Grasping Evil - Chapter 119(1)

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Old Man Ming Luo separated a trace of his true soul and gave it to Ning Fan. Then, Ning Fan went into the sixth level along with Old Man Ming Luo.

Each of them was tied down by the other. If Ming Luo made any suspicious move, Ning Fan would crush Ming Luo’s true soul, granting him a serious injury. If Ning Fan reneged on his word, the Void Refinement clone of Ming Luo would kill him even if Ning Fan had Black Demon Flames!

Ning Fan had already made up his mind to detoxify the poison in Bright Sparrow’s body, because of the persistence of his Dao Heart.

It was just that after entering the sixth level, Ning Fan’s expression turned awkward immediately, Old Man Ming Luo stuffed the unconscious little Bright Sparrow into Ning Fan’s arms. 

“You’ll hold her while I handle those ignorant little things…but you’d better watch your hands, if you dare to touch any part of her body, this old man will kill you!”

Old Man Ming Luo left a threatening reminder, then lunged forward with his momentum unleashed.

Ning Fan could only sense the fierce Qi of each Void Refinement demonic beast, but couldn’t see their images. The speed of the Void Refinement demonic beasts were so fast that Ning Fan’s eyes couldn’t even follow them.

The demonic beasts in this level were of Void Refinement cultivation base. Each of them was reluctant to give in to Ming Luo. If Bright Sparrow was awake, things would be easier. With a flash of black light in her big eyes, all demonic beasts could instantly be tamed. The deterrent force of Ming Luo against these Void Refinement demonic beasts was apparently not as good as Bright Sparrow’s.

Fortunately, Old Man Ming Luo’s true self was a Void Fragmentation old expert, having techniques that Void Refinement demonic beasts could not match for. After several attacks, the demonic beasts realized that they couldn’t easily devour Ning Fan and left resentfully.

All of the scenes that fell upon Ning Fan’s eyes turned into traces of thoughts.

His arms were carrying the small body of Bright Sparrow horizontally, like how a princess was carried in a prince’s hands. The reason he did so naturally was because Ming Luo had to deal with the enemies ahead. 

In order to cure Bright Sparrow’s poison, he needed a safe place and lots of 10,000-year-old spiritual herbs. The spiritual herbs in the brocade pouch wouldn’t be enough for that. Therefore, he still had to go to the ninth level of the grave. Prior to reaching their destination, he had to use the profound medical skill from Ancient Chaos’ inheritance to temporarily seal the Void Poison in Bright Sparrow’s body. 

While carrying the little girl close to him, he didn’t have any trace of sexual thoughts. Even if he didn’t cultivate the Yin Yang Transformation, he would never have any sexual urges towards a seven or eight year old girl. Old Man Ming Luo was just over-concerned. His impression of the human race was repulsive and hideous.

Ming Luo and the Void Refinement demonic beasts were still fighting. The atmosphere was silent and their images were hard to trace, but the surrounding forests and hundreds of miles of land was burnt and then frozen. Mountains and rivers collapsed. Cracks on the barren land extended another hundred miles. The sound of rumble was non-stop!

Despite the degree of battle, Ning Fan didn’t pay any attention to it. His mind was completely immersed into the rain in this level.

Every drop of rain in the sixth level wasn’t icy cold, but was as sharp as sword light. Each drop of the rain seemed as if it was made of sword Qi. Such a technique wasn’t just turning sword into rain. The profundity of it lied in the Divine Intent of Rain. 

Lines from Que Shenzi were heard by Ning Fan. That year when Que Shenzi was at the sixth level, his murderous intent was aroused, which also stirred up his desire for revenge. Therefore, the rain in this level had been influenced by his murderous intent. The Divine Intent of Rain that Que Shenzi understood began to mix together with his killing intent.

“Provoke the killing intent from the heart, turning the killing intent into swords, turn the swords into rain and use the rain to kill…this is the insight that Que Shenzi acquired in the sixth level.” 

Ning Fan spoke plainly, but didn’t immerse himself into the Divine Intent of Rain in the way Que Shenzi did.

Despite him having comprehended a trace of the Divine Intent of Rain, he still needed to combine his Dao with the Divine Intent if he wanted to master its true power!

This rain of killing intent wasn’t the Dao of Ning Fan, it was the Dao of Que Shenzi!

