Grasping Evil - Chapter 130(1)

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Upon hearing the remark of Suqiu, not only did Purple Yin Old Devil’s countenance turn gloomy, but also the sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect, Tian Yizi, whose face had become stern.

Because even in the mid-ranked Cultivation Country like Wu Country, he had heard a lot about the ‘Great Void Double Zi’ of Great Void Sect.

They were Zhong Xuanzi and Bei Hongzi. If these two really were going to bring an army and meddle in today’s matter, even if they could take down Ning City, they would suffer a major loss.

Tian Yizi hesitated in his heart. Apart from the trace of fellowship between him and Purple Yin that made him agree to Purple Yin to seize Ning City, there was also a second reason – Purple Yin Old Devil also promised to give him one Nascent Formation Pill. It didn’t matter if he were to annihilate a mere Ning City for this pill, but if he had to face the number one righteous sect of Yue Country – the Great Void Sect – for one Nascent Formation Pill, then it wouldn’t be worth the loss.

Although it wasn’t easy to acquire a Nascent Formation Pill in Wu Country, there were still other ways to get it…

Tian Yizi’s eyes sparkled. Suddenly, the blood-red compass on his waist shook violently.

This was the Suspending Corpse Compass. It was a magical treasure used to search for Refined Corpses, however if it encountered a high grade Refined Corpse, it would shake slightly.

Today, when he was so close to Ning City, this compass trembled intensely all of a sudden. Did that mean that there was a high grade corpse in Ning City?! 

The Suspending Corpse Compass could also determine the level of the corpse before its death. The highest level the compass could determine was a peak Nascent Soul corpse…but this time, the needle on top of the compass was rotating intensely. That was to say that there was a corpse beyond the level of Nascent Soul realm in Ning City…

“The corpse of a Spirit Severing cultivator?!”

In an instant, Tian Yizi’s eyes revealed ruthlessness. If he offended Great Void Sect only for the sake of one Nascent Formation Pill, it wouldn’t be worth it at all! But if it was for the sake of a Spirit Severing corpse…no matter what happened today, he would break into Ning City and search for that corpse!

Tian Yizi contemplated. Given his physique, if he could obtain the corpse of a Spirit Severing cultivator, there would be a chance for him to break through to Spirit Severing realm in this life! And once he had broken through that realm, he would be able to conquer the entire Wu Country!

Being driven by the desire of profit, he was no longer afraid of the so-called Great Void Sect whereas Purple Yin Old Devil was still hesitating and thinking about how he should deal with Great Void Sect. Suddenly, Tian Yizi leaped out of the ship with the huge coffin behind his back and rushed towards Suqiu Xianzi with a sneering smile.

He patted the storage pouch and produced a black-gold brick.

“Hehe, this is a matter between our sects and Ning City. You’d better not interfere in this, Suqiu Xianzi. Or else, we won’t be lenient to you!”

Tian Yizi held back his strength by only exerting ninety percent of his magical force on this brick. He only wanted to deter Great Void Sect and didn’t intend to take Suqiu’s life. If Suqiu was heavily injured, perhaps that would make Great Void Sect give up on helping Ning City due to fear. But if Suqiu was killed…Great Void Sect would lose one Old Ancestor and would certainly be infuriated. Then, this major sect would surely declare a life-or-death battle on them!

When the brick was launched out, Purple Yin Old Devil raised an eyebrow and felt slightly surprised that the outsider, Tian Yizi, would make a move even before he did.

As for Suqiu, she frowned when she saw this. Both of them were ancestor level figures, but Suqiu’s magical force was much weaker than Tian Yizi. This black-gold brick was a peak high-grade magical treasure that was only a step away from supreme grade, and had incredible power. But since Suqiu Xianzi had decided to help Ning City, she naturally wouldn’t be frightened by such magical treasure.

In her point of view, even if she couldn’t fight Tian Yizi, it wouldn’t be easy for Tian Yizi to defeat her. She only needed to hold on until her two senior brothers came. With three of them joining forces, there was nothing to fear about one mere Tian Yizi!

The black-gold brick radiated thousands of rays of black light. It then turned into a 300 meter small mountain that let out rumbling sound and fell from above Suqiu.

Immediately, after the mountain peak radiated out a layer of earth light, the summit that was formed by the magical treasure was enlarged by thirty percent!

“This is Earth Spirit Divine Ability!” Purple Yin Old Devil’s eyes were slightly filled with dread. The Earth Spirit Divine Ability was a special ability in the Spirit Augmentation Divine Ability. It could be used to improve the power of earth attribute magical treasures. The degree of improvement would be base on the Spirit Iron of the Spirit Augmentation Divine Ability. 

This black-gold brick was originally not far away from supreme grade. After attaching the Earth Spirit Divine Ability to it, its power was increased by another 30%. He was afraid that it was even on par with an ordinary supreme grade magical treasure now.

Upon seeing such majestic power, the elders and disciples of Extreme Yin Gate revealed fearful expression. As for those disciples of Heavenly Dao Sect which was less than half of the total, their face was expressionless and their Qi became strange.

The mere magical force that was emitted by the mountain peak hit Suqiu’s chest, forcing her to step backwards. Her blood and Qi churned chaotically inside her. Secretly, she was shocked by the power of the magical treasure. This helped her gain a better understanding of Tian Yizi’s strength, however. She certainly wasn’t a match for Tian Yizi! Nevertheless, she might still be able to stall for time…

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