Grasping Evil - Chapter 127(2)

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After their secret discussion, Ning Fan and Gui Qiaozi left the room together. What disappointed Lan Mei was that neither of them raised anything about the marriage after the discussion.

Another unexpected thing was that Ning Fan was leaving Sinister Sparrow Sect and would be away for a hundred years.

In the history of Sinister Sparrow Sect, there was only Revered Weep who hadn’t returned to the sect up until now. And now, Ning Fan was going to leave Sinister Sparrow Sect too.

“Can you not go…?” There was bitterness hidden in Lan Mei’s eyes.

“I’ll be back,” Ning Fan replied.

Ning Fan entrusted Dual Cultivation Palace to Bai Lu…but she didn’t seem very delighted about it and responded with discontentment. “Humph! As the elder of Dual Cultivation Palace, how dare you be away for so long…whatever, I will take care of Dual Cultivation Palace while you are not in the sect…”

He left Xue Qing a jade slip, which contained his experience of breaking through to the Fourth Revolution Pill Master. This item was a supreme treasure to Xue Qing. If he broke through to the Fourth Revolution Pill Master, he would be able to use the inexhaustible high-grade pills of Sinister Sparrow Sect.

He also left the scroll of Ice Rock Technique, which was a Void Level cultivation method invented by an ancient stoned female cultivator and some pills which Lan Mei didn’t lack of.

After a brief hesitation, he decided to leave some of his cultivation experience in Dual Cultivation Law to Bai Lu and Dual Cultivation Palace. As for pills, he only gave them to Bai Lu, but Bai Lu refused to accept it, so Ning Fan just placed them on the table before he left.

The matters in Sinister Sparrow Sect were resolved. Ning Fan was now leading Nan Wei, Zhi He and Si Wuxie back to Ning City!

Sinister Sparrow Sect was a good place. It had left lots of good memories in Ning Fan, but he couldn’t stay there any longer.

Ning Fan willed the Three Mark High Grade Immortal Cloud and departed, bringing along a trace of dejection with him.

It was just that as soon as they left Sinister Sparrow Sect, the son of Nangong, Nan Wei immediately warned Ning Fan of something.

“Young Master, we have to be careful on the way ahead. This place is full of fierce bandits…last time, had it not been for Young Master planting a divine ability in the storage pouch, Nan Wei would have already died in those bandits’ hands.”

“Bandits? There are bandits running rampant within the 300 miles of this region, something that couldn’t be helped. The thick spiritual Qi outside the Sinister Sparrow Sect and the mountainous terrain made it suitable for them to cultivate, seize treasures, kill people, hide and escape…I also can’t help it that they are converging on this place. It’s just that these bandits have become more and more daring these days. How dare they attack the disciple of Sinister Sparrow Sect and the disciple of Ning Fan…?” A cold gleam flashed in Ning Fan’s eyes as his spirit sense spread across five hundred mile radius.

“There are really people who have death wish…”

Ning Fan’s eyes glittered. 100 miles away, in a secluded valley, he discovered that numerous bandits were stealthily approaching him.

It seemed like there were also some bandits who were trailing him from behind. 

Very well, he might as well do Sinister Sparrow Sect a favor by cleaning out this bandit threat before he left Sinister Sparrow Sect!

On a mountain top, a few bandits had deployed a Spirit Realm Hanging Space Formation to ambush Ning Fan and the others.

They confirmed that the ‘fat sheep’ who had passed by this place had come.

He was Nan Wei…although the sword sense in his storage pouch had killed Shen Shangzi last time and frightened the bandits, he had already been classified as a fat sheep.

It was true that they were afraid of Nan Wei’s strange means of killing…but that didn’t deter them from setting a formation, a trap beforehand. They were sure that they could still catch this fat sheep Nan Wei.

Besides, this time, Nan Wei had brought a skinny youth and two gorgeous girls with him.

That youth didn’t stop smiling. His cultivation base didn’t concern them at all… As for the two beauties, their cultivation base wasn’t weak.

No, not only their cultivation base wasn’t weak…their appearance was unparalleled!

If they could capture these girls, they could make a quick buck by selling them as cauldrons. They would still earn something even if they take them as concubines.

“This time, we must not let this fat sheep run away…” Each bandit had the same thoughts.

They had no idea that the god of death was approaching them.

Those bandits who were ambushing Nan Wei and the others by the side of the Hanging Space Formation suddenly seemed dazed.

