Grasping Evil - Chapter 122

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A few hours later, Ning Fan carried the soundly asleep Bright Sparrow, and leaped out of the magma onto one of the rocks.

After helping her put on her clothes, he stared indifferently at Bright Sparrow, carefully studying the little girl.

Pill Devil…a devil raised by a mere Ninth Revolution Pill Master… Ning Fan only said these two names to comfort Bright Sparrow, however he couldn’t help being shocked by it in his heart.

Ning Fan had broken the Pill Seal of Bright Sparrow planted by a supreme Ninth Revolution Pill Master, the owner of Bright Sparrow. Perhaps, he was going to offend an incredibly ruthless and scary individual in the future.

The way Bright Sparrow was in a deep sleep was no different from any mortal little girls… 90% of the Void Poison had been sealed up, turned into criss-crossing marks of formation branded on her chest. The remaining 10% of the Void Poison was sealed in her demonic veins. She had already broken through into the peak Gold Core realm even before the poison was fully refined. If this 10% of Void Poison was thoroughly refined, it wouldn’t be hard for her to break through to the Nascent Soul realm, and there was even a possibility for her to reach the Spirit Severing realm!

The origin and future of Bright Sparrow had far exceeded Ning Fan’s. She had awakened with a bit of Dark Demon Force, which was a unique power of the Dark Sparrow of Royal Clan that could deter other groups of demons. This was a situation that, perhaps, not even the Ninth Revolution Pill Master who raised this Pill Devil had expected.

The Pill Devil’s body was immune to fire and water, and the Dark Sparrow of Royal Clan had unlimited demon path. It wouldn’t be long for her to reach the Nascent Soul realm and not too far to reach the Spirit Severing realm as well. Once she reached the Spirit Severing realm, she would be able to break the seals on her own and refine all the Void Poison in her body. When that time came, a new Void Fragmentation expert would probably emerge in the Rain Immortal World.

The memory of Ancient Chaos in Ning Fan was like reaching the sky in a single jump to any ordinary experts, but comparing this inheritance to Bright Sparrow’s, the difference was like day and night. In the Four Heavens Immortal World above, descendants of Fiendgods like Bright Sparrow could be found everywhere.

The Heavens was divided into four parts and was called the Four Heavens Immortal World, whereas the Earth was separated into nine worlds, and the Rain Immortal World was only one of them. Although Moksha was a powerful expert amongst the Nine Worlds, he wouldn’t be a worthy figure anymore the moment he reached the Four Heavens…

Ning Fan gradually close his eyes to settle his state of mind. At any rate, he would never lose to Moksha Emperor. As for those descendants of Fiendgods in the Heavens, he would not necessarily lose to them!

Afterwards, the pair of black wings behind Bright Sparrow’s back dissipated. Only then did Ning Fan let out a sigh of relief when he confirmed that there was no sequelae after sealing the Void Poison. In other words, he had succeeded despite only having 70% rate of success.

Instead of feeling excited, he felt that it was only reasonable and expected. If he failed, he would die. Therefore, he couldn’t fail.

He was still above the magma along with Bright Sparrow, waiting for his Sense Soul Incarnation. 

His Sense Soul Incarnation had gone into the magma to hunt the Fire Spirits, but it had yet to return after quite some time.

Due to the urgency of the matter earlier, he didn’t care about the instability of his incarnation the moment he summoned it to ward off the Fire Spirits. His incarnation had already left his body for several hours. Perhaps it had already exploded? But Ning Fan hadn’t felt any of that…which was strange…

No, he had felt extremely strange from the moment his incarnation exited his body. Not only the incarnation had no signs of exploding, it even harmonized itself and Ning Fan’s true self. Moreover, the current Ning Fan was no longer wearing the black cloak. He only wore a white robe. As for his incarnation, it was wearing a black robe

This was a situation similar to the intersection of Yin-Yang Fish, separating the black and white.

Each time the separation occurred, it wasn’t just a simple separation process, but a complete separation of character, body and sea of consciousness!

After the black form left the white-robed Ning Fan, he gradually discovered that his sea of consciousness had disappeared from the top of his skull! Any ordinary cultivator who lost his sea of consciousness would die instantly, but despite losing his sea of consciousness, Ning Fan’s body was still in one piece and could still use his spirit sense.

