Grasping Evil - Chapter 124(2)

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“The fire of this volcano isn’t fire, it’s created by the demonic force and can’t be brought out of Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Additionally, as numerous Fire Spirits were killed, the fire is beginning to die out. If I miss this chance, it will be extremely difficult for black-clad Ning to break through to Nascent Soul realm in the future, but if I let black-clad Ning stay here for nascent formation, the white-clad incarnation will face lots of dangers…

“Forget it. Let’s make a compromise…the black-clad incarnation will stay here for nascent formation while the white-clad incarnation will leave the Dark Sparrow’s Grave and return to Ning City. If Ning City is under attack and black-clad incarnation hasn’t broken through to the Nascent Soul realm yet…he will have to give up the chance of nascent formation and return to Ning City at once!”

Ning Fan casted a spell, then patted the top of his skull. In a flash of brilliance, the white-clad and black-clad incarnations exited his body.

Both of them had a very strong tacit understanding. The black-clad incarnation took away all the demonic cores without being told, held the trace of demonic soul and went straight into the extinguishing volcano.

As for the white-clad incarnation, he slightly sighed, patted the storage pouch to produce a Ming Luo Fruit.

This Ming Luo Fruit was the size of a lychee. Its rough surface resembled the Immortal Cave Stars in Ancient Chaos memory, but the traces of rainbow patterns densely enshrouded it, radiating a dim light that rippled with the power of illusion.

The Ming Luo Fruit was also known as the dream fruit. Consuming one fruit could allow the cultivator to obtain fifty years of dreaming. It was a way to improve one’s state of mind by immersing oneself into a dream. One dream would only take one night in the outer world, but in the dream, it would be 50 years. Although 50 years in a dream wouldn’t raise a bit of one’s cultivation base, it could make one’s mental state to converge! 

“Ever since I practiced the Evil Cultivation, although my cultivation base has been rising pretty quickly, my mental state has rather been stagnant…it really takes time for one’s mental state to improve. Such improvement can’t be obtained through pills…apart from the Ming Luo Fruit, I’m afraid that there’s nothing else in the world that has the effect of raising one’s mental state. I want to be the first to take the Ming Luo Fruit in Dark Sparrow’s Grave!”

The White Ning let out a faint smile, placed the Ming Luo Fruit in his mouth and munched it.

The rainbow power of illusion instantly caused his eyelids to fall, plunging him into the dream world.

In the dream.

In Haining Ning Family, there was a three-year-old kid with blank eye-expression being brought into the servant courtyard of Ning Family.

Next to the emerald-green river was Haining City. Countless number of kids with the same eye expression were led into Ning Family.

Most of them were orphans and beggars. They were found from all parts of Wu Country by the cultivators of Ning Family. Their memories were erased, and they were taken as children of Ning Family. Those who were endowed with the talent for Immortal Cultivation would be called ‘young master’ whereas those that lacked endowment would be given the title of ‘servant child’.

The three-year-old child was at the heel of a scrawny middle-aged man and was acting obsequiously. The middle-aged man had a snobbish look and said coldly:

“From now on, you are called ‘Ning Fan’, my, Ning Daniu’s adopted child. I also adopted another child who is a year younger than you named ‘Ning Gu’…”


The three-year-old child replied with caution. When he heard the name ‘Ning Fan’ he felt extremely familiar and when he heard the name ‘Ning Gu’ he felt somewhat sad.

However, he didn’t understand what those feelings were as he was just a three-year-old kid.

While in contemplation, the kid named Ning Fan couldn’t help but come to a halt. He stood there motionless, his eyes went blank.

“Why must I be called ‘Ning Fan’…? Can I not be called this name? My mother said that my surname is ‘Yun’…”

“*Hiss!* this three-year-old kid’s memory has been erased. So how can he still remember his past…? Humph! I will need to ask Immortal Master to wipe your memory once more. This time, it has to be a thorough one…”

Ning Daniu couldn’t close his mouth due to astonishment. 

Even after having his memory erased, this kid still could remembered his own name. This kid is…

Ning Daniu’s eyes twitched. Could it be that this child would be a monster…? Or else how could this happen?

While he was pondering, a youth in white robe and black cloak walked over lightly.

“Ning…Ning Daniu greets Grandfather Immortal Master!” Every cultivator was an Immortal Master in Ning Daniu’s eyes!

Ning Daniu fell to his knees with a thump. He was scared, really scared. He had once witnessed an Immortal Master slaughtering 207 bandits, one after another, on a mountain. Immortal Master was the existence whom Wu Country paid homage to. Naturally, Haining’s Ning Family was also extremely courteous to the Immortal Masters. So, he, Ning Daniu, could never afford to offend an Immortal Master.

It was just that the youth cultivator didn’t even glance at Ning Daniu, his eyes fell on the kid named Ning Fan in recollection.

“You are called Ning Fan? Good name…you said that your surname is Yun?”

“En.” The child answered obediently. For some reason, the child had an instinctive sense of closeness to the youth.

“Ning Fan…perhaps, your real name is Yun Fan…Hehe…I never thought that the refinement of a Ming Luo Fruit could allow oneself to see the trace of a memory in the depths of one’s mind. It’s just that what’s the big deal in knowing one’s own surname? Every child that is adopted by Ning Family is an orphan. After all, you neither have a father nor a mother. There’s no difference if your surname is Yun or Ning.” The youth sighed.

“Oh…” Ning Fan nodded, even though he didn’t have a clue what the youth uncle was saying.

After sighing, the youth’s eyes turned stern, his Qi rolled frenziedly like a mist!

“Let me ask you, do you have the heart to defy and slash the Heaven!?”

“I…I don’t understand…” The little child seemed as though he thought of something and revealed a frightened look.

“Forget it. This is the first Ming Luo Fruit. Your heart is too puerile. It’s not the time to return to Haining and slash the Heart Devil yet.”

The youth made a sigh again, rolled his sleeve and brought the child Ning Fan with him under the astonished gaze of Ning Daniu and vanished.

The dream was smashed to pieces.

When the dream recondensed, it was a deserted and desolate land. It was the scene in the Demon Sinister Forest.

“In these fifty years, you will have to watch me kill…”

The youth stepped into the forest, taking the child with him, beginning his endless slaughtering!

As it was the first time the child saw blood, broken limbs and body parts, he passed out due to fear and puked countless of times, however his puerile heart was getting mature every time!

In fifty years, the youth and child never even spoke once.

In those fifty years, the youth kept on slaughtering an endless number of ghosts. It was just that every time the ghosts died, they reformed. It was because here, was the dream world.

From feeling loneliness to fatigue, then numbness towards the killings…resoluteness and coldness gradually emerged in the child’s eyes.

“I wonder if I have the heart to defy and slash the sky and if I can slash the sentiment!” The child’s tone was tender, but his expression was as cold as a god of slaughter!

After that, the dream of fifty years of slaughtering was broken!

In the ninth level of the grave, in the world of the heart of the tree, Ning Fan opened his eyes abruptly. His eyes were filled with hints of exhaustion and vicissitudes. 

He closed his eyes, then settled his mental state. After some time, he opened his eyes. All the tiredness and vicissitudes in his eyes vanished, except there was an immeasurably vast difference in his expression!

The cultivation base of his mental state had been raised by fifty years!

Instead of feeling happy, he sighed.

“It’s still not enough. I still haven’t gotten the heart to defy and slash the Heaven…if that’s the case, I’m still unable to slash my sentiments and form the core! But I won’t slash the sentiments!” 


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