Grasping Evil - Chapter 132(1)

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“You, let me go!”

Suqiu gently twisted her body, feeling extremely uncomfortable. After Ning Fan retreated within the city wall, he immediately released her and with a flash of light, he returned to the sky. 

Ning Fan did not have any obscene intentions towards Suqiu’s slender body. 

The bottom part of her silk dress was torn by Ning Fan, however, the condition of her ankle was even worse. Her ankle was now in deep purplish red, as if the poison had not faded completely. What made the situation more dangerous was that she had depleted all her magical power. 

Guilt started to linger in her mind as her effort to save Ning City was in vain. In contrast, she was actually saved by Ning Fan.

“Sister, have a ‘Sweet Pill’. Brother Fan said, this pill can replenish your magical power and nourish your blood…”

At her side, Zhi He was holding a delicate jade bottle. Within the bottle, there was a faint scent of Third Revolution Pills and an overwhelming whiff of a sweet aroma. 

Suqiu’s eyes, which were filled with surprise, fell on the teenage girl, with a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, hesitating to accept the ‘sweet pill’.

Judging by the way how the little girl addressed Ning Fan as Brother Fan, it was most likely that she was Ning Fan’s wife. However, the only thing that mattered to Suqiu was that the girl actually addressed her as ‘Sister’. Even though she had not reached a thousand years of cultivation, she had actually already lived for 600 years. It was really something funny, but also embarrassing to be addressed in this way by a 14 year-old girl.

“I am Zhi He. This ‘Sweet Pill’ is refined by Brother Fan and is not bitter at all…” Zhi He smiled with bright eyes. Then, she pushed the bottle containing the pills into Suqiu’s hand. Right after that, concerns flashed through her mind. She raised her head and stared at the battle in the sky. 

In this battle, she could not interfere. All she could do was hope and look forward to Brother Fan’s victory. 

Behind Zhi He stood Si Wu Xie. There was no peace in her eyes. It was as if the bloody scenes were connecting all her shattered memories back. 

Suqiu’s hand was holding the bottle in silence. It was rude to reject the offer of the girl in fox-fur robe. When she unplugged the bottle stopper, there was a touch of sweet smell that amazed her.

“This is, the Bitter Pill…” She thought to herself.

The Bitter Pill was refined using the Thousand-Year-Old Bitter Grass. It tasted bitter and unpleasant, making it hard for cultivators to swallow it, but its effect was outstanding. One pill could help a Gold Core cultivator restore 10% magical force!

There were a total of ten dark yellow pills in the pill bottle. Each of these pills was worth a city. Even Suqiu Xianzi herself couldn’t afford to consume such high-level spiritual pills during normal days.

Privately, she was astounded by how extravagant Ning Fan was towards his woman. Giving a bottle of peak Third Revolution Pills just like that…? Recalling the words that Zhi He said astonished her once more…If these pills were concocted by Ning Fan himself, didn’t this mean that his level had already reached the peak of Third Revolution!?

Taking out one pill, she put it into her mouth. Her face was full of surprise all of a sudden. After that, complex emotions filled her eyes.

The Bitter Pill was the most bitter, but instead of tasting bitter, it tasted as sweet as honey.

This was because the extremely precious Ice Bee Jelly was added into it. Not only would this enhance the recovery effect of the pill, but also sweeten the taste of the pill.

“It’s very sweet…”

Suqiu stared at the bottle in her hand. An inexplicable emotion flashed past her eyes…If it was really Ning Fan who concocted these pills for Zhi He, the young man must had gone through a lot of troubles to integrate the Ice Bee Jelly into these pills…what a thoughtful man…

No wonder this little girl called the pill ‘Sweet Pill’. She is already not bad having married such a caring alchemist…

Originally, she only had indifference towards Ning Fan whose obscene behaviors had been spread throughout the country. Back in Long Inclination Palace of Sinister Sparrow Sect, she thoroughly checked Ning Fan and discovered that although he lacked primordial yang, he wasn’t an unruly person and was a person with many secrets…that was why she had given Ning Fan a smile.

Now that she was saved by Ning Fan, and understood his caring side, her impression of Ning Fan got better. 

She realized that despite having the experience of six hundred years, she couldn’t see through this young fellow. The only thing she could see was the stubborn persistence inside of him, which was very similar to her.

“Why did he chose devil cultivation at that time…?” Suqiu couldn’t help thinking why.

“Release all the spiritual arrows and retreat back to the city!”

Volleys of flaming arrows fell from above, exploding and burning in the sky like fireworks. Each refined corpse from the Heavenly Dao Sect let out miserable wails whilst being turned into ashes.

Each person was left with ten arrows. Two thousand devil cultivators would make a total of 20 000 spiritual arrows, which cost 200 000 immortal jades… Purple Yin Old Devil revealed shock in his eyes, and gave the order to the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate to not rescue Heavenly Dao Sect until there was no more spiritual arrows in the sky!

The sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect, Tian Yizi, sat as still as Mountain Tai, seemingly unconcerned about the death of his six thousand disciples. And instead, sneer was seen in his eyes.

After shooting the last ten spiritual arrows, the four armies of Ning City retreated back into the formation light of Ning City with their flying mounts.

Although this profound formation light could cause massive casualties in the enemy’s camp, Ning Fan couldn’t waste it now. Before the arrival of the reinforcements of Sinister Sparrow sect and Fire Cloud Sect, it was unwise for him to fight the two sects.

All the guards returned to Ning City like a tide while Ning Fan landed on the city wall, his eyes seemed baffled.

The ground outside the city heaped with thick corpse ashes. All six thousands ‘disciples’ of Heavenly Dao Sect had died in the volley of fire arrows.

However, that didn’t make Ning Fan feel any joy or victory. Instead, there was a hint of uneasiness seen in his eyes.

There were three things that puzzled him. First, he was puzzled if those disciples of Heavenly Dao Sect were humans or corpses…if they were corpses, why did half of them had a qi of a living person. If they were humans, why did each of their bodies seem rotten, which made them no different than refined corpses?

Secondly, it was the calm look of Tian Yizi…Six thousand disciples were killed, filling the entire sky with corpse qi. Not only had this not infuriated Tian Yizi, but it made him reveal a look of joy instead.

Thirdly, what was the black coffin on Tian Yizi’s back…There was an extremely heavy qi within the coffin that stirred Ning Fan’s fear.

There was also the Third Corpse Pupil and the…black coffin! This Tian Yizi is far more complicated that he looked…

Why didn’t Tian Yizi feel angered by the death of his disciples…?

Ning Fan vaguely felt that he might have missed out something important. Nangong who was next to him also had a similar expression as Ning Fan. 

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