Grasping Evil - Chapter 120(1)

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In the ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave.

Beyond the horizon was a sea of giant trees of 300 meters tall. Above the sea of trees was fine rain falling downwards.

Finally, Ming Luo’s tightened skin relaxed.

“We’re safe at this place. Each towering tree is a Spirit Severing clone of mine. There is roughly 100 000 of them.”

Ming Luo’s words were both consolation and warning. It relieved Ning Fan’s worries of Elder Snake Lin pursuing them, and also made him understood that it was best to behave in this place, or else, his life would be under a huge threat as any of the Spirit Severing giant tree here was capable of taking his life.

“Let’s begin the curing fast. The duration of my suppression of the poison is almost up.”

Ning Fan’s expression was indifferent, not putting the threat of Ming Luo in his heart.

His eyes swept across the fine rain in the ninth level and closed all of a sudden.

The drizzle here had no special features, no different than the ordinary curtain of rain…but due to Ning Fan having achieved certain insights about the Divine Intent of Rain, he was able to see that there should have been no rain in this level. This rain was transformed out of Divine Intent.

It was neither related to magical force nor magical technique. It was solely the Divine Intent that summoned the rain from the Heavens and Earth.

If the Void Spirit Intent had reached the peak of its cultivation, it could alter the law of Heavens and Earth. Moreover, rumor had it that there was an Ancestral Torch Dragon that had gained enlightenment of the law of Heavens and Earth during the immemorial time.

By closing an eye, he could alter day to night, and his single breath could change the cycle of the season.

An Immortal could turn a rock into gold with a touch, modify decay into divinity, and turned autumn to spring. All of these were closely connected to Void Spirit Intent.

Of course, even if a normal Spirit Severing cultivator mastered the early stage of Void Spirit Intent and integrated it with his Dao, he might still not be able to alter the law of Heaven and Earth.

Altering the law required not only one’s magical technique. During the time when Que Shenzi got enlightenment from the Divine Intent of Rain, his cultivation base was already at the profound level—a True Immortal Class expert. That was why his words could leave traces of his Dao Enlightenment in the rain curtain.

The ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave was supposed to have no rain, but that year, a black-clad elder used only a word to activate the Divine Intent of Rain, causing rain to fall in the ninth level.

“I want you to rain and you have to… This is an order.”

These words turned all the heroic aura into a flat tone, but their dominance didn’t reduce because these words were directed to the Heavens.

Ning Fan had fully relived the Enlightenment Path of Que Shenzi from the first to ninth level during that year.

There was a profound feeling in his heart. This feeling would bring him further in integrating his own Divine Intent of Rain.

In the Heavens and Earth, there’s no similar raindrops nor spirit intent. If the step of integrating the Dao Heart into the spirit intent was completed, Ning Fan could thoroughly condense his spirit intent even though he was only at the Harmonious Spirit realm.

Although he might not be able to use it for the time being, the fact that he could condense the spirit intent would surely make countless of early Spirit Severing old experts envious.

Not every old expert could condense Void Spirit Intent, because of that, numerous early Spirit Severing old experts’ cultivation base remained stagnant at the early stage for the rest of their lives, and couldn’t advance any further.

The Dao Enlightenment in his mental state slowly rose.

It seemed like Ning Fan was about to usher his third transformation in this grave. 

In the first transformation, his status had been changed from mortal to cultivator.

In the second transformation, his skills started to turn stronger. 

This time, it was afraid that the transformation would be in Ning Fan’s mental state.

Ning Fan’s current strength was far better than the likes of Bai Feiteng, slightly better than the likes of Yan Bai, and probably not even weaker than Gui Qiaozi.

But his heart, despite being whitewashed by the memory of Ancient Chaos, was still the heart of a teenager, which inevitably still had a certain immaturity. 

This immaturity manifested itself in his life experience. Even though he could imitate Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor’s style of actions, there were plenty of things that he could never understand without experiencing it himself. 

Many years ago, there was once a time when Ning Fan gazed at the sky, longed to be like those Immortals who flew in the sky, thinking that all Immortals were carefree. But now, it seemed to him that the life of Immortals were no different than that of the mortals. Similarly, it had joy, sorrow, happiness and sadness, and one would need to fight and wrestle with the fate ahead.

While he was meticulously comprehending the trace of insight, suddenly, a gentle sound was made by the unconscious little Bright Sparrow in his arms. A trace of black-colored blood trickled out from the corner of her mouth. Her pale eyebrows frowned as if showing a wince of pain.

“The poison is attacking her once more! Quickly take me to the place with a sea of fire, and prepare these ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs as soon as possible. I’m going to cure her poison there!”

Ning Fan’s expression turned grim. He patted the storage pouch, took out a jade slip, searched the names of the spiritual herbs on it and gave it to Ming Luo.

“You must cure her…” Ming Luo said solemnly.


In the ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave was a place with absolute depth. It was an extinct volcano. The reason it was no longer active was because next to the volcano lay a demonic beast’s remains 270 000 meters in size.

It was the bones of the Immemorial Dark Sparrow!

The bones radiated the peculiar cold Yin force of the Dark Sparrow, thoroughly extinguishing the active volcano. And this cold Yin Force spread across the entire ninth level, causing the cold rain in the grave to fall unceasingly. As it spread out of the Dark Sparrow’s Valley, waves of cold Qi blew across Sinister Sparrow Sect intermittently, making it a suitable place for cultivation.

These bones were extraordinary…but at the moment, Ning Fan seemed to have lost his interest in studying it.

He brought more than ten types of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, carried the unconscious little lolita in his arms and reached the top of the mouth of the volcano in a flash. In the depths of the volcano was the vaguely scorching magma that made people’s scalp slightly tingle. After a short moment of hesitation, he spread open the Black Demon Flame that surrounded his body like a protective layer before he jumped into the mouth of the volcano.

He was afraid that the flames inside had reached the level of Fourth Grade Spiritual Fire, which was only a grade lower than the Earth Vein Demonic Flame. If he hadn’t devoured the Black Demonic Flame, he would never dare to leap into the crater! 


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