Grasping Evil - Chapter 129(2)

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Suddenly, there was the loud howls of wind caused by a large ship as it attempted to break past the formation light of Lock Realm Grand Formation from the other side. In addition, they could hear a cold sneer within the weird howls of wind.

“A mere Purple Light Sect, a second class sect in a low-ranked Cultivation Country is talking about face?!”

This voice carried the horrifying pressure of a half-step Nascent Soul expert. It resounded violently in the ears of each disciple of Purple Light Sect. Immediately, the ten disciples’ sea of consciousness was crushed, causing them to die instantly.

The elder in the golden tower that was ten miles away felt a surge of shiver. He then went out of the tower in a ray light, then stood on the top of the tower. When he looked at the direction of the Lock Realm Grand Formation, fright was seen all over his face!

What he saw were ships breaking through the Lock Realm Grand Formation of Yue Country one after another. Despite it being a dignified Peak Dan Realm Grand Formation, it still wasn’t able to stop the ships from moving forward!

There were a total of six combat ships. On top of each ship were over a thousand devil cultivators casting fierce eyes on the disciples below!

All of these devil cultivators wore identical uniforms – white clothes and armor. The weakest among them was at Level Six Vein Opening realm.

In addition to the 6000 Vein Opening devil cultivators, there were also 44 Harmonious Spirit cultivators and 9 Gold Core experts! And within the Gold Core Old Monsters, the one with the strongest Qi was the one who let out the sneer just now. He was the only one who didn’t wear white clothes, but was clad in purple!

The surface of his clothes was embroidered with the patterns of sun and moon, both Yin and Yang combined to form a circle…This man was eight feet in height. His face was pale and bloodless, looking like a refined corpse. There was a vertical eye grown on his forehead. A huge black jade coffin was carried on his back.

What was even stranger was that only four out of the eight Gold Core Old Monsters had the Qi of a living person.

Of the forty-four Harmonious Spirit experts, all of them had no scent of human Qi!

Even half of the 6000 Vein Opening disciples were dead people!

The elder of Purple Light Sect was terrified by such army. He had been guarding the borders of Wu and Yue Country. So he naturally heard about the big sects in Wu Country.

These devil cultivators ahead were very well in line with the sect he had heard hearsays from…it was the devil sect of Wu Country, Heavenly Dao Sect!

“The array of these devil cultivators is so huge! What are they going to do in Yue Country?! Not good, I have to report this to sect master!”

The elder of Purple Light Sect gritted his teeth, then hurriedly fled from the scene in a ray of light. 

Just from how quickly they killed the ten disciples of Purple Light Sect, it clearly indicated their cruel methods. If he was captured by those people, he wouldn’t be any better than those disciples.

However, as soon as he spun, seven Harmonious Spirit devil cultivators flew off the ships and chased after him. Each of their eyes was blazing, as though the elder was a delicious delicacy to them. 

“Intermediate Harmonious Spirit refined corpse…hehe, whoever gets it first will possess it!”

After the time it took for one incense stick to burn, the tallest and sturdiest of the seven Harmonious Spirit devil cultivators had some of his magical force consumed. He was carrying the corpse of the elder back to the ship.

Then, the six large ships of Heavenly Dao Sect invaded Yue Country!

Five days later, the ships had gone from east to west across Yue Country and their destination was Ning City! Along the way, these devil cultivators had annihilated ten cultivation families and a dozen small sects. 

Dozens of Old Monsters of Righteous and Devil Dao were peeping at the ships from a far distance with fear.

“Could it be the Heavenly Dao Sect of Wu Country is invading our country?! The war between Wu and Yue has been suspended for thousands of years. Could it be that the war is starting again?!” The sect master of Purple Light Sect showed an unpleasant look.

“Not likely…this old man sneaked into one of the ships. I’ve managed to avoid the guarding eyes of the sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect, Tian Yizi, and caught one of the disciples, then searched his soul and memory…later this old man found out that Heavenly Dao Sect’s target was Ning City, Black Devil Ning…” The Old Ancestor of Corpse Seizing Sect climbed out of a desolate grave and revealed a look of dread.

“Their target is Ning City? The home of that kid…?” An Old Ancestor of Great Void Sect, Suqiu Xianzi’s beautiful eyes turned serious.

