Grasping Evil - Chapter 132(2)

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“Young Master…do we have to change our plan…?” Nangong asked hesitantly.

“No need…I just want to be sure of something…activate the power of the Forbidden Space Formation and Defensive Formation. When the enemies attack reach its pinnacle, activate the Shock Repulsion Formation…”

Ning Fan’s eyes glittered. This grand formation was personally modified by him. Although it was merely a Nascent Realm Grand Formation, it was overlapped by two visible grand formations and one dark grand formation. It didn’t matter if the Forbidden Space Formation and Defensive Formation failed, because the key was the Shock Repulsion Formation. 

The Shock Repulsion Formation was an exceedingly strange formation as it could deflect all the attacks launched by enemies.

The moment the Grand Formation of Ning City was about to break, it would be the time the enemies launched their fiercest attacks, and if all those attacks were deflected perfectly…

In the sky, Tian Yizi returned to the center of his ship in a flash. The vertical eye between his brows flashed as he looked at Ning City’s formation light, seeming to have seen through the profundity behind it.

Despite that, his face was still composed. Then he spoke to one of the ships that belonged to Extreme Yin Gate in a weird tone.

“Young Brother Purple Yin, this brother has used the lives of six thousands disciples to exhaust the spiritual arrows of Ning City. Should I hand over the task of breaking past the grand formation to you?”

“Hehe! That is of course. It was this old man who initiated to attack Ning City, after all. Naturally this old man must contribute to this war…” Old Devil Purple Yin cackled and then stared at Ning City with dread.

Two thousand devil cultivators and 20 000 spiritual arrows…ten volleys of arrows had annihilated six thousand disciples of Heavenly Dao Sect. This had made Old Devil Purple Yin hesitate for the first time, thinking if attacking Ning City was a mistake…he knew that Black Devil Ning was Ning Fan. That was why he dared to attack Ning City. He thought that the one he needed to face was merely a Harmonious Spirit junior and a Fourth Revolution Pill Master.

He didn’t expect the Old Ancestor Suqiu of Great Void Sect to interfere in this.

He also didn’t expect this Ning Fan could be so extravagant. 200 000 immortal jades were virtually all the wealth that Extreme Yin Gate had, and all of these fortune had been spent in just ten volleys of arrows.

But now, it seemed that the spiritual arrows of Ning City were exhausted. Otherwise, they would continue to release the arrows at the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate, and all four thousand disciples of Extreme Yin Gate would surely die as well…

Without the spiritual arrows, the mere task of breaking the grand formation didn’t seem quite as dangerous…even if that grand formation was a Nascent Realm Grand Formation, there is always a way to break it.

Once the grand formation was broken, killing the devil cultivators of Ning City would be as easy as catching turtles in a jar. Their only concern was the unusual strength of Ning Fan…his body refining technique seemed like the rumored Silver Bone Technique…

“No, it can’t be the Silver Bone Realm. He’s just probably using some kind of secret technique that temporarily makes his body refining technique as powerful as the Silver Bone Technique…it has to be it!”

Old Devil Purple Yin wouldn’t believe it. How could Ning Fan, someone who hadn’t even reached the age of twenty, cultivate such a high grade body refining technique? It was impossible. Only the three great Immortal Worlds, the Devil World, Demon World and Heavenly Immortal World could give birth to a twenty-year-old Silver Bone expert…but these three worlds were ranked top three amongst the nine worlds. Any expert from those three worlds was enough to deal with all the experts of the other six great Immortal Worlds combined.

Immediately after sighing, he gave the order to the several elders next to him. A few moments later, with Old Monster Ji Mo in the lead, the other old monsters of Extreme Yin Gate directed their own ships, a total of three ships were advancing towards the grand formation of Ning City.

Due to the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate not being flying corpses and had no demonic mounts, disciples with Vein Opening realm couldn’t travel in the air. They could only form a formation to attack from the ship.

While the ships were moving towards the zone of Ning City’s grand formation, Old Devil Purple Yin hadn’t noticed the peculiar cold smile from Tian Yizi’s face.

And a very low sneering voice came from the black coffin behind Tian Yizi.

“Almost there, almost there…the more people die, the better…there are so many corpse qi. This will be sufficient for this old man to complete the second transformation of Corpse Devil Transformation…if this succeeds, not only will this old man’s cultivation base be restored to Nascent Soul realm, but also become undead!”

