Grasping Evil - Chapter 127(1)

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In the Long Inclination Palace of Sinister Sparrow Sect.

Gui Qiaozi stood at the center of the palace with his hands behind his back. Zhi He and Si Wuxie was sitting inside the palace. Zhi He was holding a purple sand teacup with her delicate hands, enjoying the high-grade spiritual tea, as if she was at her home, absolutely having no sense of nervousness.

On the other hand, Si Wuxie was showing a pair of blank and cold eyes, not her usual naivety, but more of puzzlement.

“Is Ning Fan my enemy or master…? Who am I…?” Her damaged memory was awakening on its own. No one knew about this yet.

At this moment, Ning Fan and Lan Mei walked into the Long Inclination Palace.

“Ning Fan greets sect master.”

“Ah, there’s no need to be so polite Revered Ning…”

Gui Qiaozi looked at Ning Fan intently, but he didn’t call Ning Fan ‘Ning Er’ prompting Ning Fan to switch his smile to a stern expression.

He called Ning Fan ‘Revered Ning’ because he wanted to talk about proper business!

“Dad, why are you so polite to Ning Fan…?” Lan Mai spoke with annoyance, but Gui Qiaozi interrupted her words with a wave and a wry smile.

“Mei Er, just sit on one side for a while. I have things to ask Revered Ning. Revered Ning, come with me to the secret room…”

In the secret room of Long Inclination Palace, Gui Qiaozi was studying Ning Fan with his stern eyes.

“If sect master has something to say, please say it out. If sect master has questions to ask, then please ask, Ning Fan will surely answer it truthfully.” Ning Fan clasped his fists. He could read Gui Qiaozi’s intention at first glance.

“Very well! In that case, I will ask you directly. Do you have an ulterior motive in coming to Sinister Sparrow Sect?”

“I have. My motive is the Profound Yin Qi and to fulfil my master’s wish.”

Ning Fan answered, making Gui Qiaozi nod his head, replacing his stern look with a smile.

“Very good! You are honest. You aren’t deceiving me… The Profound Yin Qi is in Dark Sparrow’s Grave. If you have the chance, you may go and acquire it. As for why you need the Profound Yin Qi, I don’t need to know… the second question, are you Black Devil Ning?!”

“Yes… Please allow Ning Fan to ask a question in return, did sect master obtain this information from the divine prediction of the old man of Wu Country?” Ning Fan’s eyes turned grim.

“Sure enough, you are Black Devil Ning… Don’t worry, you are the disciple of Old Man Han. I won’t do you any harm. It’s even impossible for me to spend a huge fortune just to hatch a plot against you. The reason I know about your identity is because…”

“Because of the spy in Extreme Yin Gate?”

“Hehe…you have a peculiar mind…not bad. Yes, that’s the reason.”

Gui Qiaozi seemed contented with Ning Fan’s answer in his second question as well. There was astonishment in his eyes. He was shocked to find that Ning Fan was actually that Fourth Revolution Pill Master that had shaken the whole Yue Country.

Keeping his surprised expression, Gui Qiaozi sighed and asked: “Very well, my third question. This should already have the answer…the extermination of Heaven Separation Sect. It should be the doing of you and Old Man Han, right…? The guts you two have are enormous…”

“That’s right…how did sect master know about this?”

“Silly kid, isn’t the one who is sitting outside the sect master of Heaven Separation Sect, Si Wuxie…? I have fought Si Wuxie before, but was defeated… I could never forget her Qi… Has Si Wuxie been turned into your woman as well? Her condition seems somewhat strange…”

“It’s a long story…”

“Then let’s not talk about it. I don’t want to ask any more about your secrets. Evil Cultivation should have its own secrets…the incarnation of Black Devil Ning…the annihilation of Heaven Separation Sect…turning Si Wuxie into an ally… slashing Wang Yao… Ning Fan, I don’t care what your background is and your purpose in coming to Sinister Sparrow Sect, but I only have one request from you. Don’t betray Mei Er.”

Gui Qiaozi spoke with a solemn expression. He could tolerate Ning Fan’s secrets, but if Ning Fan betrayed Lan Mei, he, as her father, would be truly infuriated. 

As for Ning Fan, after listening to Gui Qiaozi stating his own achievements, he was shocked internally. No one in Yue Country and Rain World knew about the annihilation of Heaven Separation Sect, but Gui Qiaozi knew. About the matter of exterminating Wang Yao… Ning Fan has sealed the mouths of the Hu Clan. However, Gui Qiaozi still knew about it. Gui Qiaozi must have found it in the memory of a Hu Clan cultivator. Which meant that Gui Qiaozi was also there that night.

