Grasping Evil - Chapter 133(2)

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There were nine rounds of attacks. The magical force of each disciple of Extreme Yin Gate was almost exhausted after launching the Yin Pearl’s attacks. It was absolutely not easy for the Vein Opening cultivators. And the Yin Pearl would also run out of power soon.

There were even a few unlucky stars that were engulfed by the Yin Pearl due to insufficient magical force. This had made all the other disciples more vigilant, lest they might end up like those unlucky ghosts.

The disciples’ exhaustion of magical force didn’t seem to concern Old Monster Ji Mo. His only task was to break open the grand formation of Ning City. After that…he would only need all experts above Harmonious Spirit realm to advance, which would be more than enough to eradicate all the experts of the city!

If it were only ordinary Gold Core experts, perhaps he would fear the siege attack of Vein Opening warriors, but every Gold Core Old Monster were individuals who had experienced numerous massacre. There were also two old-ancestor-grade experts, namely Purple Yin and Tian Yi. Vein Opening cultivators wouldn’t be able to do any harm to the old ancestors unless they used the combination formation. 

“The final round of attack! All of you, exert your blood essence, amplify the power of Yin Pearl to the maximum and destroy this formation!”

Ji Mo gave an inviolable order. Each disciple of Extreme Yin Gate bit the tip of their tongues to spit out blood essence on the Yin Pearl. Immediately, each Yin Pearl was steaming with killing-intent then spun rapidly, vaguely radiating an eerie bloody light. The Yin Pearls became even more powerful than before.

Ji Mo’s eyes fell upon the grand formation with a chuckle! This was the final strike. After this strike, the grand formation of Ning City would be destroyed!

After that, he would use the residual power of the Yin Pearls to cause some casualties in Ning City, which he thought would be the best situation.


One by one, the cold blood light hit the formation light. Its power wasn’t any weaker than the spiritual arrows.

The nearly-broken Defensive Formation Light was finally shattered and let out a crisp sound. The momentum of the bloody light didn’t reduce. Along with the void-splitting sound and foul qi, it covered up Ning City like a massive piece of scarlet cloth.

Some of the devil cultivators of the four armies of Ning City began feeling dizzy because of the foul qi. The Nan Lou Battle Guards, who had joined Ning City’s forces only recently, hadn’t encountered such a dangerous situation before. Each of them looked horrified. If they were touched by the bloody light, there was no guarantee that they could survive!

“I…we better flee now…” A few newly joined devil cultivators spoke in a quavering tone, but immediately, the cold as blade voice of Situ was heard.

“Whoever flee will die!”

Situ’s sword qi fluctuated. All devil cultivators felt a shiver in their hearts, instantly losing their urge to flee. Now, they could only hope that the higher-ups of Ning City had a way to deal with the bloody light.

The agitation in Ning City delighted Ji Mo. The grand formation of Ning City had been broken. Ning City was going to be annihilated. Currently, the forces in the city seemed unstable, which was absolutely a good news to them.

Old Devil Purple Yin’s eyes were filled with delight as he looked over at Old Monster Ji Mo with praising eyes. Clearly, he was extremely satisfied with the result.

A hundred miles way, roughly ten devil old monsters of Yue Country shook their heads as they sensed the current situation with their spirit sense. As for the master of Purple Light Sect, he let out a deep sigh. 

“The grand formation has already been broken. Ning City is finished…Old Devil Purple Yin is definitely strong. And that sect master of Heavenly Dao Sect possesses terrifying means – not even Suqiu Xianzi of Great Void Sect was a match for him. Apart from the two of them, there are also a dozen Gold Core Old Monsters involved in this battle…Ning City is just a pill-production site. How can they possibly resist the joint attack of these experts? Furthermore, the Black Devil Ning hasn’t shown up until now. Could it be he’s afraid of the enemy’s forces…Ning City will be annihilated…”

“Black Devil Ning is at least a Fourth Revolution Pill Master. If he had been a famous figure for a long time, he won’t be afraid of the two Gold Core old ancestors…even if he’s no match for the two, given the network he has, there are probably Nascent Soul experts from other countries who will be willing to aid him…Black Devil Ning hasn’t even appeared since the start of the war, however. This made me remember a rumor…this old man heard numerous people say that Black Devil Ning is the Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect – Ning Fan! Back then, no one believed in such a rumor. Now, this old man thinks that it’s possible. Revered Ning is also Black Devil Ning…if that’s really the case, it surely makes sense…but how is it possible for a cultivator less than twenty years old to be a Fourth Revolution Pill Master…?”

