Grasping Evil - Chapter 116(1)

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Ning Fan naturally wouldn’t regret promising to make pills for the little girl. But because the time was limited, he couldn’t make Fourth Revolution Pills; the highest level of pill he could concoct was Third Revolution Pills.

The pill cauldron and Earth Fire had already been prepared by Xue Qing. Ning Fan sat cross-legged in front of the cauldron; his sword Qi circulating between his fingers. He then made several slashes to double the size of the fiery pit. After the Earth Fire was increased, he tossed the herbs into the pill cauldron.

Naturally, these spiritual herbs belonged to the little girl.

Watching her precious ‘Herb Treasure’ being thrown extravagantly into the cauldron, she showed a face of chagrin.

“Humph… if the cookies you make is not delicious, I will eat you!”

“You’ll know if it’s delicious in a while.” Ning Fan’s expression remained indifferent while his mind was recollecting the memory of Ancient Chaos.

In Ancient Chaos’ memory, it did mention about Pill Devils advancing by swallowing pills. To them, the only one criterion that affected the pill’s taste was its quality.

The pills Ning Fan was concocting was called Accumulated Furnace Pill. It had no other effects apart from its medicinal energy. If this was given to a demonic or devil beast, they could consume it straightaway. It could even enhance their combat strength. Although this pill was only categorized as a Third Revolution pill, human experts could only store it instead of consuming it.

The human’s physique was much weaker compared to demonic beast’s. It couldn’t bear such a violent medicinal energy, but to the little girl, it would probably be a delicacy. 

Sure enough, even before the pill was finished, the little girl immediately revealed a thirsty pair of eyes when she smelled the fragrance. She extended her delicate hands, wanting to open up the lid and take the pills.

“This smells so good! This Pill Cookie must be very delicious…‘Bright Sparrow’ wants to eat it…”

“Wait a second… this ‘Cookie’ has not yet been refined. If you lift the lid now, the ‘Cookie’ will turn to ashes at once.” Ning Fan warned the little girl with a composed look, however he felt a tingle in his heart.

So this little girl was called Bright Sparrow…

Bright Sparrow, Dark Sparrow… What is the profound meaning hidden within them…?

The moment the girl named Bright Sparrow heard that lifting the lid would cause the Pill Cookies to disappear, she withdrew her hand immediately, careful not to touch the lid of the cauldron.

The scene dumbfounded Xue Qing.

He knew how scorching the cauldron lid was. If an ordinary expert touched it, his skin would burn into ash. As for this Pill Devil, despite being scorched by the cauldron lid, nothing happened to her. She was really… a monster!

Upon seeing Bright Sparrow not lifting the lid anymore, Xue Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

This was his first time seeing Ning Fan refine a pill with his own eyes. Although it was just a Third Revolution Pill instead of a Fourth Revolution Pill, he rarely saw such a concoction technique.

He had been obsessed with pills his entire life. Currently, he was already subdued by Ning Fan’s profound technique. All of his focus had now been put in the refinement process of the pill and his fear for the little girl was already long gone.

Ning Fan patted the cauldron lid and stopped the refinement of the Accumulated Furnace Pill. The process replayed in Xue Qing’s head for a dozen times, but he still couldn’t fathom the profundity of it.

He sighed deeply. Ning Fan was worthy of being a Fourth Revolution Pill Master. He felt that Ning Fan was out of reach after watching his concoction technique.

This time, Ning Fan didn’t even use a pill bottle to carry those pills.

Inside the furnace, there were dozens of Third Revolution Pills. Because it only needed to integrate with its medicinal energy, the process was rather simple. It wasn’t difficult to concoct a dozen of them at a time.

Once the pills were completed, Bright Sparrow couldn’t wait anymore. Immediately, she stuck her hands into the cauldron, took one of the blazing hot round pills, put it in her mouth, chewed it and swallowed it.

A contented smile emerged on her delicate face. Her grateful eyes were looking at Ning Fan. 

“This is delicious! This Pill Cookie is delicious! I love them!”

“Is that so…”

Ning Fan’s eyes fell upon the Accumulated Furnace Pills in the cauldron. He shook his head with a bitter smile. This kind of pill contained tremendous energy. Only someone who had a devil physique like Bright Sparrow’s could swallow it. Even if his body refining realm reached the Silver Light Sixth Realm, swallowing this pill would only bring harm to him.

However, the thing that caught his attention the most was that the quality of these pills was higher than before, despite him not being serious and very hasty in concocting the pills.  


His spirit sense swept through the pills in Bright Sparrow’s hands. All of a sudden, he discovered that on the surface of every pill had some damaged patterns.

Within these patterns was a trace of divine intent, like the Divine Intent of Rain in the rain!

However, it wasn’t the complete Divine Intent of Rain, just a fragment of it. Or else, the quality of these pills wouldn’t just be slightly better.

“I have actually acquired a trace of Divine Intent of Rain on the third level! This is…”

His eyes seemed to have mixed feelings. In his heart, there were both joy and disappointment.

The thing that delighted him was his enlightenment on the third level. If he could go all the way to the ninth level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave and acquired all the insights of Que Shenzi, it would highly be possible that he would acquire the complete Divine Intent of Rain!

If so, he could most likely refine Fifth Revolution Pills using the Divine Intent of Rain, and by doing so, he would advance to the Fifth Revolution Pill Master!

Getting to Fifth Revolution would only require a Void Spirit Intent, but the difference between the effects of Fourth Revolution and Fifth Revolution pills was like day and night. Fourth Revolution Pills might attract Nascent Soul old monsters, however Fifth Revolution Pills might even attract Spirit Severing old monsters if the quality of the pill was higher!

The word ‘spirit’ in Spirit Severing represented the Spirit Intent! Without the Spirit Intent, one wouldn’t be able to refine Fifth Revolution Pills. That was why a Fifth Revolution Pill could shake even a Spirit Severing Expert’s heart!

He remembered that the mysterious girl mentioned that Pill Masters would get preferential treatment in the Lost World Palace. If his pill refinement advanced to the Fifth Revolution, he would be able to enter a higher level in the Lost World Tower, and enjoy the slower flow of time, the higher the level meant that time was twice slower compared to the levels below, and this could save him another half of his time to form the core!

Due to him being pleased that the result was beyond his expectation, he felt helplessly disappointed.

How could it be easy to walk through the entire nine levels of the grave and acquire the Divine Intent of Rain? Given his cultivation base, after entering the fourth level, he would definitely be besieged by Nascent Soul demonic beasts and would likely be killed in the process. Should he enter the fifth level, he would have to confront Spirit Severing demonic beasts, which he couldn’t even resist. If he went deeper…

From the seventh level onwards, not even Void Fragmentation old monsters of Rain Palace could enter. So how could he ever go that far…? He was truly getting somewhat greedy on this. It was already rare enough for a peak Harmonious Spirit cultivator to acquire a trace of Divine Intent of Rain, let alone acquiring the complete Divine Intent. It wasn’t because of his lack of fortune, but his realm of magical force was just too far from enough to acquire it.


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