Old Monster Ji Mo was sitting on a stable seat on the ship. He was responsible for attacking the north gate of Ning City.

His eyes swept across Ning City and revealed a disdainful look.

“Nascent Realm Grand Formation? Unfortunately, it’s just a vulnerable formation that has virtually no attacking power…this old man would like to see if this formation can withstand several attacks from one thousand disciples of Ji Mo Palace! Attack…”

However, before his order even reverberated, an orange formation light immediately rose over the hundred miles of the city. Immediately, all ships, including the ships of Heavenly Dao Sect, began to fall!

“Forbidden Space? A feeble strategy…pass this old man’s order, fire the Spiritual Artillery Cannon, and blow this formation light for me!”

The Spirit Artillery Cannon was even more expensive than spiritual arrows. One fire of the cannon cost 2000 immortal jades. There were five cannons on each ship of Extreme Yin Gate.

When all three ships fired the cannon at the same time, it would cost them 30 000 immortal jades…

Observing the battle from a distance on a ship, Old Devil Purple Yin faintly showed a look of pain. 30 000 immortal jades was an enormous figure to him. If it wasn’t because of the purpose of catching Ning Fan alive, he wouldn’t be willing to launch out those cannons, because he wasn’t Ning Fan – he couldn’t just burn his fortune so extravagantly.

But comparing the loss of 30 000 immortal jades and six thousand disciples of Heavenly Dao Sect, Old Devil Purple Yin felt fortunate. Before this, he certainly had never thought that one had to pay such a dear price in attacking a mere Ning City.

Fifteen cannon balls were launched. It had only thinned the layer of the  Forbidden Space formation light. Although the force of the forbidden space still existed, it wasn’t as strong as before and the ships weren’t falling anymore. However, the air still seemed incomparably inconvenient for them to travel, each of these ships were swaying non-stop as they moved. 

Old Monster Ji Mo flicked his clothes, then stared at the second ray of formation light. His eyes darkened. 

They had dealt with the Forbidden Space Formation Light. All that remained now was this Defensive Formation Light…

“Pass this old man’s order, all disciples of three palaces, namely Ji Mo Palace, Wu Chang Palace and Ghost Palace will summon the Body Protecting Yin Pearl simultaneously, and use the pearl to break the formation of Ning City!”

When the order was passed down, all the disciples on the three ships showed a look of pain.

“What? He wants us to use the Body Protecting Yin Pearl that we have refined for many years?!”

The Body Protecting Yin Pearl was a concealed magical treasure that matched the cultivation law of Extreme Yin Gate. It had the shape of an apricot and was refined in the cultivator’s body. This was why cultivators of the same level would always be plotted against by the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate. This Yin Pearl was tremendously powerful, but it could only launch a few strikes. After that, it would lose all its magical force and had to be refined again in the body.

The Body Protecting Yin Pearl was often used as a way to protect one’s life, but today, Old Monster Ji Mo ordered all disciples to use their life-saving means to attack a grand formation!

There should be a glimmer of chance by using three thousand yin pearls to break the Defensive Formation Light, but this would put all the years of effort of refinement of the Vein Opening disciples in vain.

Each disciple had a look of discontentment, but after seeing the sweeping gaze of Old Monster Ji Mo, no one dared to disobey the order. Despite their reluctance, they still spat out the yin pearl and prepared for the strike.

From a distance, Old Devil Purple Yin revealed a gratified smile for Old Monster Ji Mo’s shrewdness.

He was unwilling to use the Spiritual Artillery Cannon again to break the second formation. A formation required the support of immortal jades. The same went to the cannon. In short, breaking a formation was equivalent to using immortal jades to smash someone else’s immortal jades. Whoever had more immortal jades would win…

Old Monster Ji Mo understood the concerns of Old Devil Purple Yin, and in order to help Old Devil Purple Yin save money, he had ordered all the disciples to use their yin pearls to break the formation. 

Such a flattering move seemed to work well on Purple Yin.

“If Ning City is broken in this round, Ji Mo will receive the highest merit…”

Old Devil Purple Yin was standing on top of the ship, looking sneeringly at Ning City below.

In his point of view, the attack of three thousand yin pearls would surely break Ning City today! 


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