Grasping Evil - Chapter 131(2)

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Outside Ning City, Suqiu Xianzi was staring blankly at her two senior brothers. She couldn’t believe that her upright senior brothers would stop her from saving Ning City.

Two huge devil sects were causing trouble in Yue Country. One of them was a devil sect from another country. As the number one righteous sect of Yue Country, shouldn’t they redress the injustice…?

“Senior Brother, our Great Void Sect……”

“You don’t have to speak anymore. Follow me back to the sect now!” Zhong Xuanzi demanded sternly.

“Senior Brother!”

“If you don’t follow this old man back in ten breaths of time, your name Suqiu will be removed from the list of Old Ancestors of our Great Void Sect!”

Zhong Xuanzi’s words made Suqiu wide-eyed, she looked at Zhong Xuanzi with disbelief. Bei Hongzi, at one side also changed his expression dramatically, hastily dissuading. “Senior Brother, you……”

“I’ve already decided that we must not intervene in what’s happening today, or else…Our Great Void Sect will be in grave danger…” Zhong Xuanzi secretly gave Tian Yizi a sideways glance. Seeing Tian Yizi’s unchanged sneer, he seemed more certain about something.

If Suqiu insisted on helping Ning City, she would be expelled from the sect… Being an Old Ancestor figure, how could she be treated this way?

Zhong Xuanzi had no choice but to speak such words… If he wasn’t mistaken, that Tian Yizi isn’t a living person at all, and offending Tian Yizi was equivalent to offending the Heavenly Dao Sect. If that was really the case, they would make a Nascent Soul Old Devil with Immemorial Evil Vein their enemy!

An ordinary Nascent Soul Old Devil was powerful enough to throw Yue Country into chaos by himself… A Nascent Soul Old Devil with Immemorial Evil Vein would absolutely have no problem in overturning the whole Yue Country!

Zhong Xuanzi was at least 70% certain that Great Void Sect would be annihilated if they offended Tian Yizi. No one would be able to save Ning City today!

Bei Hongzi was able to discern some of Zhong Xuanzi’s concerns. Suqiue could also guess some of it… She guessed that Tian Yizi’s origin must be extremely terrifying. Otherwise, her Senior Brother who always adhered to the Righteous Dao would never retreat at this point.

However, isn’t the Righteous Dao equivalent to advancing forward without hesitation?

If she retreated because the devil was powerful, how could she be given the title of Old Ancestor of a Righteous Sect?

Suqiu smiled sadly. Her Senior Brothers had their worries, and she had her own adherence…she hadn’t come here for Ning Fan, but because of her persistence in the Righteous Dao.

“Senior Brother, I have my own Dao…” She said eventually.

“Starting from today, I, Yin Suiqu, am no longer an Old Ancestor of Great Void Sect, and Suqiue Xianzi. I no longer have anything to do with Great Void Sect…”

She violently pulled the ancient jade token from her waist and crushed it. That jade token was once an item that represented her status as an Old Ancestor.

Her identity was abandoned, but she couldn’t abandon the belief in her heart.

She was a woman who adhered stubbornly to her own belief.  

“Brother Daoist Zhong Xuanzi, Brother Daoist Bei Hongzi, leave now! My life and death no longer have anything to do with Great Void Sect…”

She no longer called them Senior Brother, but Daoist Brother…her face was slightly pale. Her body shivered slightly in the wind.

“Junior Sister, why do you choose to suffer…?” Bei Hongzi wanted to persuade her, but was stopped by Zhong Xuanzi’s stern and cold eyes.

He shot Suqiue a deep glance, couldn’t help but close his eyes and gnashed his teeth.

“Fellow Daoist Yin, run away…if things become unfavorable…”

After that, Zhong Xuanzi pulled Bei Hongzi along, and disappeared in two rays of light. Clearly, Suqiu’s shoulder felt a quiver when the both of them departed.

Closing her eyes, she smiled miserably. After a while, she put away the sadness and all her other expressions. Her beautiful eyes flashed open, showing her inviolable dignity.

“Today, Yin Suqin is here to do whatever she can…”

“Hehe! What a stubborn woman…I, would like…to kill you, and make you a refined corpse. How nice!” Cold light shone in Tian Yizi’s eyes. Since this woman was no longer related to Great Void Sect, he needed not be lenient anymore!

