Grasping Evil - Chapter 121

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The first step was to draw hundreds of formation patterns on Bright Sparrow’s body.

The second step was to draw the traces of Void Poison to the formation patterns. Some amount of poison would be left inside for the Gold Core Bright Sparrow to devour, whereas the rest of the poison would be sealed!

In the first step, he wasn’t allowed to make any mistakes which wasn’t difficult given his spirit sense and his cultivation base of Formation Dao. The second step, however, involved the process of sealing and separating the Void Poison… He didn’t have much certainty in this step. Even though Bright Sparrow was in a state of stupor and had taken various kinds of 10 000-year-old spiritual herbs of fire attributes, his chance of success was still less than 70%.

Nevertheless, the stronger the suppression of fire on the surroundings of the Void Poison, the greater the success rate in sealing the Void Poison.

Ning Fan stood on a boiling hot stone, looking down at the turquoise magma below and sighed. He then held Bright Sparrow with one arm and used the other arm to cast a protective layer of Black Demon Flame around him before plunging into the liquid rock.

The deeper one went into the magma, the fiercer the fire power of the magma. Ning Fan’s magical force was depleted sharply while he was defending against the fire power. He took out a 10 000-year-old spiritual herb named Xuanzhi Mushroom and took a small bite of it. Immediately, he felt invigorated.

A 10 000-year-old Xuanzhi Mushroom was a rare spiritual herb that could be eaten directly. Although it couldn’t raise one’s cultivation base, it could rapidly replenish one’s magical force. This spiritual herb had a very high price that not even Nascent Soul cultivators could afford.

This spiritual herb was provided by Ming Luo, so Ning Fan didn’t feel pain while using it. Besides, he had to save a person’s life. The topic of wasting spiritual herbs was no longer worth mentioning.

Each time his magical force was emptied, it was replenished right after and every time, he condensed his magical force even more. In the magma, he suddenly stopped from plunging deeper. A third of the 10 000-year-old Xuanzhi Mushroom had already been eaten. If he continued to dive deeper, he might not have sufficient magical force to return to the top of the volcano. 

The fire power in this place had far exceeded Ning Fan’s anticipation. Under such heat, the Void Poison in Bright Sparrow’s body began to be suppressed. Ning Fan’s rate of success in sealing the Void Poison had once again increased!

His eyes were cold as he cast out the black flame, and lifted Bright Sparrow’s body. As soon his spirit sense entered into her body, it began to freeze.

He had encountered this strange thing before when he was at the Rain Pond in the second level. It seemed like this was the reason why his spirit sense would freeze. 

But this was not the Rain Pond of the second level, and Ning Fan had already devoured the Black Demon Flame of this land. Black fire flashed in his eyes. His frozen spirit sense melted instantly. The spirit sense in Bright Sparrow’s body carefully ran along the meridians, guiding the Void Poison to the formation patterns on the surface of her body, little by little.

One, two…ten!

Twenty, thirty…until forty-three!

Ning Fan had focused all of his attention to this, not sparing even a trace of spirit sense on other things. Gradually, the Void Poison was guided to the surface, allowing him to complete the seal of the 43 veins. 

It was just that at this moment, a life threatening crisis was detected from his back, along with roars of beasts. Those were the Fire Spirits formed in the volcano.

These Fire Spirits had a turquoise fiery body. Each of which was only at the Harmonious Spirit realm, however their sneak-attack had severely wounded him despite his Silvery Light Transparent Body, and almost caused the sealing of Void Poison in the forty-three Immortal Veins to fail!

“Trivial Fire Spirits…courting death!”

His glabella turned cold. He slapped the top of his skull to summon the Sense Soul Incarnation!

A figure in black stepped out of Ning Fan’s body. He and Ning Fan looked exactly alike, only the other half of his face had several abstruse marks. There were murderous intent and fury on his expression. And his half-step Nascent Soul Qi swept through the ocean of fire!

“Which of these Fire Spirits wounded me? How dare you all stop me from saving a life? Courting death!”

The incarnation of Ning Fan moved like a ghostly figure. Every flick of his finger sent out vast magical force, causing several Fire Spirits’ body to explode and die. One of the Fire Spirits left behind a kind of red spiritual bead after its body exploded. The incarnation of Ning Fan took it in his hand, and his eyes glowed coldly.

“Demonic Core…only by slaughtering a Gold Core demon can one get a demonic core. It seems like some of these Fire Spirits have already reached the boundary of breaking through to the Gold Core realm…unfortunately, you all won’t have the life to go through the core formation anymore after offending me!”

Ning Fan’s incarnation turned and said to the real Ning Fan. “You save Bright Sparrow, and I will slaughter them!”

“Rest assured.”

They were one man, one incarnation, created by dividing the soul in half. Neither of them was Ning Fan, or it should be said that they were only half of Ning Fan, like the left and right hand that would never fight with each other. In other words, they were two different parts that comprised the whole Ning Fan.

Numerous cultivators above Void Fragmentation realm liked to summon an incarnation, this was because only you yourself would never betray yourself. They had been walking the path of their cultivation with caution, and in the end, they trusted no one but themselves.

