Grasping Evil - Chapter 130(2)

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Suqiu patted her storage pouch, and took out a piece of golden Immortal Talisman and tossed it high up. She made an incantation gesture and the golden talisman instantly turned into a gold light. It split into innumerable golden strands, spreading across all directions, intertwining with the mountain peak. Then, Suqiu revealed her fragrant shoulders. A pair of purple butterfly wings sprouted out of it.

Her hand waved and a crystal bracelet appeared in her palm. With the blow of wind, it turned into a large crystal ring. This ring was Suqiu Xianzi’s Natal Magical Weapon. It was a high-grade-high-level magical treasure named Water-like Ring!

The purple wings fluttered, but there was a strange spiritual Qi that curled around her and she disappeared without a trace in a flash. In an instant, she travelled across thousands of meters and appeared 300 meters behind Tian Yizi, and cast out the Water-like Ring!

The ability to travel thousands of meters within a short amount of time, clearly, could only be mastered by a Nascent Soul expert…It was the Instant Movement!

From withstanding the black-gold mountain peak to sprouting out a pair of wings, and to instantly appearing behind Tian Yizi to launch an attack, all of these happened within seconds. These fast adaptive moves were enough to tell that although Suqiu Xianzi was a female, she was worthy of being the Old Ancestor of Great Void Sect. Her means were astonishing!

Tian Yizi was secretly surprised, knowing that he had underestimated Suqiu and that it wouldn’t be easy to deter this woman.

But facing the attack of the Water-like Ring from behind, he showed no sign of fear, but only a light, cold sneer.

“Profound Jade Instant Movement Spirit Equipment. A high-grade-high-level magical treasure… You are considered not bad as a woman, but since you don’t want the path to life, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

When the Water-like Ring hit the center of his back, the lid of the black-jade coffin shook. A slit was torn open on its surface. A rotten and stinking arm that flashed unusual blood light stuck out of the opening and clawed at the Water-like Ring.

The formidable high-grade-high-level magical treasure was easily caught by the hand and crushed violently into fragments of crystal!

The magical treasure was destroyed. Suqiu who was 300 meters away immediately felt the backlash and spurted out a mouthful of blood, staining her luo shan*. 

Her gaze showed disbelief. Her high-grade-high-level magical treasure had just been crushed. What actually was hidden inside that black-jade coffin?!

Tian Yizi spun, his vertical eye shone a desolate blood-light as it stared at Suqiu. Immediately, Suqiu felt a sense of danger in her heart. Her shoulders became shaky. Her butterfly wings fluttered, bringing her thousands of meters away from the scene.

“That vertical eye of Tian Yizi…what kind of power was that…? If I was a step slower, I would surely be dead…”

Suqiu’s heart palpitated, feeling somewhat afraid of Tian Yizi. Although Tian Yizi only had the cultivation base of a half-step Nascent Soul realm, his methods was too unfathomable. She was afraid that he could even fight an early Nascent Soul Old Monster…

Not just Suqiu, but also Purple Yin Old Devil narrowed his eyes in fright.

“There’s something wrong with this Tian Yizi…ten years ago, he was never as good…whatever, this man isn’t my enemy today. In any case, the top priority is to take down Ning City! The longer we delay, the higher the probability that the two old man of Great Void Sect will come. At that time, it will be…”

Thoughts raced in Purple Yin Old Devil’s mind. All of a sudden, his expression darkened and he lifted his head.

As for Tian Yizi, his intent to kill faded when he saw Suqiu fleeing and sneered at her from afar. Then out of nowhere, two rays of light flew towards them. 

“These two old geezers have come at last…but, it doesn’t seem like they have come here to hinder us…” Tian Yizi smiled coldly. By using some kind of technique, his vertical eye flashed and the golden strand that bound the black-gold mountain peak instantly dissolve to nothingness. With another wave of spell, the small mountain turned into a black-gold brick and returned to his hand.

Scenes of earth-shaking combat techniques stirred the Three Black Demon Armies.

Although fear was stirred inside of them, there was even more excitement. That year under the lead of the old devil, they had faced countless battles like this!

But Nangong’s order was to be just on alert and stay put.

“Four armies of Ning City, listen up! Do not attack until you see reinforcements!” In the city-protection formation light, Nangong’s eyes were stern as he commanded. 

Doubts were seen in each of the guard’s eyes. They knew that there was a great war, but didn’t know that the enemy would be this powerful. Now that they were told that there were reinforcements, the only ally they could think of besides the Seven Apricot Four Families was Sinister Sparrow Sect. Could it be that the Sinister Sparrow Sect would come to their aid?

But, if this Suqiue Xianzi is in danger…should I save her or not… 

Nangong hesitated in his heart. Looking at how the Old Ancestor of Great Void Sect defended Ning City by confronting the two great devil sects, he wouldn’t believe it if someone said that she had nothing to do with Ning Fan.

From this point of view, there was no choice but to save her…

After fluttering her wings twice, she gasped. Her face turned pale. A trace of blood trickled down the corner of her lips.

The Instant Movement was merely the divine ability attached to the Profound Jade Spirit Equipment. Its  power was far from being the same as the power of Instant Movement of a true Nascent Soul expert, plus the consumption of magical energy for such a spell was astonishing.

She had used the Instant Movement twice. One was when she launched the Water-like Ring to attack. The second was when she fled away from the stare of the vertical eye of Tian Yizi. More than half of her magical strength had already been expended. Tian Yizi, on the other hand, still seemed as composed as before. The difference between the two was just too great!

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to save Ning City with me alone…Senior Brothers should be here by now…”

While Suqiu was in a state of discomposure, she suddenly sensed something and then revealed a smile of relief.

The two Qi that emerged in the sky above Ning City weren’t weaker than Suqiu!

“Senior Brothers, quickly join forces with me to control this devil!” Suqiu regained her composure. With the presence of her two senior brothers, Tian Yizi might be defeated!

But these two old men who had just hurried here spoke something that would give Suqiu a slap on her face.

“Fellow friend of Wu Country, this was the idea of my Junior Sister alone. It has nothing to do with the Great Void Sect. She has been reckless. I hope that fellow friend can be magnanimous enough to forgive her!”

Zhong Xuanzi and Bei Hongzi’s eyes were filled with dread as they looked deeply at Tian Yizi.

The third vertical eye, black-jade coffin and the arm that crushed the magical treasure…all of these made Zhong Xuanzi fear someone for the first time in his life.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this Tian Yizi most likely was…

“Junior Sister! Come along with me and return to the sect fast!” Zhong Xuanzi rebuked. Great Void Sect could never get entangled in today’s matter! 

*luo shan – a type of blouse 

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