Grasping Evil - Chapter 128(2)

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Some people secretly unleashed their spirit sense to see through Black Devil Ning’s cloak, but when they saw Black Devil Ning’s eyes, their hearts suddenly felt like being hit by a torrential rain, making their heart and soul tremble!

Such method was simply unprecedented in Yue Country. An eye expression that could turn a cultivator’s magical force sluggish… Sure enough, this Black Devil Ning was just like the rumors, mysterious and powerful!

Those who were peeping through the veil of Black Devil Ning secretly withdrew their spirit sense.

Later, Black Devil Ning summoned the commander of the four armies in Ning City – Nangong, Wei Chi, Nanyang Zi and Lu Nanzi.

With the help of the pills, Lu Nanzi had become a half-step Gold Core expert, which was not far away from core formation! As for Nanyang Zi, he had succeeded in breaking through to the intermediate Gold Core realm and became a famous figure of Yue Country… 

Both of their fiery eyes looked at Black Devil Ning. They knew that all of these were made possible because of Black Devil Ning!

Back when they were captured, they were virtually in despair, but later, they discovered that Black Devil Ning was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master, and that had ignited hope in their hopeless situation; they found pleasure in their suffering. They were then eager to follow Black Devil Ning, knowing that their future would be prosperous. Sure enough, Black Devil Ning didn’t disappoint the two of them. Their cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds.

They now firmly believed that becoming the slave of Black Devil Ning wasn’t a punishment, but an opportunity!

It was just that due to them having not seen Black Devil Ning for a long time, they felt as if he was the Heaven and they were just the ants.

A half-step Nascent Soul realm wasn’t supposed to radiate such a feeling… It felt that this Black Devil Ning wasn’t human, but a Heaven Defying Rain that could topple the sky and the earth!

The two of them were startled. They quickly averted their eyes, bowed their heads and clasped their fists respectfully.

“Greet City Lord!”

“En,” Black Devil Ning responded with a hoarse voice.

“Recently, Yue Country hasn’t been peaceful. The four armies of Ning City have to brush up on cultivation. Stop all duties and affairs for the time being. Later, I will impart the new formation…”

Black Devil Ning’s tone was so serious that every expert on the scene had to breathe cautiously, except for the little Zhi He who was chuckling on one side.

Every word Brother Fan spoke and every action he made was truly meaningful…

“Do you think so too, Sisi?” Zhi He asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know…” Si Wuxie’s heart was in a daze. More and more memory emerged in her heart, making it hard for her to decide.

The talk in the main hall was somewhat boring to Zhi He.

Black Devil Ning had merely made adjustments to the formation and cultivation of the four armies of Ning City. 

At the same time, he had provided guidance on the cultivation method of the four commanders. Even Nangong felt greatly enlightened under the guidance of Black Devil Ning.

After the meeting was over, Lu Nanzi suddenly revealed a hesitant look.

Ultimately, he gritted his teeth and decided to tell the matter to Black Devil Ning as a way to show his loyalty.

“Subordinate has one matter to tell City Lord…”


“The fire veins under Ning City had already been opened for half a year. Currently, Fire Maple Fruits are growing one after another. These fruits can be sold for a huge fortune, but it needs special methods to expedite its growth… Subordinate is willing to plant this fruit for City Lord…” Lu Nanzi said with respect.

“Fire Maple Fruit? I have heard about such a fruit before. It has a very high price, but… now doesn’t seem to be the time to plant Fire Maple Fruit… it’s better that we only care about these fruits in the future…?” Nangong felt quite skeptical about the idea. 

He had heard about the big name of Fire Maple Fruit. If it was consumed by a cultivator, it could improve the Body Refining Technique of the cultivator, but its effect wouldn’t be obvious. Although the price of the fruit was unordinary, Ning City wasn’t short of money either…

Nangong had concerns, because he learned it from Ning Fan’s words that there would be a great war in less than three months’ time!

It could also be only two months or even longer than three months, depending on the time the sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect come out of his seclusion…but when there was a great war ahead of Ning City, they should focus all their attention in preparing for the war. Planting the Fire Maple Fruit at this time was somewhat like attending to trifles and neglecting the essentials.

The suggestion of Nangong was extremely pertinent, but when Lu Nanzi heard of it, dejection filled his face.

Lu Family had once relied on Fire Maple Fruits to get rich. If he wasn’t given the chance to speed up the growth process, he would feel pity for it.

However, Nangong’s authority in Ning City was only lower than Black Devil Ning and Ning Fan, so Lu Nanzi wouldn’t dare refute Nangong’s words.

It was just that his idea that didn’t intrigue Nangong caused Black Devil Ning to reveal a surprised look.

“Fire Maple Fruit? Can you really expedite the growth of such fruit?”

“Uh, City Lord needs such a fruit? If yes, this season is precisely the season the Fire Maple Fruits will grow. It will take only three days. I will lead the Nan Lou Battle Guards to cast the special method to give birth to a large number of Fire Maple Fruits!”

“Very well. I will leave this to you! The more Fire Maple Fruit you can get, the better!” Black Devil Ning, no, Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled!

He never thought that he would have the chance of getting Fire Maple Fruits…Recorded on the ancient pill scroll given by Xue Qing was one type of pill named Yellow Turban Pill.

A Third Revolution Pill, Yellow Turban Pill! This was the body refining secret pill of Yellow Turban Warriors of Ancient Heavenly Court. Even in the ancient times, only a few knew about its existence.

Concocting such a pill required several kinds of ancient techniques in alchemy. Even with the Fire Maple Fruit, someone like Xue Qing wouldn’t be able to concoct it.

But for some reason, Ning Fan knew those concoction techniques, and now, it was a coincidence that he could obtain Fire Maple Fruits.

Outside Ning City was the grove of Fire Maple Fruits. Such a coincidence wasn’t the will of the Heavens but fate!

Ning Fan slightly shut his eyes. The fate of every cultivator was ethereal and shapeless. Rumor has it that there were Fiendgods in ancient times that could alter one’s fate. Those with good fate would encounter treasures everywhere. Those with bad fate would be in distress every time.

Those with the best fate were naturally tycoons in ancient times. The most famous one in the ancient times that had the worst fate was Sheng Gongbao…let’s not talk about this anymore. What was worth mentioning was that Yellow Turban Pill.

The effect of the pill wasn’t as great as the Jade Royal Dan, but if there was a huge number of Fire Maple Fruits, he would be able to concoct a massive number of Yellow Turban Pills that he could use to improve his body refining realm!   

His present body refining realm was at the peak of sixth realm of silver light. He only needed to break three more realms to reach the silver bone realm!

When all the silver light was converged on the bones, the bones would turn to silver, and that was enough to shake a Nascent Soul expert!

If he could devour large quantities of Yellow Turban Pills within these three months, even with only his white-clad incarnation, his physical strength would be enough to defeat the incoming energy with brute force!

Ning Fan’s fate was still good so far, though there were plenty of people who had better fate than him.

Perhaps this fate once belonged to the Ancient Chaos Great Emperor in the Yin Yang Locket, but no one had thought that would be inherited by Ning Fan. 

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