Grasping Evil - Chapter 120(2)

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The only reason he came here was to suppress the Void Poison in Bright Sparrow’s body. The Void Poison originated from the feathers of the tail of Immemorial Dark Sparrow. This poison was lethal to ordinary people, but to Bright Sparrow, it was a precious stuff that could boost her cultivation base, however, it was a pity that Treant Ming Luo had helped suppressed the poison with 10 000-year-old spiritual herbs numerous times. As a result of the suppression, the power of the poison intensified.

With Bright Sparrow’s Golden Core magical strength, she absolutely wouldn’t be able to refine all the Void Poison…but if with Ning Fan’s help…the outcome was still an unknown.

In order to suppress the cold Void Poison, she had to be brought to the dormant volcano. Ning Fan could use the fire here to warm the Immortal Veins inside Bright Sparrow’s small body. 

30 000 meters below, inside the crater was a bluish-green magma with bubbles rolling within, radiating heat that blew across one’s face. To Ning Fan, the heat was somewhat unbearable, but when it blew against Bright Sparrow’s body, it turned into a trace of warm comfort.

“Warm…it’s warm…” The dazed little girl opened her big eyes and showed a sweet smile at Ning Fan. She was aware that Ning Fan was curing her poison and this had stirred her affection for this Cookie Big Brother.

“It’s merely warm to you…”

Ning Fan mused. Even he found the heat nearly unbearable, but to Bright Sparrow, the heat was like room temperature.

Previously, Bright Sparrow dared to put her delicate hand into the scalding pill cauldron to take those pills. This should be the cold Yin force of Void Poison that endowed her with this ability.

“The body of Pill Devil…”

Ning Fan revealed an enlightened look after gaining some understanding of Bright Sparrow’s physique.

Bright Sparrow was without a doubt a Pill Devil that originated from a Fifth Revolution Pill.

It was just that the birthplace of the Pill Devil was in the ninth level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave, the place where the remains of Immemorial Dark Sparrow were at. Probably during the time when the Pill Devil obtained spirituality, it was being nourished by the bones of Dark Sparrow which then caused an unusual change to the body.

In other words, Bright Sparrow was a pill with extremely high quality and a demonic beast that had a chance to advance to Immemorial Dark Sparrow of Royal Clan. Based on what Xue Qing and Ming Luo said, Bright Sparrow had taken approximately thousands of years in transformation.

Pill Devil was a pill that was refined out of a pill cauldron as its body. The earth fire that was used to refine a Fifth Revolution Pill must not be lower than Fifth Grade. Then, it could only turn into a pill after a series of heavy calcination, which later becomes a Devil. Therefore, the little Bright Sparrow wouldn’t be scared of flames because she was born in flames.

However, there was something that concerned Ning Fan. Was the birth of little Bright Sparrow the Heaven’s Will or someone’s will?

If that was Heaven’s Will, he would forget everything about it, but if it was made by a human… The soul of Dark Sparrow had already integrated into the body of this Pill Devil… If one day, when little Bright Sparrow’s cultivation base improved, the quality of this Pill Devil would rise as well, and because it contained the soul of Dark Sparrow, its quality would intrigue even the True Immortals.

If Bright Sparrow was created by some True Immortal…then this True Immortal would surely return one day to retrieve this ‘Pill’.

However, this was only a guess. No one knew if this True Immortal existed, but Ning Fan was certain of one thing, that if this True Immortal really existed, he would never be Que Shenzi. From the Dao Enlightenment of Que Shenzi, he could tell the character of Que Shenzi. This man was decisive in killing, overbearing and did things in his own way. He would never go through so much troubles and spend countless years on a single Pill Devil.

Given Que Shenzi’s character, if he ever wanted a pill, he would most likely go and rob it!

Dark Sparrow’s Grave…Demon Sinister Forest… Demon Sinister Forest was decided as a forbidden place by Que Shenzi, but…Que Shenzi didn’t seem to be the one who deployed the forest. There was someone else who raised the ghosts!