Gui Qiaozi knew all of these, but that didn’t add to Ning Fan’s concerns. First, Gui Qiaozi and the Old Monster were best friends, the father of Lan Mei and Ning Fan’s foster father. Secondly, given his own strength, even if these incidents were leaked, although it would be unfavorable to him, it still wouldn’t put his life in danger.

Regarding the indirect warning of Gui Qiaozi, Ning Fan responded with seriousness. “I will never betray Lan Mei, but I can’t marry her now…I’m going back to Ning City. I think sect master already knows the reason for this. Three months later, there will be a war in Ning City…I will exterminate Extreme Yin gate. After this war, I will leave Yue Country…perhaps I won’t be able to return for a very long time…”

“Extreme Yin gate…humph! If you don’t betray Mei Er, I will aid you in this war! You are still Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Extreme Yin Gate has to go through me first before making a move on you!”

The moment these words got out, murderous intent flashed in Gui Qiaozi’s eyes and his Qi surged out. His Qi of half-step Nascent Soul realm had a momentum like a strong gale, shaking the entire room.

“My sect will aid you. Publicly, you are a member of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Privately, you are the disciple of my old friend and my son-in-law…it’s just that, what are the odds of you winning? After the war, whether you win or lose, my sect will protect you. You don’t have to leave Yue Country…”

“Sect master has misunderstood me. With the help of sect master, I won’t lose in this war…my intention of departing Yue Country isn’t because of Extreme Yin Gate… My master and I have a very powerful enemy that we have irreconcilable hatred for… One hundred years later, I will confront this enemy… My cultivation base will not improve quickly if I stay in Yue Country…and I have too little time…”

Ning Fan felt a kind of warmth in his heart. The way Gui Qiaozi treated him was very good. For his sake, Gui Qiaozi was willing to fight against Extreme Yin Gate. Even if they lost in the war, Sinister Sparrow Sect was willing to ensure his safety…if there was a choice, Ning Fan would want longevity and would surely stay in Yue Country, Sinister Sparrow Sect and in Seven Apricot City, live a normal life and be an ordinary Devil Cultivator…however he had no other option and couldn’t afford to stay stagnant at one place.

Hearing Ning Fan’s sorrows, Gui Qiaozi heaved a long sigh. He finally had some understanding of the Old Monster. When he met the Old Monster that time, he knew that the Old Monster had a powerful enemy with unordinary origin…despite that, he still accepted the Old Monster and helped the Old Monster forcefully suppress the Absolute Yin Poison.

If that enemy of the Old Monster would return a hundred years later, Yue Country surely wouldn’t be a suitable place for him to stay. Given Ning Fan’s natural endowments, cultivating in a low level cultivation country like Yue Country was a waste of his time. He should go to an intermediate level cultivation world or even the high level cultivation world and continue his cultivation.

“Alright. Ning Er, if you leave Yue Country, my sect will take care of Ning City and Seven Apricot City for you… Let’s put this matter aside and talk about the war three months later…don’t take your enemy lightly. I heard that the Extreme Yin Gate has invited the help of the Heavenly Dao Sect of Wu Country. The sect master of the Heavenly Dao Sect is a half-step Nascent Soul cultivator. I also heard that there’s a skeleton of Nascent Soul old monster in the sect, as though it has been turned into a refined corpse…”

“The Extreme Yin Gate has the help of the Heavenly Dao Sect while my Ning City has the assistance of Sinister Sparrow Sect and Fire Cloud Sect…I have met Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo of the Fire Cloud Sect before…….”

Ning Fan told the simplified version of his discussion with Jing Zhuo to Gui Qiaozi. When Gui Qiaozi heard what Ning Fan had said, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Without Gui Qiaozi knowing, Ning Fan had allied with the Fire Cloud Sect to deal with Extreme Yin Gate. He couldn’t believe that Ning Fan had actually convinced the Old Ancestor of Fire Cloud Sect who had violent temper and the most unreasonable behavior to aid him.

“Also…at that time, sect master will bring the Hawk Guards to this place…”

Their secret discussion was gradually becoming soft and inaudible, while Gui Qiaozi was gradually showing astonishment on his face.

Ning Fan didn’t intend to make a compromise with Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect. He was going to let all the invaders have no chance of coming out alive!

White-clad Ning Fan revealed a faint smile, but within his smile was extreme confidence. It seemed as if he had already sentenced the Extreme Yin Gate to death.

“Once the murderous heart of this kid is provoked, his methods would become so ruthless…” Gui Qiaozi took a deep breath. 


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