Rain Treasure to help me. As long as I whistle, all of them will come and attack you… Say it now, if you will make the Pill Cookies for me!”

The little girl gently blew a whistle. Almost instantly, countless eyes flashed faintly in the dark! Each of them was a Gold Core expert!

With so many Gold Core demonic beasts, even Ning Fan felt some numbness over his scalp.

He wouldn’t have thought that this little girl in front of him could dominate these terrifying demonic beasts.

“Alright, I will make some pills for you, but… I don’t have any herbs. I need yours.”

Ning Fan concealed his surprised look. His eyes remained emotionless while his hand pointed at the girl’s storage pouch. That caused the girl to instantly call out in alarm, pressed her storage pouch with both hands and pouted her lips.

“No, no way… I don’t have spiritual herbs. You should use yours…”

“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing I can do… if you don’t give some spiritual herbs, you won’t have Cookie Pills to eat…” Ning Fan smiled teasingly. It seemed like this little girl was truly a Pill Devil. Additionally, she had the power to control the demonic beasts of Dark Sparrow’s Grave. No one could tell how many thousands of years she had lived in the grave, but her mind seemed to be as childish as a little girl. Although she was powerful, she behaved so purely and naively.

“It’s not Cookie Pills! It’s Pill Cookies!” The little girl swung her delicate fists and retorted.

“Alright! It’s Pill Cookies! You will give me spiritual herbs and I will make the cookies for you! In the outside world, I’m a renowned Fourth Revolution ‘Cookie Refinement Master’…”

“Wah, you are a Cookie Refinement Master! You sure are amazing!” The little girl’s eyes glittered like stars. The corner of her mouth started to drool.

At one side, Xue Qing was full of criticism against this brain-damaging dialog.

“Was this little girl the Pill Devil that I was so afraid of? Ai, how could I be so scared of this stupid Pill Devil? Didn’t that make me even stupider than the Pill Devil…?”

“And what was with that Fourth Revolution Cookie Refinement Master…”

Although Xue Qing had lots of criticism in his heart, he didn’t dare to interrupt. The little girl might not be smart, but her strength mustn’t be underestimated. If it wasn’t Ning Fan that received that punch of hers just now, he would straightaway be turned into a slag.

Time passed as Ning Fan gazed at the little girl.

After a long while, the little girl’s eyes revealed some conflicting expression. She lifted her tiny head, looked at Ning Fan and asked pitifully: “Are you really a Fourth Revolution Cookie Refinement Master?”


“Do the cookies you make delicious?”

“If it doesn’t suit your taste, I can make another one.”

“Then… I will give my pill treasures to you. I’ll let you decide how to make a nice cookie.” The little girl pathetically removed the brocade pouch from her waist and gave it to Ning Fan.

Her pitiful eyes made Ning Fan vaguely feel that deceiving this child was just too shameless…

But when his eyes swept inside the pouch, his expression turned from awkwardness to shock!

“There are so many thousand-year-old spiritual herbs!”

The storage space in this brocade pouch was even larger than the whole Sinister Sparrow Sect.

The thousand-year-old spiritual herbs that were stacked within was inexhaustibly plenty!

There were even innumerable ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs! But they seemed to have been planted under a formation seal, and this formation seal had reached the Void Level and was activated by a Void Fragmentation magical force. It was something not even Ning Fan could break!

His eyes flashed. This formation was most likely not deployed by the little girl. That meant that there was a Void Fragmentation expert who planted this formation for her!

The ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs couldn’t be taken because there might be a Void Fragmentation expert hiding in the dark, peeping at them to ensure the little girl’s safety!

“If it’s merely a Pill Devil, why would a Void Fragmentation expert be watching her…? What is the true identity of this girl?!”

His eyes glittered. When he retracted his spirit sense, he saw a pile of pits at the most remote corner.

These pits were similar to the pit of Lychee, but the surface was covered with lines of bizarre patterns, and there were also some traces of illusory force that flowed out from it!

For the first time, Ning Fan’s eye expression turned grim. He patted the pouch, took out one of the pits, put it in his hand and gazed at it fixedly!

“This is the fruit fruit pit, it’s not edible… Grandpa said that the pit has to be brought back after eating the fruit fruit…” The little girl explained as though she was worried that Ning Fan would use the fruit fruit pit to make her cookies.


Ning Fan felt a tingle in his heart. Could it be that the grandpa was the mysterious Void Fragmentation expert?

But even if he was a Void Fragmentation expert, he shouldn’t have obtained such a divine fruit!

It was Ming Luo Fruit, which was also called the dream fruit. After consuming one, the person could fall asleep one time to experience 50 years of Samsara. This fruit couldn’t enhance one’s cultivation base, but it could enhance one’s mental state!

The value of one Ming Luo Fruit was even greater than the Dao Fruit of a Nascent Soul expert!

“There’s a Ming Luo Fruit in this place! If I can obtain it, and use it to fortify my mental state… My success rate of breaking through to the Gold Core realm is going to increase once more!”


Pit – A hard shell containing the nut or seed in the middle of some types of fruit

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