Grasping Evil - Chapter 116(2)

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“I was being greedy…”

Ning Fan put away his emotions. After suppressing the desire that was constantly grilling him just now, his mental state was enhanced once more.

There was Profound Yin Qi in the fifth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave.

There was the Immortal Bone of Dark Sparrow and the complete insight of Que Shenzi in the ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave.

There is also the Ming Luo Fruit hidden in the grave.

However, it seemed like his fortune had stopped right here…

“Forget it. I’ll stay here for now and devour the Black Demon Flame…”

Earth Vein Demonic Flames were all Fifth Grade Spiritual Fire. He now possessed two kinds of these flames, the Black Demon Flame and White Bone Flame. As for the Heavenly Frost Cold Qi, he now had one type of them, the Bone Prison Qi.

Among the twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames, the Black Demon Flame was ranked sixth and the White Bone Flame was ranked eleventh, whereas the Bone Prison Qi was ranked twelfth amongst the twelve Heavenly Frost Cold Qi.

As his realm and cultivation law continued to improve, Ning Fan would naturally have a clearer understanding of them.

Under the main cultivation law, the Yin Yang Transformation, his double spirit evil vein was divided into two cultivation laws, the Black Demon Art and Snow Treading Art.

The dual cultivation of Ice and Fire, the combination of Yin and Yang, the white robe and black cloak and even the disposition of being cold on the outside and warm on the inside accorded closely with the Grand Dao of Yin Yang!

After getting the pills, the little girl fastened up the brocade pouch, left the scene happily with the ‘Pill Cookies’ still in her mouth.

Ning Fan then deployed a protective formation in the third level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave and went into seclusion for ten days to devour one type of demonic flames. 

This perhaps would be the last enhancement of magical force before the core formation!

It only took him ten days to devour the Black Demon Flame. This was not only because Ning Fan had refined one of the nine dragons, but also because the flame had been tamed by the Old Monster for many years. When the flame was transferred to Ning Fan, the spiritual consciousness of the flame had already been wiped off, which reduced the difficulty of Ning Fan devouring the flame.

Vaguely, there were black flames flickering in Ning Fan’s eyes. He pointed forth with one of his hands casually, and immediately, nine lifelike black dragons roared their way out! Even without using any magical technique, this fire alone could destroy any Harmonious Spirit expert!

During the refinement of the Black Demon Flame, Ning Fan’s cultivation base made a breakthrough once more, leaving him only a step away to the Gold Core realm.

In his dantian, an illusory black and fiery core had been condensed. Surrounding the pill, an immense momentum dispersed all of a sudden!

His cultivation base had successfully broken through to the half-step Gold Core realm, also known as the False Core realm!

An illusory core had been formed in his body. The success rate of breaking through to the Gold Core realm was doubled at this level. At least, he could save years of lonely drudgery in seclusion.  

Moreover, his magical force was doubled, which made it even easier for him to defeat an opponent like Bai Feiteng.

The scorching Qi of magical force gave Xue Qing, who was next to Ning Fan, a hard time to breathe. To him, Ning Fan’s momentum seemed to be even stronger than the ten strongest Old Devils of Yue Country.

This was the pupil that surpassed even his teacher! 

“False Core realm… The only thing left is to abandon the sentiments…”

Ning Fan closed his eyes slightly. Instead of feeling joyful about his breakthrough, he seemed concerned.

For the first time, he realized that his state of mind couldn’t keep pace with his rate of advancement…

After refining the Black Demon Flame, there was still the White Bone Flame that could be refined in his Yin Yang Locket, but he didn’t choose to do so.

If he continued to devour the flame, his magical force would improve once more, making it very difficult for him to suppress his cultivation; by that time, he would need to go into seclusion to form his core at once, or else, his body would explode and he would certainly die.

Indistinctly, he felt that the way he devoured the cold Qi and demonic flame should follow the rhythm of fire and ice. Only then would it accord with the Grand Dao of Yin Yang, allowing him to obtain even greater benefits.