The Heavenly Dao Sect’s invasion of Yue Country had aroused the notice and even fear from almost all of the sects.

Naturally, those that felt fear were those cultivation families and small sects located at the center of Yue Country. Some of them even tried to relocate their sects in order to avoid being eradicated by Heavenly Dao Sect while it was on its way.

Most of the sects in Yue Country had sought Black Devil Ning to request for one Nascent Formation Pill. Today, Black Devil Ning seemed to be facing difficulty and these sects were hesitating if they should offend Heavenly Dao Sect for the sake of Ning City.

The name of the sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect was Tian Yizi. Every place he passed by turned barren. 

While these sects were in hesitation, the second devil sect interposed!

Above Extreme Yin Gate were four ships that were also moving towards Ning City!

“My Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect will declare war on Ning City. I hope the other fellow daoists not to hinder us. After this matter is over, I pledge to give each large sect three Nascent Formation Pills!”

The old Ancestor Purple Yin of Extreme Yin Gate made a serious promise!

As long as he could capture Ning Fan, he would imprisoned this Fourth Revolution Pill Master. Then, it would then be him who would decide the number of Nascent Formation Pills to be produced!

Although 3 Nascent Formation Pills wasn’t enough to bribe all the sects of Yue Country, it made them forgo their stand and began to think in a neutral way.

The two sects, Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect, were showing the determination to annihilate Ning City. None of the sects thought that Ning City could defend against these two great sects. Also, none of the sects was willing to help Ning City fight these two enormous devil sects!

A moment ago, the sects of Yue Country might join forces to deal with Purple Yin for the sake of their Nascent Formation Pill. A sect like the Great Void Sect who has more than one half-step Nascent Soul Old Monsters… getting three Nascent Formation Pills after the war was so much better!

“We’ll wait and see!” Each sect decided to ride the fence. Upon seeing this, Suqiu Xianzi frowned slightly.

“Ultimately, there aren’t righteous and devils in the Dao of Cultivation. All of them will only care for themselves…” Her eyes were filled with hesitation. Then, by using the steps of lotus, she headed for Ning City.

On the tenth day, Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect had surrounded the hundred mile radius outside of Ning City with ten enormous ships!

Suqiu Xianzi emerged above Ning City with a stern and angry look.

“Purple Yin, I don’t care what scores you have with Ning City, but colluding with the sect of Wu Country to cause trouble in Yue Country is a little too much!”

Her remark dramatically changed the facial expression of the other two Old Ancestors of Great Void Sect and prompted them out of their sect!

Being a dignified Old Ancestor, how could she help Ning City to fight the war? If their counterparts misunderstood their intention, didn’t that mean that Great Void Sect would unintentionally put itself into trouble?!

Great Void Sect had strong roots and forces, and might not lose to the two great sects, but if they really had go to war with the two great sects, the vitality of the sect would certainly be severely injured!

It was afraid that the number one righteous sect in Yue Country would have to compromise without a fight!

“Junior Sister Suqiu, you haven’t been to Ning City before and had no connection with that Black Devil Ning. Why do you want to help Ning City…? Troublesome…troublesome…her pointless sense of justice is the most intolerable thing in the Cultivation World!” The Old Ancestors of Great Void Sect, Zhong Xuanzi and Bei Hongzi seemed to be struggling.

They hoped that their Junior Sister Suqiu didn’t do something too extreme, otherwise the future of Great Void Sect would be…

In Ning City, inside the rock cave, a silver dazzling figure opened his eyes all of a sudden with surprise.

He knew everything that happened outside via spirit sense.

“Suqiu Xianzi? Why has she come…? It’s out of my expectation that this person would come to our aid…what a boring sense of justice…but is she for real…?”

His eyes turned stern because of Suqiu’s remark.

Suqiu was standing above Ning City. With her peak Gold Core cultivation base, she wasn’t afraid of the devil invaders.

Her brows frowned, silently circulating her profound art. Her eyes turned serious and powerful. Her tender reprimand then resounded through the quiet sky!

“If the Righteous Dao has no justice, why should one praise oneself about being the righteous one?! You all should leave now. My two other senior brothers will be here in a minute!” Suqiu’s words filled Purple Yin Old Devil’s eyes with fear.

“What? Zhong Xuanzi and Bei Hongzi are also coming here…this matter will become difficult to handle if Great Void Sect gets involved in this…”


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