Grasping Evil - Chapter 125(2)

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Brilliance shimmered. Ning Fan emerged in Earth Yuan Palace. Outside, Zhi He and the other girls were waiting for him.

Zhi He and Lan Mei were very worried about Ning Fan. Even the eccentric Si Wuxie was slightly worried about him. However, as soon as Ning Fan left the formation light, their brows relaxed.

“Brother Fan, you have come out…, you…are you alright…? Eh? You look like a different person…” Zhi He stared at the white-clad Ning Fan and the silent smile on his face made her feel slightly strange.

In just a few days, so many transformations had taken place in his body. Although Zhi He could clearly see it and Lan Mei was slightly aware of it, they still couldn’t understand it.

Yan Bai on the other hand could sense a Qi that was as stable as a mountain from Ning Fan. Though his face didn’t show anything, he was still amazed in his heart. There was such stability in Ning Fan’s expression. It seemed as if Ning Fan’s mental state was sharply raised in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave. Not only did his mental state had risen, his cultivation base had also reached the half-step Gold Core realm from his peak Harmonious Spirit realm. Even a False Core had been condensed in his body!

“This kid isn’t far away from forming the core!” Yan Bai’s wrinkled eyes narrowed. His fear of Ning Fan deepened.

As for Xue Qing, he could sniff a trace of…the smell of 10 000-year-old spiritual herbs! The rise in Ning Fan’s concoction technique had improved his disposition as an alchemist. Others might not be able discern it, but the Third Revolution Pill Master could vaguely sense it.

10 000-year-old spiritual herbs, the disposition of a Pill Grandmaster…all of these made Xue Qing’s eyes blaze. Ning Fan’s concoction technique must have advanced again. Could it be that there was an encounter that could enhance one’s concoction technique in the lower levels of Dark Sparrow’s Grave?

“Ai…I have missed the chance…if I knew that I could enhance my concoction technique, even if I would die, I would’ve ventured below with master.” Xue Qing regretted.

In the end, he didn’t continue to guess if Ning Fan’s concoction technique had really broken through to Fifth Revolution. However, it wouldn’t be long before Ning Fan told him about the matter.

Ning Fan’s eyes swept across Zhi He. In his heart, he felt a vague trace of distinct feeling. Although it was merely a few days in the outer world, he had experienced 50 years of massacre in his dream.

“By the way, Brother Fan, what happened after you asked us to leave Dark Sparrow’s Grave…were you in danger? Old Man Qing have told us. Did you go to a very dangerous place…?” Zhi He revealed a look of worry.

Being called ‘Old Man Qing’, Xue Qing’s face turned incredibly ugly, but he could only smile obsequiously. He could only accept what his mistress liked to call him.

“En, there was a little danger…but, it’s all over now.” Ning Fan smiled faintly and touched Zhi He’s hair indulgently. It made Zhi He’s face blush in front of all people.

She was already fourteen years old. Her bosoms were already half-developed and her figure had become somewhat graceful and curvy. Putting her Harmonious Spirit cultivation base into the picture, she was no longer that silly little girl, but a young girl with enticing glimpse  of beauty.

Without Zhi He, Ning Fan probably would have died in the All Pleasure Sect. Without Zhi He, he would’ve never stepped into the evil path. Since he knew Zhi He, his fate had been changed again and again…but this time, Zhi He had become his Heart Devil…

Rather than telling Zhi He everything, he smiled.

A smile is a kind of expression, unrelated to one’s mood. The fact that he smiled didn’t mean that he wasn’t worrying about something. It was just that he didn’t want Zhi He to worry.

“It’s been so long since we dual cultivate…” All of a sudden he teased.

It made Zhi He feel so embarrassed that her face turned very red, while Lan Mei’s eyes were filled with a slight envy and enmity…

As for Xue Qing, he secretly raised a thumbs up at Ning Fan.

Ning Fan was no doubt his master. Ning Fan’s skin sure was thick to have mentioned the matter of dual cultivation in front of everyone. This was exactly the same as Old Monster Han’s virtue.

