Grasping Evil - Chapter 126(1)

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Corpse Life Pill was a Third Revolution Pill. It could prolong the lifespan of a refined corpse.

Ning Fan would refine this pill first. Originally, the difficulty of refining a Third Revolution Pill wasn’t high. After breaking through to the Fifth Revolution pill concoction technique, in addition to some energy consumption, he didn’t feel any trace of tiredness. 

It was just as easy as concocting a Second Revolution Pill back when he was still a Fourth Revolution Pill Master. Besides, the quality of this Corpse Life Pill was even higher and there were several abstruse patterns on it.

Divine Rain Intent!

After adjusting his breath, he began to concoct the Nascent Formation Pill and Nascent Fortification Pill. Xue Qing was standing on one side, staring with his blazing eyes! The fact that Ning Fan could concoct a Third Revolution Pill so easily made him even more convinced that Ning Fan was a Fifth Revolution Pill Master!

As he was observing the concoction of Fourth Revolution Pills, his eyes widened even more, fearing that he might miss out a detail. His eyes were as big as the bulging eyes of a Rain Frog in the Rain World.

The Fourth Revolution Pill, Nascent Transformation Pill, would take at least half a month’s time to concoct.

The Nascent Fortification Pill, which was also a Fourth Revolution Pill, but was slightly lower in grade than the Nascent Transformation Pill would need at least ten days to finish.

However, when half a month had just passed, Ning Fan had already concocted the two pills! The breakthrough in concoction technique had made his concoction rate even faster! After devouring the Black Demon Flame and integrating it with the earth fire, his fire power soared, greatly increasing the success rate of his concoction!

Under the influence of the Divine Rain Intent, the two pills were branded with the Divine Rain Intent and radiated a densely moist intent.

At this moment, both of Ning Fan’s eyes had deep traces of rain intent. With a pat on the lid of the pill cauldron, he took out the last Nascent Transformation Pill.

Under the modified Nascent Grade Grand Formation, the Qi of the Fourth Revolution Pill didn’t cause any Heaven and Earth phenomenon and heavenly tribulation.

The pills were concocted! The exhaustion caused by the concoction of Fourth Revolution Pills in his mind was almost insignificant.

The Divine Rain Intent…Black Demon Flame…Nine Revolution Riverboat.

Virtually all the harvest that Ning Fan obtained in the Dark Sparrow’s Grave had boosted his concoction technique!

After sealing the three pill bottles, he put away the pill cauldron, pushed the door open and exited the room. Behind him, Xue Qing was still in a daze, completely immersed in those brilliant concoction techniques.

It was the Dao of Alchemy! And in Xue Qing’s heart, there was only the Dao of Alchemy. He finally realized that taking Ning Fan as his master was definitely the wisest move in his life! If it was another Fifth Revolution Pill Master, he would never take Xue Qing as his disciple and impart Xue Qing his concoction technique. Having Ning Fan as his master would definitely benefit Xue Qing!

Moreover, Ning Fan was willing to let Xue Qing stay on one side, observing his concoction process…Numerous Fourth Revolution Pill Master didn’t have such magnanimity!

“Many thanks master for imparting the concoction technique!” Xue Qing suddenly regained his senses and clasped his fists at Ning Fan’s back.

Ning Fan revealed his usual smile while his heart was calm and indifferent.

Yue Country was a low-ranked cultivation country.

Fourth Revolution concoction technique was enough to drive the old monsters of Yue Country crazy. As for Fifth Revolution concoction technique…even those Nascent Soul cultivators in the mid-ranked cultivation countries would be very polite to Ning Fan.

Even if he went to the high-ranked cultivation countries, those hidden Spirit Severing old monsters would certainly befriend him just like their peers!

There was a condition for these, however. His strength couldn’t be weaker than his opponents by too much, or else he would certainly be taken advantage by others no matter how high his concoction technique was. His adversary would capture and detain him, and be treated as a slave concocting machine.

This was the law of survival. Yue Country could no longer accommodate him. 

In Yue Country, the spiritual Qi was very thin and rarely had 10 000-year-old spiritual herbs. He wouldn’t be able to produce Fifth Revolution Pills.

In Yue Country, there is no Lost World Palace that could shorten the cultivation time.

Yue Country lacked crisis and the experience of the sea of blood that could make his hair stand on its end. In Yue Country, there were only so few old ancestor figures.

If I continue to stay at ease in Yue Country, I won’t have the power to rival Moksha Emperor…As soon as the matter in Ning City is resolved, I will leave Yue Country, and head for the Endless Sea for core formation!

In Ning Fan’s eyes, a trace of intent of defying and slashing the heavens started blooming. It was just like the eyes of Que Shenzi when he saw the rain that year.

Ning Fan walked out of the high-level concoction room with this trace of disposition, and handed the three pill bottles to Lady Yun Hua.

Currently, his eyes seemed as though he was looking down on the whole world. His eyes were so fierce that the Harmonious Spirit Lady Yun Hua couldn’t dare to look Ning Fan in the eye.

Fortunately, this was a secret place. Upon seeing Lady Yun Hua’s fear of Ning Fan, Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo who had been staying in Lady Yun Hua’s body flew out of her body and snatched the pill bottles.

It was just that under the eyes of Ning Fan, Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo, too, felt shiver in his mind. He could see a storm of rain rising skywards against the sky in Ning Fan’s eyes.

What do this mean?! I’m afraid that not even a Nascent Soul Old Monster have this kind of disposition…

He averted his eyes from Ning Fan’s. As his spirit sense swept across the pill bottles, his face immediately revealed joy.

He didn’t know how to concoct these three types of pills, but he had heard about it and could distinguish it with his eyes. The quality of the pills in these three pill bottles was so much higher than his expectation!

“Revered Ning’s pills will be of great use to me. I can never repay your kindness!” He clasped his hands gratefully. Ning Fan had given him the hope to take revenge and extend his wife’s lifespan.

“You’re being too polite. I think Fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo should return to your sect sooner and get ready. The battle will arrive in no time…”

“Not to worry! On the day of Ning City’s encounter with the enemy, the Fire Cloud Sect and I will spare no efforts in assisting you!”

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