Even though he had no idea what the details of the benefits would be, that was how he felt. This was the instinct formed when one’s cultivation base reached a certain level. It was the understanding towards the cultivation law.

“With my current strength, going to the fourth level is akin to seeking death…”

Ning Fan gazed at some huge pit and sighed. He couldn’t go any further from here. Thus, he could only let go of the Profound Yin Qi.

Some said that the moment one obtained twelve of the Heavenly Frost Cold Qi or twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames, one would have the ability to defeat Void Fragmentation opponent, but since Ning Fan was a Dual Spirit Cultivator, he only needed six from each of the elements, which meant the Profound Yin Qi might not be a necessary cold Qi.

He then stared at the huge pit and shook his head slightly. How pleasant would it be if he could enter the fourth level…?

He turned and was ready to go, but at this moment, a black-clothed girl jumped out of the pit leading to the fourth level, totally disregarding the spatial forbidden force.

“Oh well, it’s good that Cookie Brother is still here… um, I still want to eat Pill Cookies, can you make them for me?!”

In an instant, Ning Fan’s eyes glittered.

Why not he let this little girl that came out of nowhere bring him to all the levels of Dark Sparrow’s Grave?!

Even though he didn’t know if he would succeed, it was still worth trying…

“I can make them for you, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Ning Fan’s eyes brighten up. The little girl’s body trembled and instantly, she took a step back.

“To promise what…? If you want my Pill Treasure, I can’t give it to you… and my Rain Treasure and Cloud Treasure too… They are all my precious treasures…”

“I don’t want your treasures… I only want to go to the lower levels of the grave.”

“That’s it? That is simple. I can bring you there. No one will dare to eat you! Quick, make some delicious Pill Cookies and I will bring you to any level you want!”

Bright Sparrow patted her chest and pledged sincerely, as if she was afraid that Ning Fan would retract his words.

It was just strolling around the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. That wasn’t a big of a deal at all! 

The more she looked at Ning Fan, the more comfortable she felt. She felt that this was the nicest human she had ever seen.

Furthermore, what particularly made her like this human was because he was a Cookie Refinement Master.

What a fascinating profession…! One day, she, too, would want to become a Cookie Refinement Master!


The cauldron lid was patted open. An aroma of pills escaped into the air, intoxicating Bright Sparrow. She outstretched her delicate neck and kept on smelling. 

She then held the pile of fragrant Pill Cookies. As promised, she would take Ning Fan into the deeper levels. With her lead, no Nascent Soul demonic beast would dare to attack Ning Fan!

“Master, you go ahead. I’m not going… Ten days has already passed… I wonder if the Mistresses will be fine… Disciple is worried about them and would like to ensure their safety…”

Xue Qing’s words were pleasant to hear, but in his heart, he was really scared of going into the fourth level.

There were Nascent Soul demonic beasts there… He wouldn’t want to confront those kind of monsters.

As Si Wuxie was with the girls and there was also the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, the girls wouldn’t need any protection from Xue Qing, but since Xue Qing was determined to leave, Ning Fan naturally wouldn’t stop him.

“En, go and check on them…”

Ning Fan could discern Xue Qing’s fear, but he didn’t unveil it. After Xue Qing left, Ning Fan held the Separation Slayer as if he was prepared for all possible dangers, then jumped into the huge pit leading to the fourth level along with the little girl.

“Hold my hand, and don’t get lost… Or else, those Wolf Treasures are going to eat you…”

Bright Sparrow showed a wry face, then held Ning Fan’s hand with her delicate hand. Her tremendous strength was something Ning Fan couldn’t simply break free from.

In Ning Fan’s heart, he felt touched. Right now, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

What if those Nascent Soul demonic beasts wouldn’t be deterred by the little girl and attack him? If his hand and the girl’s hand was clasped tightly together, how could he escape…?

While he was in contemplation, the view of the fourth level presented before his eyes.

The first thing that he felt was the continuous drizzle that carried a trace of loneliness and desolation. 


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