Could the person who raised the ghosts raised a Pill Devil in Dark Sparrow’s Grave as well?!

Hundreds of thoughts were racing in Ning Fan’s mind, but in the end, he shook his head. All of these were merely speculation and couldn’t help him determine the truth. For the time being, he should cure the poison of Bright Sparrow first.

Facing the unconscious Bright Sparrow, Ning Fan became impervious to sexual desires. He slowly undid the buttons starting from the hemline of her black dress, one button at a time, and then, took it off.

It immediately revealed a petite naked body. The body of a seven or eight year old girl was almost the same as the body of a boy. If this could still arouse the evil intention of Ning Fan, then he had to be heaven defyingly lascivious.

Ning Fan wasn’t distracted in the slightest. He took out a jade bowl, placed those 10 000-year-old spiritual herbs into it and grind them into a medicinal liquid. The medicinal effect of the medicinal liquid was lesser than even a tenth of a refined pill. So that was a pure waste, but due to the urgency of the matter, Ning Fan had no time to refine a Fifth Revolution Pill. Even though the medicinal effect of medicinal liquid was poor, its large quantity was enough to offset that.

He dipped his fingers into the sticky and milky medicinal liquid, drew a profound formation pattern on her tender body before smearing the liquid on it. 

When the dazed little girl felt Ning Fan’s fingers touching her, pictures of spring that didn’t belong to her memory appeared in her mind, making her panic. 

“This, what are these…? Why are these sisters not wearing clothes…?”

The inexplicable memory that came from nowhere bewildered the little girl.

Gradually, she felt that her body being touched by Ning Fan was extremely inappropriate. 

“Cookie Brother…don’t touch here…no…otherwise I will have lots of babies…” Her delicate face blushed and she spoke in a weeping tone.

“You are just a little girl! Who taught you these hideous things? Was it Ming Luo?!”

Ning Fan knitted his brows and was dissatisfied to see a seven or eight year old girl had that kind of thinking. That Ming Luo seemed righteous. Had he really been teaching Bright Sparrow those men and women thing?

Otherwise, a little girl would never blush immediately as soon as her body was touched.

However, Ning Fan had wrongly blamed Ming Luo for that. Ming Luo was a Treant. He didn’t even know things about men and women, let alone teaching Bright Sparrow about it.

It was all because of the damaged memory which originated from the Void Poison. As the toxicity was suppressed, the memory gradually spread inside of her.

“No, don’t…Cookie Brother, I beg you….don’t use that thing to jab me…I fear that it will hurt…” Bright Sparrow pleaded blurrily. 

“You are thinking too much! You little girl, don’t be lost in your thoughts! Alright then, I will let you sleep for a while.” 

Ning Fan shook his head, touched the forehead of Bright Sparrow with one finger, sending her to sleep.

Originally, he had only less than 70% chance of success in curing Bright Sparrow’s poison, but after being interrupted by Bright Sparrow, the outline of the formation pattern wasn’t perfect, which lowered the success rate even more.

The first step was to draw hundreds of formation patterns on her body, imitating the hundreds of Immortal Veins. That way, he could draw the Void Poison from the Immortal Veins out, and onto the surface of her body!

At first, Ning Fan’s gaze had no hint of being distracted and he didn’t think about those women and men thing at all, but after being agitated by Bright Sparrow, something strange was stirred in his heart. Was a Pill Devil who had lived for thousands of years and knew vaguely about the things between men and women still considered a little girl…?

While drawing the formation pattern, his finger unintentionally touched the pink and tender spot which instantly shivered his heart.

Ning Fan, you don’t do things that beasts do…you are a devil, but not a beast!

He muttered in his heart and suppressed all the indecent thoughts, then took quite a long time to complete the formation pattern.

The stringy hair of Bright Sparrow fell on the undeveloped breasts of her body. Little by little, warmth was rising towards the surface of her tender skin while the Void Poison was being suppressed.

It was just that the obscure memories were getting more and more in Bright Sparrow’s head.

“I’m…the Princess of Immemorial Dark Sparrow…my name is…Si Cang…” 


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