Elder Tong Bian from Corpse Seizing Sect was in deep thought. This man had an uncommon mind that was good at making inference. His words made a lot of people think.

Since the start of the war, Black Devil Ning hadn’t shown himself. Could it be that Black Devil Ning was truly an 18 years old youth? Did that mean that the whole Yue Country had been deceived by Ning Fan?

It was incredulous…even Elder Bian Tong only had ten percent certainty which was based on countless news. The other 90% was due to Ning Fan being way too young!

“Perhaps…Ning City has a way to deal with the blood light…if you are Black Devil Ning…” Bian Tong’s eyes stared fixedly and suspiciously at Ning Fan.  

The murderous blood light fell into the sky above Ning City, its power getting stronger and stronger.

Lu Nanzi displayed a look of pain. Numerous Fire Maple Trees near Ning City had begun to wither because of the foul blood qi.

“Young Master…” He looked at Ning Fan pleadingly.

“Almost there…” Ning Fan’s spirit sense never stopped observing Tian Yizi.

He discovered that Tian Yizi’s expression was still as composed as before, it was as though he wasn’t concerned about the annihilation of Ning City and the death of Extreme Yin Gate would only be advantageous to him…

“Sure enough! Nangong, activate the formation now…” Ning Fan revealed a regretful look. He had seen through the mystery of Tian Yizi. By killing the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate, he was afraid that it would let Tian Yizi obtain tremendous amount of benefits, but now that the bloody light was about to hit Ning City, Ning Fan had no choice but to counter attack. He couldn’t leave the arrow on the bow unfired.


Murderous intent flashed past Nangong’s eyes. Just at this moment, the abrupt change caused the sect master of Purple Light Sect to choke back his sigh!

Nangong’s eyes turned cold. The formation command compass in his hand rotated at full speed.


For a moment, the hundred mile formation lines that emanated qi of vicissitudes emerged on the ground, encircling Ning City.

Glazing formation light rose one after another and spread open. Innumerable whirlpool of starlight emerged in mid-air, carrying the roaring sound of an ancient giant and desolate killing intent. All the cultivators in Ning City were shocked!

No one had expected that there would be a third formation hidden in Ning City. And although this formation was only a Nascent Realm, it was very astounding!

No one could tell the origin of this grand formation, but the waves of roars of the giants seized away everyone’s composure!

The starlight whirlpool reversed the direction of the attacks of the Yin Pearls using some strange law of force. Each howling bloody light now shot backwards to where it came from. Its current power was 30% greater compared to before.

This abrupt reversal made each magically exhausted disciples of Extreme Yin Gate dumbstruck!

On the ship, Elder Ji Mo and other elders of Extreme Yin Gate widened their eyes incredulously!

“This…What’s all this about?! Why is there a third layer of formation light?!”

At this time, Old Devil Purple Yin felt a large tremor in his heart. He realized that the grand formation was extremely similar to the terrifying grand formation recorded in the sect’s ancient record.

“This is…could it be…the ‘Star Vortex Ancient Formation’?! The Immortal Void Realm Grand Formation?! Not good, Ji Mo, quickly activate the defensive grand formation of the ships!”

However, his words were after all, already too late. This counterattack came too quickly, too unexpectedly, and was almost instantaneous. Two of the three ships were dealt with a devastating blow, numerous disciples were killed and wounded.

Under the attack of the blood light, disciples with weak cultivation base were directly turned to mist of blood and perished! 


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