As for his character, it had been divided into two from the moment the black Ning Fan exited his body. The white-robe Ning Fan had an amiable smile on his face, he was the sunny side of Ning Fan’s character, whereas the black-robed Ning Fan was full of murderous intent the moment he emerged; he was the ruthless and merciless side of Ning Fan’s character.

On the rock, Ning Fan, no, the white-robed Ning Fan fell in contemplation. This time, the Sense Soul Incarnation was different from all the previous times! Why would it be so…? It seemed like all of these happened only after he entered the Dark Sparrow’s Grave…

Thinking back to the scenes of incarnation, something struck the white-robed Ning Fan.

When the black-robed Ning Fan emerged, his face seemed to have some kind of queer lines…He wasn’t paying much attention to it at that moment, but thinking to it now, it finally dawned on him that it was the Divine Rain Intent! No, it wasn’t just the Divine Rain Intent. It seemed to have the Qi of Yin Yang Locket as well…

It seemed like the Yin Yang Locket had integrated with the Divine Rain Intent. Could this be reason the incarnation had changed qualitatively?!

There was the division of disposition, sea of consciousness and physique. The white-robed Ning Fan had inherited Ning Fan’s physique, Yin Yang Evil Veins, magical abilities, and his amiable and sunny character. The black-robed Ning Fan had inherited Ning Fan’s sword sense and ruthlessness, and the murderous intent of the Immortal Emperor.

From the moment they were separated, the one that was standing on the rock wasn’t Ning Fan anymore, but half of Ning Fan’s self! The black-robed Ning Fan was no longer an illusion. He had solidified, and made up the other half of Ning Fan.

Therefore, when the black and white Ning Fan merged together, only could they become the true Ning Fan, like the combination of Yin and Yang!

With this thought in mind, the white-robed Ning Fan showed a faint smile.

A trace of his Dao Heart had integrated into all the Divine Rain Intent he had acquired along the way. It had condensed out a trace of Divine Intent of his own. And, under the ability of the Yin Yang Locket, the Divine Intent had been branded on his Sense Soul Incarnation.

The incarnation was fully solidified and created the black-robed Ning Fan. This meant that this half-step Nascent Soul incarnation could be released at any time in the future! This black-robed Ning Fan alone was powerful enough to fight ancestor-level experts of Yue Country!

The harvest of entering Dark Sparrow’s Grave this time was humongous!

“I just don’t know if there will be any change after the two of us merged together again…”

The white-robed Ning Fan stood, crossing his hands behind his back. He was still waiting on the rock with his eyes open and a light smile on his face. Then, he felt a tingle in his heart and the black-robed Ning Fan emerged from below, treading up the magma.

This was the Sense Soul Incarnation of Ning Fan, the black-robed Ning Fan!

“Are the Fire Spirits eliminated?” The white-robed Ning Fan asked with a smile.

“En.” Black-robed Ning Fan had a cold expression, as though he had never once smiled. With a flick of his sleeve, hundreds of warm red-colored demonic cores appeared and were handed to his other self.

The white-robed Ning Fan didn’t speak much. He kept the demonic cores and studied black-robed Ning Fan with curiosity.

“From now on, neither I nor you are Ning Fan…we are only half of Ning Fan.”

“En.” The black-robed Ning Fan answered coldly, staring at his white-robed counterpart the way he would stare at himself in the mirror.

Immediately, both of them made a step forward and fused into one in the formation brilliance!

As the light faded, Ning Fan turned back into a white-robed and black-cloaked young man. After a moment, he opened his eyes and revealed a satisfied smile.


Whether it was the white-robed or black-robed Ning Fan, both of them were him. One was Yin and the other was Yang. One was hot, the other was cold. One was white, the other was black. One was lively, the other was deathly…

The cultivation of Sense Divine Art was the main reason for this. The acquisition of the Divine Rain Intent was just an accidental while the Yin Yang Locket was the key to this ultimate cause of change!

This was something that only Void Fragmentation old monsters could master – the ability to incarnate! Today, it was fully mastered by Ning Fan!

He smiled and looked at the soundly asleep Bright Sparrow, carried her in his arms, then leaped and hurtled straight out of the volcano in a flash!

“The white-robed and black-robed aren’t Ning Fan if they are alone. So they can’t be considered Ning Fan anymore. After the separation, the white-robed is called White Fan and the black-robed is called Dark Ning!”

White Fan and Dark Ning…this was the Dao of Yin Yang! 


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