Grasping Evil - Chapter 125(1)

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A single Ming Luo Fruit had raised Ning Fan’s mental state cultivation base by fifty years. However, he didn’t continue eating the rest of the Ming Luo Fruits after that.

His present mental state had already reached the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm, which was in line with his current cultivation base. If he went further, it would be Gold Core realm, the time when he had to confront the Heart Devil.

If that was the case, he could only take another Ming Luo Fruit again if he really formed his core.

Bright Sparrow was still in a stupor and was undergoing metamorphosis, but Ning Fan was unwilling to stay any longer in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. After so many days of being in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave, the Old Ancestor of Fire Cloud Sect had perhaps already collected all the necessary spiritual herbs for concocting the Nascent Fortification Pill and Corpse Life Pill. As such, Ning Fan must return to his sect to concoct the pills and prepare to face the great war three months later! 

He gave a final glance at the lethargic and petite Bright Sparrow.

This little girl had somehow given him a trace of a pleasant feeling, just like Ming Luo. Despite being the dignified Treant Ming Luo and a supreme existence in the grave, he cared so much about the little girl.

The Dark Demon Force undoubtedly had strange powers. It gave people no reason to have any malice on her. 

“I’m leaving…”

He turned and departed along with Ming Luo’s clone. Just as he left, Bright Sparrow’s eyelashes and eyelids moved, attempting to open her eyes, but she was just too exhausted.

“Cookie Brother…Profound Treasure…Cloud Treasure…will all say goodbye to you…” She uttered these words in her dream, but Ning Fan was already out of earshot.

The dwarf Old Man Ming Luo willed the Immortal Cloud, bringing Ning Fan towards the lower levels of the grave. Ning Fan had already told Ming Luo about his incarnation’s seclusion in the volcano, and that he would return the true soul of Ming Luo three months later. Ming Luo was a little hesitant regarding this matter before he brushed it aside. Given his cultivation base, the black-robed Ning Fan could never leave the ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave without his permission. So he didn’t need to worry that the black-clad incarnation could escape the grave with his true soul.

Although it was only a small and short clone that was escorting Ning Fan, Ming Luo had been prudent this time. He had expended almost all of the power of his demon soul. The present strength of his clone had already reached Void Fragmentation Fifth Layer! He wouldn’t need to fear Elder Snake Lin if he encountered him again!

The ninth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave contained rain that was created out of magical technique of divine intent.

The eighth level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave contained heaven defying rain hidden with the lofty aspiration of defying and slashing the Heavens and also incorporated the meaning of ‘defiance’ in Que Shenzi’s life.

As Ning Fan was leaving the grave, he observed the rain once more. Due to it being a different time now and him having a different objective and mental state, the rain became different once more.

The rain remained in Ning Fan’s heart for a long time. From the rain of the eighth level, he had gained the confidence of slashing his Heart Devil. The only way of forming the core without slashing away his sentiment was to have such a state of mind.

“The heart of defying and slashing the heavens…” The white-clad Ning Fan slowly closed his eyes, immersing himself into the rain.

The seventh level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave contained lightning rain that incorporated the meaning of ‘combat’ in Que Shenzi’s life.

The sixth level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave contained the sword rain that incorporated the meaning of ‘kill’ in Que Shenzi’s life.   

The fifth level of the Dark Sparrow’s Grave contained the ice rain. It was where the Divine Rain Intent first condensed.

The fourth level contained autumn rain. The third level doesn’t have any rain. The second level contained summer rain and the first level contained spring rain.

Ning Fan seemed lost in his thoughts as he stood beside the teleportation formation in the first level. The rain in the first level looked similar to the rain in the ninth level. It was like returning to the starting point after circling every level in a single round. The raindrops might look the same, but one was Yin rain whereas the other was formed out of divine intent.

The cultivation of the Divine Rain Intent was like a circle. When one integrated his Dao Heart into it and cultivated back to the original point, the cultivation would be complete. Even though Ning Fan had already condensed a trace of the divine intent, he still couldn’t finish that circle of cultivation…This circle could only be completed the moment he reached the Spirit Severing realm and acquired the enlightenment of Heavenly Dao.

That was because the circle secretly contained the outline of Heavenly Dao.

After advancing his mental state for fifty years, although Ning Fan still seemed scrawny and weak, he was no longer puerile. Despite being at the tender age of eighteen, he was no longer a teenager, but a young smiling man in white.

“Senior Ming Luo, although we had some misunderstandings in the past, I have obtained plenty of benefits from you. Thanks again.”

He held his fists at Ming Luo, then turned and stepped into the teleportation formation and was sent away by the void force.

“Hehe! Come back to see Bright Sparrow if there’s chance…the little girl seems to like you.” Ming Luo’s impression of Ning Fan had improved so much after witnessing Ning Fan’s means and character for a few times.

Using the sword sense to slash the soul of Elder Snake Lin.

Fifth Revolution Concoction Technique.

Suppressing the Void Poison.

Making the Ming Luo Mirage disperse mysteriously.

Also, this white-clad youth had condensed a black-clad incarnation!

Additionally, there wasn’t a trace of flaw in that incarnation and its condensation was a success…not even Void Fragmentation Old Monsters could do this. But Ning Fan was able to do it!

“This kid is extraordinary and has a pleasant character. He is already good enough to match Bright Sparrow…however he still have to wait until Bright Sparrow grew older…’ Ming Luo looked at where Ning Fan left and showed a rare broad smile. He was in a very good mood now that the Void Poison in Bright Sparrow’s body was brought under control. 

“However…how dare that little beast Snake Lin plot against me…this is a score that I have to settle!”

A cold light glinted in his eyes. It had been long since he got this angry. It seemed that he was going to spill blood in the eighth level of the grave!


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