His purple robe whipped, as he violently sent out palm seals into the void. Immediately, the six thousand Vein Opening disciples with dull-looking eyes on the six ships rose to the air and formed ranks, encircling Suqiu! 

How could Vein Opening disciples fly?! No, these weren’t living humans, but refined corpses. They had been refined using some kind of special technique. They were flying corpses!

There were so many flying corpses. Each had something hooked on to it. After the siege was complete, they charged forward at Suqiu.

The scent of decay flooded the sky. Suqiu began to feel dizzy…there seemed to be some kind of toxin hidden in the corpses’ Qi.

She had already lost 30% of her magical force. She stepped gently into the void, attempting to leave, but was horrified to find that both of her legs and wrists were tied by strands of silk so thin that not even her spirit sense had noticed it…these strands of silk were poisonous. It turned her feet and wrists slightly purplish red, making it hard for her to circulate her magical force.

Six thousand decayed flying corpses opened their bloody mouths, lunging at Suqiu with an absurd smile on their faces… Now that Suqiu was immobilized, she would surely be eaten by these flying corpses alive.

“Not good…will I die…” A glimmer of tranquility and relief flashed past her bright eyes. 

At this point, she was already exhausted… What saddened her was that not only her Senior Brothers, but also the people of Ning City, they didn’t even come to rescue her.

She saw the evil smile of Tian Yizi and Purple Yin Old Devil, and lamented privately. If she died in the hands of these two devils, she wondered if her pure body would be played by them. It was rumored that Purple Yin Old Devil had a very nasty hobby. He would never let go of any woman that had caught his interest, even if the woman was a corpse… As for Tian Yizi who seemed like a refined corpse devil, he would definitely make her into a refined corpse, and have sex with her every night…

“In which case, I might as well blow myself up and perish together with these flying corpses!”

Her eyes showed a glimmer of despair and resoluteness, but at this moment, a silver light shone high in the sky above Ning City all of a sudden!

Continuous streaks of silver lighting rumbled in the sky!

At the same time, a cold voice reverberated in the hundred miles of Ning City!

“Nangong, release the arrows!”

“Roger! Subordinate has also decided to release the arrows the moment the flying corpses closed in!”

A command was passed in Ning City. Suddenly, two thousand flying demonic beasts materialized from the formation light. On top of each beast mounted a devil cultivator with cultivation base above Level Seven Vein Opening!

Each of these soaring devil cultivators fired their spiritual crossbows. Two thousand fiery light with amazing momentum were shot out like a meteor shower. Immediately, one after another, the flying corpses let out a beast-like roar before being turned into ashes by the arrow. Eight hundred flying corpses were burned to ashes before the second volley of arrows was launched!

Unfortunately for Suqiu whose magical force had already been hampered, she was still stuck in the zone of the arrow assault.

When she heard the cold and detached command, she was relieved to hear the voice… The command was given by Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Although that kid wasn’t as close to her as her Senior Brothers, he, at least knew, when to save her.

It was just that after the relief, she discovered that her limbs were still bounded by the silk, and she couldn’t circulate her magical force.

She gently struggled with her body, gasping but couldn’t break free from the silk strands.

One of the arrows went past the flying corpse, shooting at her direction.

“Not good…”

She gritted her teeth. When she patted her storage pouch and was about to produce a magical treasure to defend herself, she let out a scream.

A white-clad youth with plain silver light emerged in front of her. His warm hands slightly rubbed her wrists and feet, cutting off the silk strands at once. 

However, in the past several hundred years, this was the first time her feet and wrists was touched by someone. She couldn’t help but scream in shock.

What caught her by surprise so much was that despite her status as an Old Ancestor, she was still being held by the white-clad youth in his arms. Not just her wrists and feet, but also the other parts of her body were touched by him.

“You, how dare you…?”

“Be quiet for a moment…if you die in the volley of arrows, nothing will be left behind…not even your justice…” Ning Fan smiled faintly. A bright silver star shone brightly in between his brows!

Facing the fiery rain and flying corpses, Ning Fan was fearless. Cold light flickered in his eyes, and a star flashed in his glabella!

Thunder was immediately heard from the strike of his palm. Lighting the shape of a palm that had power even greater than a Thunder Palm was condensed on his palm!

With a strike of his palm, hundreds of lightning were created. All the fiery rain and flying corpses were swept away so easily by this palm.

With one arm holding Suqiu, he stepped out the silvering rainbow, charged right at the sect master of the Heavenly Dao Sect at a speed comparable to a Nascent Soul expert, and sent out his palm at the sect master’s chest.