When the Immortal Cloud of theirs passed by the mountain top, although it trembled the Hanging Space Formation, the formation didn’t fall down. And after a ray of light, the Immortal Cloud was already 300 meters away from their ambush.

This was the Three Marked Immortal Cloud! Even the Spirit Realm Hanging Space Formation wouldn’t work on it! 

A few bandits were surprised. They were also surprised that Nan Wei had such a big fortune. Sure enough, he was a fat sheep and was even able to obtain a Three Marked Immortal Cloud. Ignoring the formation, all of them stepped into the void and chased after the Immortal Cloud. 

However, the moment those bandits flew into the sky, the smiling white-clad youth who stood before Nan Wei on the Immortal Cloud withdrew his smile abruptly. His eyes shone with a cold light.

“Nan Wei, you will harness the cloud and continue moving. Slow down the speed. I would like to see how many bandits would dare to follow and conspire against me!”

“Roger!” Nan Wei replied, and immediately took control of the Immortal Cloud.

The speed of the cloud was neither fast nor slow, allowing those bandits to keep up, but they still couldn’t catch up.

The ambushing bandits cast out various divine abilities, but still couldn’t take down the Immortal Cloud. There was even a Gold Core old expert who secretly sent out a High Grade Magical Treasure to attack the Immortal Cloud, but just as the magical treasure was about to reach the Immortal Cloud, it disappeared into thin air…

“Humph! I never thought that I would go out for wool and come home shorn…Chase them! We must capture this fat sheep, kill him and retrieve the magical treasure!”

One after another, all bandits joined the pursuit, creating a long rank in the night.

When the Immortal Cloud was only a hundred miles from Ning City, the Immortal Cloud stopped abruptly.

At this moment, Ning Fan opened his eyes, showing murderous intent. He waved his palm and the giant white bone sword appeared in his hand, then casted the Eighteen-Meter Body!

“Men die for fortune and birds die for food…you all can die now!”

Presently, a trace of rain intent glinted in the youth’s eyes.

Almost at the same moment, the dozens of cultivators who were pursuing them were all infected by a peculiar divine intent. The magical force in their body went sluggish and melted away with the unbroken autumn rain!

The youth in white patted his storage pouch. A high-grade Peak Rank Flying Swords with five different colors rushed out!

In a mere moment, a Gold Core cultivator and four peak Harmonious Spirit cultivators were killed by the flying swords, leaving merely thirty plus Harmonious Spirit experts with late Harmonious Spirit realm as the highest cultivation base!

“How dare you mere bandits plot against me? Courting death!”

Given the half-step Gold Core magical force of the youth, nearly a tenth of the power could be exerted from these five flying swords of five elements.

These five swords were of high-grade Peak Rank Flying Swords. Even a late Gold Core expert would find it difficult to resist it. Any ordinary Harmonious Spirit expert would be instantly slaughtered by it!

The Divine Rain Intent had sealed the magical force of all the bandits, making it impossible for them to escape.

While the bandits were still surprised, the five swords took away the lives of another five bandits.

There was no way to escape and defend against those terrifying flying swords. Every one of the bandits were terrified and regretted provoking the fat sheep that had brought the star of misfortune.

Gradually, some of them began to recognize the identity of the youth from his features and felt even more terrified.

“This man…this man isn’t a stranger. He’s the one who defeated Revered White of Sinister Sparrow Sect, Revered Ning, Ning Fan!”

Upon hearing the name Revered Ning, the bandits finally remembered how ruthless the man they were tracking was. 

They wanted to escape, but they couldn’t. Despite the bitterness and despair in their hearts, they could only put all the magical treasures they had to use, attempting to fight the five flying swords.

It was just that the best magical treasure of these Harmonious Spirit cultivators were merely intermediate grade and was instantly broken to pieces the moment they collided with the five-elemental swords.

Moreover, the momentum of the flying swords didn’t reduce. Under the control of the youth, five lives were taken with every breath.

Finally, some bandits broke free from the Divine Rain Intent and began to flee, but the five flying swords were just too fast, almost as fast as the speed of a Nascent Soul expert. Who would be able to get away from that sword light?!

In just a dozen short breaths…all of the bandits died on the spot with reluctance.

The youth kept his five-elemental flying swords. His eyes were indifferent.

“Return to Ning City!”

Slaughtering more than ten Harmonious Spirit experts was just an insignificant matter to him. 

This night was enough to be considered as a nightmare to those bandits! 


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