However, he had to observe it in order to understand how Que Shenzi acquired his enlightenment in the Divine Intent of Rain …

The sixth level of the grave was extremely large. Ming Luo flew his Immortal Cloud for at least ten thousands of miles before he discovered a huge crater and heaved a sigh of relief.

His Immortal Cloud descended straight into the seventh level. As soon as they entered the huge crater, an old man that looked exactly the same as Ming Luo stepped across in the air. After a ray of light, the two of them merged into one!

All of a sudden, Ming Luo’s Qi skyrocketed!

From intermediate stage of Void Refinement to the late stage, to peak Void Refinement, and to the first layer of Void Fragmentation, to the second layer, to the third and until it finally stopped at the fourth layer!

Ming Luo let out another sigh of relief and spoke coldly: “Alright. We have arrived in the seventh level. This old man has combined into one with my true body, recovering my strength of fourth layer of Void Fragmentation. In this way, those first layer Void Fragmentation or second layer Void Fragmentation demonic beasts wouldn’t be of much threat to this old man. After the eight level, it will be the world of this old man!”

Ning Fan was still holding Bright Sparrow’s body. At this time, Ming Luo was convinced that Ning Fan would never have any crooked idea towards Bright Sparrow, which eased his mind. He then began to focus on circulating his magical force, converging them at the center of his palm as if brewing some kind of magical art.

Ming Luo didn’t make any explanation, but Ning Fan could guess that the old man was making a serious preparation for some old monsters in the eight level. He was probably condensing a spell that could kill the opponent in one strike…

In order to save Bright Sparrow, this old man definitely spared no effort. No, he was even risking his life for that.

Under this situation, although Ning Fan had the intention of aiding the old man to fend off the enemies, he was in no position to help. The battle of Void Fragmentations couldn’t involve a Harmonious Spirit expert such as Ning Fan.

His duty was to do the best he could to save Bright Sparrow after entering the ninth level. Since he had sufficient time now, he wouldn’t miss the chance to comprehend the Divine Intent of Rain of the seventh level.

In the fifth level, it was the icy rain. In the sixth level, it was the sword rain whereas in the seventh level, it was the lighting rain!

Thunder rumbled beside his ears. In the frenzied gale, the torrential rain fell and splashed onto the ground.

That year, Que Shenzi’s Divine Intent must have improved tremendously at this place. And because of that, his cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds, his combat intent was stirring!

The surging combat intent integrated into the Divine Intent of Rain and turned the rain into lighting rain!

“The flat ground creates the lighting, the sky produces the rain… I want to kill someone!”

A declaration of battle echoed in Ning Fan’s ears. That was the voice of Que Shenzi left in the Divine Intent of Rain.

He opened his eyes all of a sudden as though an idea had struck him by surprise.

In the fifth level of the grave, Que Shenzi had fully grasped the Divine Intent of Rain. In the sixth level, he had integrated his killing intent into the rain and in seventh level, he had integrated his combat intent into the rain! What kind of Dao Sense did he instil into the rain in the eighth level?!

The question didn’t trouble Ning Fan for long, because travelling through the seventh level was like travelling through a realm of emptiness. The Immortal Cloud that was controlled by Ming Luo was moving at lightning speed. In one short hour, it flew past a million miles and plummeted into the crater that led to the eighth level!

The first and second layer Void Fragmentation demonic beasts didn’t dare stop them, as every layer of Void Fragmentation realm had a difference like day and night. Given Ming Luo’s Void Fragmentation fourth layer cultivation base, he only needed one palm strike to kill a Void Fragmentation first layer demonic beast. Killing a Void Fragmentation second layer demonic beast would need only three palm strikes of his!

After passing through the world of lightning rain and entering the eighth level, Ning Fan’s eyes glittered for the first time.

The rain here was similar to the drizzle in the first, second and fourth level. It was just that there was an ocean of water flowing quietly on the ground below.

This ocean should contain the boundless indomitable intent, otherwise, it wouldn’t fall from the sky to the ground below!

The rain in the eighth level was the heaven defying rain!

Instead of listening to the insight that Que Shenzi had acquired in this level, Ning Fan gazed attentively at the scene and felt a chill in his heart.

He recalled the word of Que Shenzi, which had become true in the eighth level!   


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