Grasping Evil - Chapter 129(1)

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Sitting alone and silently in the rock cave, Ning Fan’s eyes swept across the Fire Maple Fruits that were piled up like a mountain in front of him.

Behind him, the two girls, Bing Ling and Yue Ling, were making the beds and washing the dishes respectively, and peeped at Ning Fan from time to time.

In seven days time, Lu Nanzi had given birth to a massive number of Fire Maple Fruits. 

These fruits was already sufficient to make three hundred Yellow Turban Pills…

Could the Yellow Turban Pill be taken together with the Jade Royal Pill… Ning Fan thought about it for a long time, then shook his head in disapproval.

The pain of Immortal Execution Sword’s Qi and the pain caused by Jade Royal Pill were two kinds of pain. The former was the pain on the surface of the body whereas the latter was the pain in the internal body including organs, meridians and bones. 

Also, these pains could be separately suppressed. As for the Yellow Turban Pill, it would also cause anguish from the muscles and bones being refined. He was afraid that not only would it not suppress the pain caused by the Jade Royal Pill, but superimpose it, as well.

In order to take the fourth Jade Royal Pill, he had to endure the acute pain of the outside world…such as the heavenly tribulation faced by a late Nascent Soul expert!

Brushing aside that thought, he took out the Dan Fragmentation Cauldron. His eyes sparkled.

“Here we go, alchemy!”

A month passed in haste. A large number of flying demonic beasts had been shipped to the outskirts of Ning City. There were eagles and sables. As for the four armies of Ning City, each of them was equipped with standard magical treasures.

There was a low-grade peak-rank weapon named Projectile Spiritual Crossbow. As the name suggested, it could break the defense and kill Harmonious Spirit Old Monsters. Additionally, the price of its spiritual bolts wasn’t cheap. Each costs about 10 Immortal Jades and couldn’t be recycled. Nevertheless, Nangong spent a huge amount of fortune just to equip each guard with a crossbow and ten bolts.

If the two thousand devil cultivators of the four armies of Ning City launched a volley of bolts at the same time, the power would be so destructive that even the Gold Core Old Monsters would have to avoid it. It was such a huge fortune that not even the guards of mid-ranked Cultivation Country could be compared to it.

On the second month, above the Fire Cloud Sect emerged a splendid five-colored tribulation cloud, but immediately, it vanished without a trace.

The third month, a black-robed man filled with bloody Qi, and was holding a sword returned to Ning City! Although he only had a half-step Gold Core cultivation base, his hands had beheaded the ten great bandits of Yue Country! 

The ten great bandits of Yue Country didn’t only cluster in the Sinister Sparrow Mountain Range. Many of them proclaimed themselves king in some regions in the east and north of Yue Country. Each of them was a Gold Core Old Monster. Amongst those ten, three of them were Gold Core Old Monsters.

Situ had slaughtered ten Gold Core experts!

Gold light flashed vaguely in both of his eyes. A terrifying sword Qi was soaring inside his body.

Even intermediate Gold Core Old Monsters might not be able to withstand such a sword Qi. This was the Dao of Sword Situ had comprehended from the broken sword!

Three months passed. The air in Ning City was now filled with gunpowder. Nangong had finally dismissed all the guests in Ning City, and gave the orders that the whole city was currently under martial law!

At the same time, large ships were breaking past the Lock Realm! 

The Lock Realm was a formation deployed in between two different Cultivation Countries. It was an ancient grand formation that existed from the day Rain World was formed. The level of the formation was determined by the concentration of spiritual Qi of the Cultivation Country. The level of the Lock Realm Grand Formation of a low-ranked Cultivation Country like Yue Country was at the Peak Core Realm, which was only half-step away from Nascent Realm.

Each great devil and righteous sect would sent out elder-ranked experts to guard the Lock Realm Grand Formation. Every one thousand mile, there was an entrance for people to go through.

For the cultivators that came from other countries, they weren’t stopped by the guards, their identities were normally recorded, however. 

No one would investigate even if the identity provided was true or false. No one would ask if they had come to Yue Country to commit crimes.

However, one would need to pay a certain amount of Immortal Jade for each entry. Of course, if the person was the tyrannical Demon Monarch who refused to pay the amount, no one would dare to take any action against such a person.

In the east of Yue Country, in a 300 meters tall golden tower, an intermediate elder of Purple Light Sect was in seclusion.

The east of Yue Country was just a border away from Wu Country. Therefore, cultivators of this country would frequently come to Yue Country. The entrance to the Lock World was controlled by Purple Light Sect. They sent elder-ranked disciples to guard it for innumerable years and collected countless Immortal Jades.

Today, one Harmonious Spirit and ten Vein Opening disciples of Purple Light Sect was leisurely guarding the Lock Realm.

Once in a while, a few cultivators of Wu Country would cross the Lock Realm Formation and their only job was to collect the fortune. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even bother to ask for the name of the cultivators.

“Hehe! There’s one more month and this years’ border-guarding task of mine is finished… the reward will be 100 sect contribution points and 50 Immortal Jades. After that, I’ll be able to buy seventh junior sister of Cloudmist Palace a good present.”

“Senior Brother Zhang, with your qualification and face, why work so hard to show special affection to seventh junior sister? I think that the fourth senior sister of Clearmist Palace suits you even more…”

“Hehe, you won’t understand…though the looks of seventh junior sister isn’t good, that skill of hers is so…sensual…”

A few disciples of Purple Light Sect were chatting to pass the time. From time to time, they would speak out a few dirty words. When the Harmonious Spirit elder in the golden tower swept across his spirit sense and heard those words, he felt slightly displeased.

As disciples of righteous sects, how could they behave so obscenely like devil cultivators?  

He understood that disciples of righteous sects were also humans with seven emotions and six desires, and that it was common for them to speak out these dirty words.

“Be more serious. You all are going to shame the face of Purple Light Sect if you are seen by the cultivators of Wu Country in such a state!” The Harmonious Spirit elder had decided to reprimand them. He spread across his spirit sense and amplified his voice that it spread half a mile away. His voice resonated at the side of their ears.

Immediately, all the disciples became submissive, not daring to speak another word. They didn’t dare to refute it, but someone did. 

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