Grasping Evil - Chapter 133(1)

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Under the command of Ji Mo, the three ships at different position halted in the sky above Ning City.  

On the ships, approximately three thousand disciples of Extreme Yin Gate opened their mouths and spat out a gloomily evil Yin Pearl from their dantian. Anyhow, Extreme Yin Gate was a first-class devil sect. Since they were determined to sacrifice their Yin Pearl, each of their expression became fierce.

With Ji Mo’s signal, three thousand Yin Pearls were launched out at the same time, emitting the clatters of sharp ice and crashing into the formation light. In the later history of Yue Country, this event would be known as the life-and-death war of Yue Armies and Devils that turned the battle scene white-hot at the beginning of the war.

A single Yin Pearl was enough to injure a Harmonious Spirit expert, but when three thousand Yin Pearls were launched simultaneously from three different directions, even a Nascent Realm Grand Formation was beginning to be corroded by the evil qi. Fortunately, each formation eye was quickly replenished with immortal jades. So apart from a slight weakening of the light, the grand formation remained intact after this round of attack.

Even so, it had given Old Monster Ji Mo a huge relief as it now seemed possible for the three thousand Yin Pearls to break the grand formation. Earlier, he did feel somewhat nervous.

With three thousand disciples and three thousand Yin Pearls, there would be no trouble sustaining five rounds of attacks…He, Ji Mo, would like to see if five rounds of attacks could take down Ning City!

“Continue to attack the city!”

At his command, three thousand Yin Pearls trailed a long stream of yin light and collided with the formation light and produced staggering sounds.

It was like a magical treasure designed to attack a city and its power wasn’t like the small and exquisite pearl, but the power of the Spiritual Artillery Cannon!

The second round of attack had thoroughly destroyed the formation light of Forbidden Space. Fissures had also begun to appear in the formation light of the Defensive Formation.  

The scene after scene of attacks was clearly witnessed by Ning Fan. His facial expression remained indifferent.

He was waiting for the enemies to expend all their efforts and launch the final strike. At that time, he would activate the Shock Repulsion Formation.

In between his eyebrows, a starlight flickered. As Tian Yizi had expected, this star was the great benefit Ning Fan had acquired when he broke through the Silver Bone Realm and stimulated its divine attribute.

Every star of fiend god contained some kind of innate ability. And, as the number of stars increased, there would be more abilities. Each ability of the star could tremendously enhance one’s strength.

The fiendgod of Silver Bone Realm could cultivate one star at most.

The fiendgod of Golden Body Realm could cultivate two stars at most.

In the ancient times, there were fiendgods who created god and devil treasures in the star of fiendgod, its effect was tenfold greater than in dantian. Naturally, those items that were crafted in the star had to be immemorial divine weapons!

If there was someone who could see through the light of the star, that person would discover a Starlight Sword Shadow being immersed in innumerable lightning in the star between Ning Fan’s eyebrows; the first one star immemorial divine weapon he acquired was the Separation Slayer. Besides that, the innate ability that was inspired by his one star was named Imperial Lighting!

The innate ability of a one star fiendgod was just like the Vein Opening cultivators. Most of them had the attributes of a fiendgod. The fiendgod attribute that Ning Fan had stimulated was lightning! During ancient times, only a few immortals richly endowed with talents could stimulate the Star of Imperial Lightning, although there were also several lighting gods in the Thunder Tribe of the Ancient Heavenly Court that could shake the Heavens and Earth. As for devils…this kind, however, could not unlock the Star of lightning, because lighting was the punishing hands of the Heavens, the God’s will. Without the god attribute, one wouldn’t have lighting.

Condensing the star of Imperial Light made Ning Fan confirm that his Yin Yang Devil Vein was a bizarre devil vein that cultivated both Divine and Devil cultivation.

As far as the power of this kind of devil vein was concerned, it might not be as strong as the Solar Divine Vein, as bizarre as the Desolate Incantation Devil Vein, as hard to be destroyed as the Undying Devil Vein, but in terms of Dao Law, it obviously appeared to be more profound…Ning Fan indistinctly felt that there is only one Yin Yang Devil Vein in the Heavens and Earth that could cultivate both Divine and Devil Cultivation.

Perhaps the reputation of the Divine-Devil Cultivation wasn’t often heard in the Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor, but this Yin Yang Devil Vein contained the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

As for the Dual Cultivation of Yin Yang Locket – which was mainly about plucking…could be understood by Ning Fan. The Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor had first unlocked the divine attribute, then used the function of plucking of the Yin Yang Locket to experience the desire to temper his devil heart…As to why the Yin Yang Locket only had such restraint against women and harmless to men, perhaps, the Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor had his own private reasons.

A glitter flashed in Ning Fan’s eyes. Given his Star of Imperial Lightning and the body refining technique of Silver Bone Realm, it was sufficient for him to stay undefeated against ordinary Nascent Soul opponent, however he was afraid that it wouldn’t be easy for him to win…His speed wouldn’t be able to keep up and the gap of magical force was just too great. The reason he could stay undefeated was because he could strike the enemy with immense physical force.

If it wasn’t because of the oddness in Tian Yizi, Ning Fan could’ve directly killed Yizi with a punch while carrying Suqiu in his arm, and seize the opportunity and command the four armies of Ning City to advance; then finally allowing the reinforcements of Sinister Sparrow Sect and Fire Cloud Sect to launch a surprise attack.

However the immense strength that could defeat a Nascent Soul cultivator didn’t severely harm Tian Yizi. Instead, the third corpse pupil of Tian Yizi and the black coffin gave Ning Fan a sense of danger.

These various peculiarities had given rise to a speculation in his heart, but he still needed to verify it. He was afraid that this would be the variable of the war.

Eyes falling on the grand formation, Ning Fan felt a slight hesitation in his heart. The grand formation of Ning City was categorized as Nascent Realm. It had a total of 972 formation eyes. Each formation eye was filled with a hundred immortal jades. By putting more immortal jades in the formation eye, it could increase the defensive strength of the formation, however it wasn’t really necessary…because Ning Fan had never decided to rely on a Nascent Realm Grand Formation to fight Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect. This Shock Repulsion Formation would be the first blow to the Extreme Yin Gate. The original plan was that after activating the Shock Repulsion Formation, all the guards would be sent out to fight till their death…but now, all the plans needed alteration.

“Young Master, do you think it’s time to fight back…? If the grand formation is broken…” Nanyang Zi revealed concern in his aged eyes.

“Wait! It’s not the time yet. I still have some things that needed confirmation…” Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn.

The third round, the fourth round…until it reached the ninth round of attacks – Ning Fan was still motionless. The immortal jades in the formation eyes were already nearly depleted. Outside the city wall, the formation light had turned illusory and was filled with cracks, seemingly about to shatter at any second.

At this moment, Ning Fan gave the order.

“Nangong, get ready to activate the formation!”



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