Grasping Evil - Chapter 119(2)

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“I want this rain to be born out of the earth and defy the Heavens for eternity!”

Ning Fan let out a light breath. To him, the Divine Rain Intent in the eight level was, without a question, great.

Every cultivator he met submitted to fate. Even someone as powerful as the Old Monster was made fun of by fate. As for Ning Fan, he, too, never had the idea of defying the Heavens and altering fate.

Que Shenzi, however, was different from the rest. He was a man who dared to think and act beyond limits. He swore an oath of fighting the Four Heavens Immortal World while he was in Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Today, Ning Fan was afraid that Que Shenzi had already gotten what he wanted in the Four Heavens Immortal World.

This man had the audacity to go against the Heavens!

Ning Fan carried Bright Sparrow in his arms, gradually shutting his eyes. The trace of persistence in his heart amplified boundlessly. He persisted that he would never abandon sentiments for his Core Formation no matter what kind of circumstance it was! Every cultivator would have such a trace of persistence, but it was rare for someone to cultivate persistence into Dao!

Along the path of Que Shenzi’s Dao Enlightenment, he inquired his heart and understood his Dao once more.

“I will not abandon sentiment!”

For a moment, his heart resounded with this line of words. All of a sudden, a trace of profound insight fused with the Divine Rain Intent. The integration that was seemingly impossible began to take place!

It merges with the Divine Intent?!

Ning Fan opened both of his surprised eyes. However, he didn’t have time to think about the magical changes in his body. A number of howls were closing in on him!

There were three Void Fragmentation experts. Two were of the second layer and one was of the fourth layer. Their eyes were full of hostility as they looked at Ming Luo!

“Hehe! Ming Luo, it seems like your granddaughter is in trouble. Do you need our help?!”

An old man with the scales of a snake on his face sneered weirdly while his snake pupil fixed at Bright Sparrow in Ning Fan’s arms, licking his lips with his tongue.

Helping was just a pretense! Killing was the real thing!

The snake old man’s eyes turned solemn. A second later, a strange demonic Qi with soul energy intruded into Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness.

Demon Soul! Only Demon Race could cultivate such a thing!

“This kid isn’t bad. I might as well corpse-seize him!”

This old man was a snake-like demonic beast that had already transformed into a human. His powerful and unusual demon soul avoided Ming Luo’s body naturally and entered Ning Fan’s body, attempting to invade Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness, corpse-seized Ning’s Fan body, turning Ning Fan into his incarnation.

Ming Luo’s facial expression changed dramatically. He couldn’t have thought that this snake-like old man’s demon soul was a notch higher than his and could actually slip past him and sneak-attacked Ning Fan.

Ning Fan

Ming Luo felt a twinge of mixed feelings. Although he earnestly wished Ning Fan to die, he at least couldn’t let anything to happen to Ning Fan before Bright Sparrow was saved.

If Ning Fan was successfully corpse-seized by the snake-like elder, he would die without a doubt. In that case, who else would be able to save Bright Sparrow?!

Anxiety filled his eyes and his mind was in contemplation. Ning Fan had the sword sense, more than half of his sea of consciousness was condensed out of sword consciousness, but he was still clueless if this kid’s sword consciousness was solid enough. It would be good if this kid could resist the corpse-seizing attack of the snake-like old man for a short while. During that moment, he would crush the demon soul in the kid’s sea of consciousness!

He wasted no time. He put away the magical force which had been brewing in his palm, pointed his finger at Ning Fan’s glabella, trying to defuse the corpse-seizing attack of the snake-like old man.

However, the two Void Fragmentation third layer demonic beasts at both sides weren’t idle. Just as the snake-like old man corpse-seized Ning Fan, both men – one from the left and the other from the right – lunged at Ming Luo, forcing him to withdraw his palm.

“Snake Lin! Don’t you oppress beyond limit! You cannot kill this kid no matter what!” Ming Luo was in a state of exasperation.

“Hehe! So what even if I have to oppress you beyond limit! So what even if I kill him! Bear Kun, Tiger Jue, you two stop Ming Luo, until this old man corpse-seizes this kid and turn him into my incarnation, this old man will join you two.”

Elder Snake Lin sneered coldly, as if corpse-seizing Ning Fan was merely a small deal.