Incarnation was equivalent to oneself, and a clone was equivalent to an illusion. The profundity within it was indescribable. 

When Ning Fan’s incarnation went deeper into the magma, waves of wails faded gradually.

From a far distance, the human Ning Fan was composedly sealing the Void Poison for Bright Sparrow.

The wounds he suffered weren’t light, but there was no time for him to treat it. As such, he suppressed his injuries forcefully to save someone’s life!

“Cookie Brother…thank you…it’s very kind of you…” The muzzy Bright Sparrow opened her eyes fuzzily and smiled sweetly at Ning Fan.

“There’s no need to thank me. Do you feel painful?”

“No…it isn’t painful at all…” Sealing the Void Poison was an excruciating process, but Bright Sparrow was able to show an unintentional smile.

She was no doubt, a tough girl.

“Endure a little longer. Once the Void Poison was sealed, I will refine some cookies for you.” Ning Fan said in a coaxing tone. Bright Sparrow’s eyes were filled with anticipation and the pain she felt subsided. 


Fifty, sixty…ninety-nine…

Due to Ning Fan’s injuries, he wasn’t able to perfect the sealing of the Void Poison, however he completed the ninety-nine seals ultimately. The final seal would lock all of the other seals. From then on, 90% of the Void Poison in Bright Sparrow’s body would be locked on the formation patterns on the surface of her body and the other 10% of the poison would be locked inside her body and be dispersed at a slow speed, allowing Bright Sparrow to refine them.

He only lacked the last seal to succeed, but Ning Fan’s eyes had turned grim, because he couldn’t seal it no matter what!

He found out that there was another seal hidden inside of Bright Sparrow’s body. It was a Pill Seal!

In order to prevent anyone other than the owner of the high grade pill himself from devouring the pill, the owner had implanted a Pill Seal in her. If this pill fell into someone’s hand and that person didn’t know that there was a Pill Seal in it and consumed it, the Pill Seal would be activated, instantly turning the pill to ashes.

This was the style of action of numerous experts – if one couldn’t obtain it himself, then he wouldn’t let others get it as well.

Bright Sparrow was a Pill Devil and a Pill Seal was planted inside her body . This confirmed Ning Fan’s unamusing guess – Bright Sparrow was created by a Pill Master! It was that Pill Master who had planted the Pill Seal in her body!

It was this Pill Seal that had prevented him from laying the final seal!

“Cookie Brother…what’s wrong…?” Bright Sparrow blinked her eyes several times. The sealing of the Void Poison in her body was about to be completed. She was gradually regaining her consciousness, returning to her normal state.

“Nothing’s wrong…it’s just a mere Pill Seal…planted by a mere Ninth Revolution Pill Master!”

Ning Fan’s face darkened. Seventh Revolution Pill Masters could refine Void Fragmentation Pills. Ninth Revolution…Ninth Revolution Pill Masters must be a very renowned individual among the True Immortals. But why did he still create a Pill Devil when he was already a Ninth Revolution Pill Master? What was that Pill Master trying to do? Could it be that he wanted to refine a pill that was beyond Ninth Revolution?!

There were no grudges between him and that mysterious Pill Master, but since he had already developed a certain relationship with Bright Sparrow, he couldn’t let Bright Sparrow be eaten by that Pill Master one day.

Even though Ning Fan didn’t have any Ninth Revolution concoction technique, he had various means to break the Ninth Revolution Pill Seal.

The coldness in his eyes immediately vanished and he smiled at Bright Sparrow as if nothing had happened.

“Don’t worry. The one-hundredth seal will be ready in a minute. From this day onwards, you will be free from it.”

Ning Fan took out a mortar and pestle, and began grinding the spiritual herbs.

An hour later, the Pill Seal was destroyed! The one-hundredth seal had taken shape.

In an instant, Bright Sparrow’s momentum soared. Her petite body floated gently and the magma began to undergo some sort of gradual transformation.

Her Qi rose from early Gold Core, to intermediate, late and then to the peak of Golden Core realm!

A hint of supreme and cold majestic aura was slowly forming in her eyes. The hint of majesty wasn’t suited to her at all!

Meanwhile, in the extreme east of Rain Immortal World, within the Endless Sea, amongst 103 000 islands, on a massive floating island, the statue of a goddess suddenly glowed black in color.

At this moment, the face of the experts on the island was filled with surprise.

“Deity, it’s the Deity! Deity didn’t abandon us. Deity’s back!”

An old priest of Spirit Severing realm knelt with shaking feet in front of the goddess statue. All other experts followed and knelt!

If one looked closely, one would discover that although each of these cultivators was human, the veins condensed inside of them were neither Immortal Veins nor Evil Veins…but Demonic Veins! This was a vein that not even the human race of the Immemorial times could condense!

Each of their body radiated powerful demonic aura. However, being a dignified Spirit Severing Old Monster, he was still kowtowing in front of the statue unceasingly.

This was because the statue was someone that they had worshipped and served. She was the Princess of Immemorial Dark Sparrow. 

Her name was Si Cang! 


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