Grasping Evil - Chapter 126(2)

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After a long talk, Jing Zhou returned to Yun Hua’s body and left.

As for Ning Fan, he strolled around Sinister Sparrow Sect in silence. It took awhile for the trace of intent of defying and slashing the Heavens to settle down.

This trace of defiance was acquired from the rain in the eight level of Dark Sparrow’s Grave, however, this belonged to Xue Shenzi instead of Ning Fan. He had no idea if such an intent was enough to form the core… After all, if he didn’t cut his sentiments, then he should have the intent to slash the Heavens.

Whether it was the Heavenly Dao or Dao Heart…whether it was avoidance, defiance, or submission…he needed to make a decision.

Also, should he share a little information about the destruction of Extreme Yin Gate to the two girls…?

He returned to Dual Cultivation Palace, entered the secret chamber and patted the Cauldron Ring to summon the two females, Bing Ling and Xue Ling. This time, it was a better timing. The two of them weren’t intertwined in a cuddle. They were merely chatting with one another, their faces blushed, however.

Realizing that they had left the Cauldron Ring, they immediately rose, their eyes glittered, and they saluted. “Servant greets Master…”

Servant…the two of them were supercilious girls. This was the first time they considered themselves to be slaves and had acted so lowly in front of Ning Fan.

Ever since Ning Fan discovered their sexual activity, they felt more willing to be Ning Fan’s cauldron. 

They even wanted to stay by Ning Fan’s side. So what if they had to be a servant or a cauldron for the rest of their life? Here, they had the warmth and security of a home.

“Come out to have some breather. This time, you don’t have to go back again…” Ning Fan smiled.

“Not going back to the Cauldron Ring…? Master, could it be that you don’t want us anymore?!” Yue Ling shouted with a nervous look, while Bing Ling pouted her lips, feeling unsettled in her heart.

Their reactions slightly surprised Ning Fan.

He did have some plans for these two girls who both had an early Gold Core cultivation base. To Ning Fan, unless they were pluckeduntil nothing was left, they were useless, because dual cultivation alone had too little effect on raising the success rate of core formation.

As for plucking the cultivation base of these two girls…Ning Fan could no longer commit such a ruthless act on them.

Gold Core cauldron…Ning Fan could have had as many as he wanted on his way to the Endless Sea.

Given the strength of his black incarnation and the strange ability of Yin Yang Transformation, it wasn’t impossible for him to even capture a Nascent Soul cauldron.

Or he could spend a huge fortune to buy a Nascent Soul cauldron from the Godly Void Pavilion from the other countries for plucking.

Those females were orphans when they were born. They were raised only to be sold as cauldrons. Although plucking wasn’t a righteous thing, it wasn’t a frowned upon thing either.

If he just have a one-night stand with the sisters, Ning Fan perhaps wouldn’t refuse it, but if it was plucking the two girls like how he did to the fifteen real cauldrons in his Cauldron Ring, damaging their cultivation base and causing it to fall back to Vein Opening realm…he wouldn’t be able to do it.

“How nice would it be if I let the two of you go…” Ning Fan’s smiling face switched to a sigh.

“Master, are you really going to let us go…?” Yue Ling lowered her head, seemingly faintly disappointed.

“Master, don’t you forget that the Old Ancestor Purple Yin of Extreme Yin Gate is still searching for us. So we’d better not go on our own for the time being…” Bing Ling gritted her teeth.

“There’s one thing that I want to tell you two. Three months later, I will have a war with Purple Yin. If the two of you go now, Purple Yin won’t do anything to you two…additionally, three months later, the Extreme Yin Gate will perish!” Murderous intent glowed in Ning Fan’s eyes, but that wasn’t because of the two girls. 

The two girls felt a quiver in their minds. This wasn’t only because of the murderous intent, but because of Ning Fan himself.

Back then, when the two girls were captured as cauldrons, their hearts sank. They didn’t expect the day that they would be given the opportunity to escape.

The chance to flee away was a great thing. However, right now, the two girls were in hesitation and even felt reluctant.

Ever since they were brought into Extreme Yin Gate, they had been nurtured into Gold Core cauldrons within several hundred years of time, but they were never happy. After being captured by Ning Fan, the scenes in Sinister Sparrow Sect allowed them to taste happiness for the first time. Those happiness might just be catching fish and having a meal with Ning Fan. It could also be during the time Ning Fan went ballistic when Bing Ling was injured.

The two girls sighed, because there was still a man who would kill for the sake of them.

It was true that Purple Yin was extremely angry when the two of them went missing, because he had lost his two precious cauldrons. When comparing him to Ning Fan, there was a touch of warmth in the way Ning Fan treated others.

“Master, are you really going to destroy the Extreme Yin Gate…? Both of us aren’t willing to go…” Bing Ling and Yue Ling exchanged a glance, lowered their heads and spoke softly.

“Unwilling to go? Could it be that you two want to be plucked by me?” Ning Fan was dumbfounded before revealing a teasing smile.

