Grasping Evil - Chapter 124(1)

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The fact that Ning Fan obtained ten Ming Luo Fruits was unbelievable to Treant Ming Luo. Ning Fan immediately went into seclusion in the heart of the tree after that.

The wounds that were caused by the Fire Spirits were healed. 

His dazed mental state that was caused by the power of illusion had recovered.

After a long time, Ning Fan gently exhaled a breath of foul Qi, waved his palm to produce a blood-red demonic core. His eyes sparkled.

Fire Spirit demonic core…human cultivators absolutely couldn’t take the demonic core directly. It has to be refined as a pill before consuming, but there’s an exception for the Five Elemental Demonic Cores – namely, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. If these five types of spirits have unlocked their spiritual intelligence and turned into demons, the demonic core inside of them could be swallowed directly by a human cultivator, however there’s restriction on one’s cultivation base…if a human cultivator wants to devour the demonic core of any of the five elements, his cultivation base must be one realm higher than the master of the demonic core…

Ning Fan was in silence. The Fire Spirit demonic core belonged to one of the Five Elemental Demonic Cores, and was the object of pursuit of countless peak Gold Core cultivators. If he refined the core with his current strength, he would surely be devoured by the demonic core due to his weak cultivation base. Even if he could refine the demonic core, his magical strength had already exceeded the highest realm before core formation, it won’t allow him to advance any further.  

With a slight sigh, Ning Fan’s thoughts raced. 

If he couldn’t refine it himself, could his black-clad incarnation do it?!

The strength of the black-clad incarnation was the same as the spirit sense of his true self, which was at half-step Nascent Soul realm, and could be completely separated from his body. If he stayed in the ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave to refine the Fire Spirit demonic core, his spirit sense realm would probably be able to reach the extent of Nascent Soul realm!

In other words, he could break through to the Nascent Soul realm in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave! The strength of the incarnation came from the strength of his spirit sense. There was only a small bottleneck for breaking through the spirit sense realm unlike the bottleneck in core formation. With so many Fire Spirit demonic cores, three months would be sufficient for him to advance his spirit sense to the Nascent Soul realm! At that time, the black-clad incarnation would possess the strength of Nascent Soul realm, allowing him to sweep across the entire Yue Country unhindered!

Ning Fan’s eyes moved. If his spirit sense advanced to the Nascent Soul realm, even if he hadn’t formed his core, his black-clad incarnation would be powerful enough to fight a true Nascent Soul expert!

But immediately, a trace of doubt appeared in his eyes…there were two safety concerns that he needed to consider if his black-clad incarnation were to advance to the Nascent Soul realm.

First of all, the black-clad incarnation has to form its nascent, he would need to devour the Fire Spirit demonic cores. Also, the inside of the volcano was the most suitable place for nascent formation – under the power of the fourth grade fire and overwhelming spiritual Qi, it would absolutely tremendously increase the success rate of nascent formation…however, this place was the territory of Treant Ming Luo. Although Ming Luo’s hostility towards Ning Fan had reduced a lot, there was a saying that says one’s heart was unpredictable. If Ning Fan chose to go into seclusion in Ming Luo’s territory, there was no guarantee that Ming Luo wouldn’t change his mind and do something to harm Ning Fan. 

There was a solution to this problem…he still had the trace of Ming Lou’s true soul in his possession. When he asked for the true soul of Ming Luo, he intended to save it for ensnaring Ming Luo later. It was true that he had asked for the true soul of Ming Luo, but he didn’t promise to return it to Ming Luo even if Bright Sparrow’s condition was already cured!

Nevertheless, he was still afraid that Ming Luo would want the trace of his true soul back before Ning Fan left Dark Sparrow’s Grave. If that happens, Ning Fan could stand in the teleportation formation untroubled, bargain with the weak Vein Opening clone of Ming Luo to exchange the true soul for some benefits.

In that case, both of them would be even.

However, Ming Luo had opened the Ming Luo Mirage for Ning Fan. This matter alone was enough to settle his score with Ming Luo – back when Ming Luo sneak-attacked him. Plus, no matter how thick-skinned Ning Fan was, he wouldn’t use that to threaten Ming Luo at this juncture.

This also mean that he could no longer use the true soul to threaten Ming Lou, he wouldn’t return it to Ming Luo for the time being, however. It would serve as his protection while his incarnation was in seclusion…So, this true soul still had a great use!

In this way, the safety issue of his black-clad incarnation’s seclusion was resolved…but, that also indicated that only half of Ning Fan – the white-clad – could leave the grave. Three months later, the Extreme Yin Gate would attack Ning City. His white-clad incarnation alone wouldn’t be enough to fight against the Old Monster Purple Yin.

The white-clad incarnation inherited Ning Fan’s cultivation base and flesh, whereas black-clad incarnation inherited Ning Fan’s sea of consciousness and sword sense.

Though white-clad incarnation still possessed spirit sense as the black-clad incarnation was still staying in Dark Sparrow’s Grave, he wouldn’t be able to exert the heaven defying technique – sword sense. If the black-clad incarnation could advance to the Nascent Soul realm before the attack of Extreme Yin Gate, it could certainly reverse the situation… However, if the black-clad incarnation encountered an accident during its breakthrough, he could only rely on the peak Harmonious Spirit white-clad incarnation to defend against the half-step Nascent Soul Old Monster Purple Yin. Many dangers had existed in this matter.

Ning Fan’s spirit sense swept through the volcano and he knitted his brows. Due to the slaughtering of the black-clad incarnation, thousands of Fire Spirits were killed, the Fourth Grade Spiritual Fire in the volcano began to extinguish. If he missed this seclusion and chance to devour the Fire Spirit demonic cores for nascent formation, he would never find a place as good as this for his seclusion again. Not every place in the world had a sea of fire similar to this Fourth Grade Spiritual Fire waiting for you!

After all, a tiny Fourth Grade Spiritual Fire could be sold at a sky high price in the outer world!     


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