Grasping Evil - Chapter 131(1)

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Inside the rock cave of Ning City, Ning Fan swept across with his spirit sense and felt a relief knowing that the two old ancestors of Great Void Sect had come to rescue their comrade.

Despite him and Suqiu only having met once, she was still willing to defend Ning City. So, he naturally wouldn’t wish to see her die here. The old ancestors of Great Void Sect must have come here to bring her back. If that’s really the case…the next battle would be handed over to the Three Divine Armies. According to the plan, Sinister Sparrow Sect and Fire Cloud Sect would use a special kind of way to rescue Ning City. If the grand formation of Ning City was forced to its limit, those profound traps would surely deal a considerable damage to Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect.

“That Tian Yizi’s Qi seems somewhat strange…” 

A trace of thought flashed past Ning Fan’s eyes, but immediately, he brushed it aside. No matter how peculiar Tian Yizi was, breaking through to the Silver Bone Realm was his priority. 

His eyes swept past each empty pill bottle in front of him. With a wave of his palm, he held the last pill bottle and swallowed the last 10 Yellow Turban Pills inside.

Currently, Ning Fan wasn’t wearing any clothes. His body was still as skinny, but his pale-colored muscles were full of silver light. This silverlight no longer shone on the surface of his body. Instead, the silver light gradually seeped into his bones, leaving a silver streak on his skin.

As for his skeleton, it had almost turned into bright silver bones!

The first stage of this body refining technique was the Silver Light Nine Realms. At the present moment, Ning Fan’s body refining realm was at the peak of the ninth realm, he only needed one more step to break through to the first realm of the Silver Bone Four Realms!

Once in the first realm of Silver Bone, Ning Fan would be able to confront magical treasures and fight early Nascent Soul experts with his physique alone... Regardless of how peculiar Tian Yizi was, he would still be powerful enough to fight him when the time comes!

Silver Bone was a bottleneck. Getting from SilverLight to Silver Bone was a transformation… As the ten Yellow Turban Pills were refined, the silver light in Ning Fan’s skeletal muscles intensified, as though he was going to break through to the Silver Bone First Realm, but there seemed to be a barrier that prevented him from making the breakthrough.

What’s missing? What is actually lacking…?

Ning Fan’s mind recalled the description of the Yellow Turban Pill. This pill was concocted for the consumption of the Yellow Turban Warriors. Such gods were extremely low in rank in the Heavenly Court…but even though they were only lowly gods, they were still gods one way or another, so they must possess the God Vein…

“God Vein, Devil Vein…could it be the attributes of my Immortal Vein aren’t enough? My Immortal Vein belonged to the Yin Yang Devil Vein of an immemorial devil vein. It wasn’t an immemorial god vein…so why can’t it aid me in breaking through after taking the Yellow Turban Pills?!”

Both of his eyes were shut. Sure enough, he looked inside his body and saw that the silver light couldn’t integrate with the devil vein…

In ancient times, there were gods and devils. Gods were the righteous side while devil was the evil side. Both of them had unparalleled body refining techniques, but there were some differences in the pills they used.

Strictly speaking, the Yellow Turban Pill could only be used by cultivators with immemorial god vein. If a cultivator with immemorial devil vein used it, the effect would be reduced by half, making him unable to break through the bottleneck. As for cultivators with ordinary immortal veins, due to their immortal veins couldn’t bear the medicinal effect of the pill, their bodies would be damaged and would gain nothing from the pill.

Despite having all the things ready, he hadn’t expected that the factor that stopped him from breaking through to the Silver Bone was the mere difference between gods and devils…

“Gods and Devils, Righteous and Evil…are there really differences between them…?”

Ning Fan’s heart sank. Clearly, he only lacked a trace of something for him to break through in his body refining realm. The feeling of being trapped in the bottleneck was frustrating.

After thinking about it for a moment, his eyes observed the Yin Yang Devil Vein inside of him, he seemed vaguely puzzled.

Although the devil vein wasn’t compatible with the Yellow Turban Pill, it didn’t seem like the effect of the pill had been reduced by half as the rumor had said.

If the effect of the pill was cut down by half, the three hundred Yellow Turban Pills wouldn’t be able to push Ning Fan’s physique to the peak of the ninth realm of Silver Light.

At this moment, Ning Fan, for the first time, noticed a slight difference in the Yin Yang Devil Vein.

This wasn’t a pure devil vein…as it could absorb the medicinal energy of a god vein’s pill, but because it was different from a god vein’s origin, it had met its bottleneck.

“Yin and Yang…when there is shadow, there is also light. When there’s burning sun, there are also shades. The gods and devils complement each other. The righteous and evil are associated and the Heavens and Earth coincide…I seem to have gained some understanding…although the Yin Yang Devil Vein is named as a devil vein, it isn’t truly a devil vein, but situated between god vein and devil vein…it’s neither god nor devil, neither righteous nor evil, neither Yin nor Yang…as such, the medicinal energy of the Yellow Turban Pills I refined wasn’t reduced by half. The reason I haven’t broken through the bottleneck is because I have been using only the yin devil vein of Yin Yang Devil Vein…and have yet to use the yang god vein!”

Suddenly, Ning Fan’s eyes opened, his Qi rose sharply!

The Ancient Chaos Great Emperor founded the Yin Yang Devil Vein and was named as a devil, but was also given the position of Immortal Emperor in the Heavenly Court.

The Immortal Emperor was as ruthless as devils when it comes to murdering people. He could crush the galaxy with only a flick of his finger, but when he is making public appearance in the Mortal World and collecting burning incense and joss sticks from people, he seemed as compassionate as a god.

In the Yin and Yang Devil Vein, evil was the primary thing whereas god was the complement. The devil vein couldn’t be formed without the evil heart. Similarly, no god technique could be cultivated in the absence of god essence.

A slight understanding began to gradually rise in Ning Fan’s heart. Thanks to Suqiu Xianzi’s interference, Ning Fan had sufficient time to gain this piece of understanding.

One would become selfish when one’s cultivation reached the end, no matter if one was righteous or evil… this sentence made Ning Fan vaguely understand the symbol of righteous and evil, the dictum of arriving at the same end by different means. Indistinctly, the evil heart in his body was reduced and was replaced by a trace of god essence.

That god essence gradually occupied his heart. The casual smile on his face slowly changed to sternness, dignity and compassion. This was the smile shown by those Gods and Buddhas when they revealed their true self in ancient times.

As the god essence was increasing, the barrier to break through the Silver Bone Realm faded gradually…

“Break it!” Silver light shone brilliantly like stars from Ning Fan’s eyes.


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