Why would a Harmonious Spirit human dare to enter the eight level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave, he had no idea. Not even the Void Fragmentation experts of Rain Immortal Palace would dare to come into this level. This kid must have grown tired of living!

Initially, Elder Snake Lin would never put a puny Harmonious Spirit in his eyes, but the fact that Ming Luo had been keeping Ning Fan safe indicated that Ning Fan must have a great use to Ming Luo. Since Ning Fan was merely a Harmonious Spirit expert, it would be extremely easy for him to eliminate this kid. After killing this kid, it would throw Ming Luo’s heart into chaos, which would significantly lower the difficulty of them killing Ming Luo!

However, as his thought reached this point, he felt a heart-tearing pain from his spirit sense.


Elder Snake Lin let out a wail, showing an appalled look and glared at Ning Fan!

He thought that by sending one-third of his soul power into Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness for corpse-seizing was already more than enough.

However, the result was that once his soul power seeped into Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness, all of his soul power was shattered by the stifling sword sense.

“This is…this is sword sense…no, even if this is the sword sense of sword consciousness, it shouldn’t have this kind of power…what is the sword Qi that you used to condense your sword consciousness…?”

“You don’t need to know about it. Old Man Ming Luo, what are you waiting for?! Attack now!”

Cold light shone from Ning Fan’s eyes. Although he had shattered one third of the scaly elder’s soul, he had suffered some injuries. This was a score he would never forget!

Even when Elder Snake Lin let out a cry, the two Void Fragmentation third layer demonic beasts had yet to react. Only Ming Luo had vaguely guessed that Ning Fan had used some kind of strange means to counter-attack Elder Snake Lin.

In fact, Ning Fan’s prompting words was already unnecessary. As Ming Luo saw the reversal of situation, he seized the opportunity instantly by striking out the magical force that had been gathered at his palm!

A 30 000 meters large deadwood giant palm charged and pressed against the three demonic beasts with Heaven-and-Earth-trembling pressure.

The three of them were caught off guard, but they still immediately defended against the palm strike with all their might. At the critical juncture, Ming Luo droved the Immortal Cloud with the fastest possible speed towards the crater leading to the ninth level.

What was in the ninth level of the grave was the Immortal Bone of Dark Sparrow and also the 100 000 clones of Ming Luo Tree!

This was the zone where Ming Luo reigned. No doubt, Elder Snake Lin and his allies wouldn’t dare to enter this level, because even True Immortals would be flayed alive should they entered this zone!

After flying for 100 000 miles, Ming Luo scanned around with his spirit sense and felt a relief when he discovered that he had outrun the three old monsters. At the same time, he glanced at Ning Fan, and for the first time, he attached importance to this kid.

This kid had secretly plotted against the Void Fragmentation fourth layer old monster. Whether or not it was due to the carelessness of Elder Snake Lin, this act was already sufficient enough to make Ning Fan proud.

“Kid, Old Man Ming Luo owes you one…”

“Really…?” Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and swallowed a few vulnerary pills. A part of the vigor on his face was restored.

He had plotted a counter-attack against Elder Snake Lin only to protect himself, but Ming Luo owed him a favor because of that and Ning Fan wasn’t foolish enough to deny it.

The ninth level of the grave isn’t far away now.

The force of the giant palm was incredibly powerful as Ming Luo had been charging it in his palm for a long time. Only by jointly defending against the palm strike with various kinds of techniques would the sky-blotting giant palm be destroyed.

The two Void Fragmentation third layer demonic beasts sighed. From that palm strike, they could already discern the true power of Ming Luo. With both of their strength alone, it would be a mistake for them to offend Ming Luo.

Elder Snake Lin, on the other hand, had a grim face.

He intended to plot against Ming Luo with his allies, but to his astonishment, he was plotted against and wounded by a puny Harmonious Spirit. Also, the palm strike of Ming Luo had added some injuries to his soul.

“Hateful! Go, go, go! We can’t let them escape, especially that Harmonious Spirit human!”

Extreme hatred towards Ning Fan arose in Elder Snake Lin’s heart. This also increased his grudge against Ming Luo.

However, Ming Luo had already outrun them and Elder Snake Lin was suffering injuries. How could they be able to catch up to them?

“Hateful! This is the most humiliating incident ever in this old man’s life!”

Before Ming Luo and the others went into the crater of the ninth level, Elder Snake Lin let out a resentful roar. 


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