Tian Yizi was clearly shocked by Ning City’s sudden change. Two thousand spiritual crossbows. One volley of arrows would cost 20 000 immortal jades, two volleys of arrows would cost 40 000 immortal jades…. This Ning City had given such expensive magical treasures to their underlings. How extravagant!

What shocked him even more was the sudden emergence of Ning Fan and the star in his glabella. 

Others might not know about the meaning of the star, but he knew it very well. He wasn’t scared as this when he faced the Old Ancestors of Great Void Sect! Confronting the oncoming palm of Ning Fan, it stirred up the fear inside of him for the first time.

He spat out a black pearl that radiated the power of peak-high-grade magical treasure without hesitation. 

“Peak-high-grade magical treasure, The Black Oblivion Pearl!” The corner of Purple Yin Old Devil’s eyes narrowed. It was rumored that this was the last resort of Tian Yizi!

To his horror, the plain and unremarkable palm of Ning Fan still pressed against the Black Oblivion Pearl with some silver light!

“Break!” Ning Fan spoke in a light tone. Immediately, lines of cracks appeared on the pearl. And, after a flash of the silver star in Ning Fan’s forehead, the dignified peak-high-grade magical treasure shattered!

The remaining force of the palm still continued unabated. It thrust forward at Tian Yizi. With a violent gaze, Tian Yizi launched out his fist to meet Ning Fan’s palm, producing a clang of metals.

Under the huge collision, Ning Fan’s hand felt somewhat numbed. He was shocked to find that this ordinary-looking Tian Yizi actually had such a powerful body.

As for Tian Yizi, he was undoubtedly startled. His fist was now enshrouded with a blood light. It had shrunk by half an inch from the collision against Ning Fan’s palm.

An unnoticeable blood-red light flashed past in his third vertical eye. A normal person wouldn’t be able to sense it. Ning Fan who was slightly astonished, retreated at once with Suqiu in one of his arm. Given the strength of his spirit sense, it was impossible for him not to detect the changes in the third vertical eye.

“This is…the Third Corpse Pupil!” Ning Fan was somewhat frightened. Rumor had it that the Third Corpse Pupil was a long-lost ability of a fiendgod. Even the Ancient Chaos Great Emperor had only heard about it. This eye technique could arouse a trace of the third corpse evil sense that would corrode and melt everything… it was something that even Ancient Chaos Great Emperor dreaded.

This was an extraordinary eye technique, and Tian Yizi had already used it once. Ning Fan couldn’t help feeling scared of it. Could it be that this man carried some sort of Immemorial Evil Vein in his body?! Otherwise, it would absolutely be impossible for him to display such an ability.

Tian Yizi felt a pity upon seeing Ning Fan retreating, his eyes were still filled with horror, however.

He discovered that this white-clad youth who was no more than 20 years old was actually a descendant of an Immemorial God Vein!

In addition, his God Physique had reached the first realm of the Silver Bone, which was powerful enough to fight a Nascent Soul cultivator!

But what surprised him more was the silver star in Ning Fan’s forehead. The emergence of that star had too much meaning. Only a very small number of God Veins could condense a star while breaking through to the Silver Bone Realm. This star represented a long-lost innate ability of the ancient fiendgod!

An expert that could condense the fiendgod star was undeniably many folds stronger compared to a starless expert!

This kid could never be underestimated! How could there be such a young expert in Ning City?!


Suqiu was still leaning in the arms of Ning Fan, powerless, but her eyes were full of amazement.

She knew the Silver Bone Realm of body refining technique! But she couldn’t understand why this body refining technique that was longed by countless of experts would appeared in Ning Fan’s body.

And Tian Yizi who was far more powerful than her was almost defeated under the palm strike of Ning Fan!

However, the thing that made her embarrassed was that despite being an Old Ancestor of a Righteous Dao sect, she seemed like an inexperienced girl being easily held by Ning Fan in his arms. One should know that she hadn’t been hugged by any man in such a way since she started cultivating.

She wanted to struggle out of Ning Fan’s arm, but found no strength because of the poison in her body. Furthermore, she felt a strange sensation when her chest rubbed against Ning Fan’s.

“You, let me go now!” Suqiu Xianzi sounded stern for the second time, but her face had some unnoticeable redness.

Her chest moved up and down intensely as she gasped for air. The air she breathed out smelled like orchid. 


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