That night, in the Dual Cultivation Palace, Ning Fan and Zhi He shared the same pillow. In the courtyard, a moaning sound that could anger someone could be heard from time to time.

Three days later, Ancestor Jing Zhuo finally collected enough spiritual herbs, then he entrusted Lady Yun Hua to bring those herbs to Sinister Sparrow Sect.

In Sinister Sparrow Sect, the last thing that Ning Fan needed to do was to concoct the Nascent Formation Pill, Nascent Fortification Pill and Corpse Life Pill. Corpse Life Pill wasn’t a big deal as it was only a Third Revolution Pill, but as the for Nascent Formation Pill and Nascent Fortification Pill, they were Fourth Revolution Pills… However given Ning Fan’s Fifth Revolution Concoction Technique, he wouldn’t need a lot of time to concoct these two pills. Half a month would be enough to concoct these two Fourth Revolution Pills!

The only thing he needed to do was to deploy a formation, isolating the strange phenomenon during the formation of the Fourth Revolution Pill from outside. That Heaven and Earth phenomenon was just too great. Ning Fan didn’t want people to know that the Revered Ning in Sinister Sparrow Sect was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master, Black Devil Ning.

Though this matter could no longer be concealed after the fight with Extreme Yin Gate, but at least for now, it shouldn’t be revealed yet, in case Old Monster Purple Yin altered his plans.

The Nascent Realm Grand Formation in Dan Palace was set up by the old ancestors in the mortal world. After Ning Fan’s modification, its realm became higher and all the flaws had been perfected. Also, it now had the divine effect of isolating Fourth Revolution Pill’s Qi.

In this way, he wouldn’t be troubled by the heavenly tribulation and would feel a lot more relieved…

Also, he specially permitted Xue Qing to enter the concoction room to watch him concoct the pills!

This matter stirred up Xue Qing’s emotions. He finally had the chance to observe Ning Fan’s concoction – the concoction process of a Fourth Revolution Pill!

A Fourth Revolution Pill Master would receive courteous reception from any Nascent Soul expert.

A Fifth Revolution Pill Master could turn Spirit Severing cultivators to polite people!

Ning Fan imparted the first four revolutions of the Nine Revolutions River of Vehicle concoction technique to Xue Qing.

Just as he opened the cauldron, drew the earth fire and tossed the herbs, Xue Qing was shocked to discover that five shadowy circles were condensed amongst Ning Fan’s fingers. Ning Fan handled the earth fire so familiarly and concocted the Fourth Revolution Pills so easily!

“Mas-Master, you-you have broken through to the Fifth Revolution Pill Master!” 

Xue Qing was stunned!

Although Fourth Revolution Pill Masters were rare, there were tens of thousands of them in the eight hundred Cultivation Countries in the Rain World. Such a Pill Master was only considered rarely precious in the deserted region like Yue Country. As for Fifth Revolution Pill Master, there were fewer than a hundred across the entire Rain World. Every one of them was regarded as a guest of honor that only the God Sovereign of the Rain World could meet!

This faintly smiling white-robed youth who was under 20 years old had already become a Fifth Revolution Pill Master?!

If the news of this Fifth Revolution Pill Master was spread out, it would surely cause a sensation in the entire pill master circle in the Rain World. Xue Qing was afraid that even the only Seventh Revolution Pill Master of Rain Palace – the Pill Saint Yun Baitian, would come to meet this genius of the Dao of Alchemy without even bothering about the thousands of miles of distance.

It definitely wouldn’t be a problem for Ning Fan to break through to the Six Revolution Pill Master in this life. He would even have the chance to become the second Seventh Revolution Pill Master!

“Don’t make a fuss about it. Quickly learn from master’s nine revolutions technique. In the future, you will also have the chance of breaking through to the Fifth Revolution realm.”

Ning Fan shook his head. With Xue Qing’s stubbornness in the Dao of Alchemy, this man was destined to have a long journey through Ning Fan’s guidance. But this man had to change his easily-shocked character. His nerve had to be enhanced!


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