“If it’s useful to master…master can pluck us…having such a cultivation base is just a burden to us anyway…”

The sincerity and trace of girly emotions in their expression made Ning Fan put away his teasing smile, and sighed lightly.

The two girls didn’t know that the better they treated Ning Fan, the harder Ning Fan can be cruel to them.

“Alright. If you two have nowhere to go, stay with me for the time being… do you have any relatives or friends in Extreme Yin Gate…’cause after three months, I will annihilate the entire Extreme Yin Gate…” Ning Fan turned his head over.

“Except for the fifteen sisters whom you have plucked, there’s no one else that we know in Extreme Yin Gate…Old Ancestor Purple Yin didn’t allow us to get in touch with anyone.”

Yue Ling curled her lips snappily as she still remembered Ning Fan plucking her fifteen Harmonious Spirit subordinates. 

But after that, the two girls felt a hint of warmth in their hearts.

Despite the fact that Ning Fan wanted to extinguish Extreme Yin Gate, he still asked the two girls if they still had any relatives in the sect. Could it be that he was unwilling to kill their relatives during the annihilation by mistake? 

The concern Ning Fan had for them delighted their hearts. As for Ning Fan, he was rubbing his head, figuring out ways to deal with these two girls.

He was supposed to let them go, but these two girls refused to leave. In that case, he might as well keep them back in the Cauldron Ring temporarily.

“You two, return to the Cauldron Ring first…”

“No…we want to help you to deal with Old Ancestor Purple Yin…” Bing Ling’s eyes showed a hint of concern. She knew very well how powerful the old ancestor was.

“Right…when I return to Ning City, I will release you two again.”

After a brief conversation with the girls, he kept them in the Cauldron Ring and left the secret chamber of Dual Cultivation Palace. 

This time, he had put the two girls in the same space as the fifteen cauldrons, so that they could meet again.

It was just that the moment he walked out of the secret chamber, he was immediately caught by the sleeve by Lan Mei who had been waiting outside the chamber for a long time. 

“It’s a woman’s body fragrance…you are hiding a woman from me?”

Lan Mei secretly spread out her spirit sense to search the empty chamber and found nothing.

“I hide plenty of women. Does Xiao Lan want to be one of them?” Ning Fan smiled teasingly.

“Who-who gave you the permission to call me Xiao Lan…? You aren’t allowed to call me that! I have come to tell you that dad is looking for you. He only said that he had something to discuss with you. It’s about the lifetime event three months later.”

A glimmer of hope rose in Lan Mei’s heart. She had guessed that her father would probably talk to Ning Fan about their marriage. Whenever she thought of the word ‘lifetime event’ she felt sweetness, anticipation and nervousness in her heart.

A marriage…she would become Ning Fan’s wife soon. She couldn’t allow Ning Fan to chase after those loose women anymore… En, if there was chance, it would be better if she could make Ning Fan cultivate other types of devil cultivation.

However, when Ning Fan heard that Gui Qiaozi was looking for him, his eyes turned stern. 

Three months…did Gui Qiaozi know about this…? Sure enough, Sinister Sparrow Sect also had spies in Extreme Yin Gate….Gui Qiaozi might seem carefree and easy-going on the surface, but he was full of subtlety.

It was true that both Sinister Sparrow Sect and Fire Cloud Sect had spies in Extreme Yin Gate, but it might also be true that Extreme Yin Gate had sent a spy in Sinister Sparrow Sect to watch Ning Fan’s every move.

Instantly, Ning Fan understood two things.

First, Gui Qiaozi was looking for him to talk about the things related to Extreme Yin Gate.

Second, he’d better not summon the two girls in case Extreme Yin Gate changed their plan after knowing about it.

“By the way, Zhi He and Sisi are also summoned by dad…” Lan Mei seemed puzzled. Why did Zhi He and Sisi had to be present when they were discussing about her and Ning Fan’s lifetime event? Could it be…could it be that her dad wanted Ning Fan to chase away the two girls and let her own Ning Fan?! 

Uh…she didn’t mind the existence of the other two girls, and according to her understanding of Ning Fan, Ning Fan would never do such a thing.

Ning Fan might even give up marrying her for the sake of Zhi He…

What should she do? What should she do…? Would an argument or even a fight break out between her dad and Ning Fan…?

Lan Mei’s concern seemed somewhat deviated…

“I see, Zhi He and Sisi are already there… let’s go then. Bring me to meet my father-in-law…I would like to know what he wants to tell me.” Ning Fan smiled faintly, and exited the Dual Cultivation Palace, heading towards the Long Inclination Palace.

He vaguely guessed that Gui Qiaozi was hesitating whether to help Ning City confront Extreme Yin Gate after learning the conspiracy within.

If he could get the help of Sinister Sparrow Sect, adding the Fire Cloud Sect and the Three Black Demon Guards, he wouldn’t fear Extreme Yin Gate!

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