Grasping Evil - Chapter 134(1)

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Purple Yin’s warning was too late. 

Old Monster Ji Mo, who was cunning and sly, realized that the situation was going against himself and activated the ship’s defensive formation. The elders of the other two ships who were slow to react had caused their ships to suffer a devastating damage. 

Try imagining the Yin Pearl’s Blood Light, which was able to shatter two Nascent Realm Grand Formations, but with 30% increase in power being reflected to the disciples of Extreme Yin Gate. It was undoubtedly a terrible nightmare for them. 

There wasn’t even time for the disciples to scream while being devoured by the Blood Light, transforming into mists of blood, dying instantly. The only thing that was left was the foul smell.

The ships, which were refined using the essence of gold, were corroded by the Blood Light, leaving countless holes on the ships’ bodies. The ships were half destroyed. 

On board the ships, amongst the thirteen Harmonious Spirit elders, nine perished from the counter attack, only four were able to escape with severe injuries. Meanwhile, there were two other Gold Core Elders who had escaped from the Blood Light, however, they also suffered serious injuries.

The ships were no longer being controlled and fell to the ground, smashing against the rocks. Gradually, the light of the treasured ships dimmed. 

Those fortunate Extreme Yin Gate’s disciples who barely escaped death ran out of luck this time. As the ship was crashing into the ground, they fell to their deaths. The scene was so horrible that one could hardly bear to look at it. At the same time, abundant corpse qi started to spread around Ning City. 

The sudden change of the situation startled both the righteous and evil old monsters who were observing the battle from a far distance. They were all astounded to see that there was actually a formation in the world that could literally reflect the attack.

In Ning City, including the Three Black Devil Armies, silence was the only element that could be found. Previously, all of them believed Ning Fan had a way to deal with the Blood Light. None of them was able to figure out the method which was as strange as the one just now, however. 

A big doubt rose in everyone’s mind… What kind of formation really was that?  How could it possess the heaven defying effect of rebounding attacks!

Unfortunately, Ning Fan would never provide an explanation to clear people’s doubts. He gazed on the formation which was vanishing gradually, shaking his head gently, feeling rather regretful. 

This formation was similar to Purple Yin’s guess. It was an Immortal Void Realm Formation. But, what made Ning Fan regrettable was that this formation was only a remnant. It could only deliver a single strike. With Ning Fan’s capabilities, he could only deploy a formation up to Nascent Realm, which allowed the formation to have a trace of rebounding effect. 

The level of such formation started from Spirit Realm, followed by Dan Realm, Nascent Realm, Transformation Realm, Void Realm. Void Realm Formation was the most advanced formation, and is divided into Mortal Void Realm and Immortal Void Realm. Mortal Void Realm Formation, such as the Mountains and Rivers Reversed Motion Formation, could injure Void Fragmentation experts. However, all it could do was injure them. If the Void Fragmentation expert was skilled and powerful, such a formation might not work on them. 

In contrast, Immortal Void Realm Formation had a greater power. Even if the expert was a Ninth Level Void Fragmentation expert or an expert who broke through the ninth level, but failed to become an immortal would discover that the power of an Immortal Void Realm Formation was not something that they could easily match. 

Immortal. This word could literally wipe out all the cultivators of all the seven realms of the cultivation world. 

Star Vortex Ancient Formation, was the rare attack-rebounding formation amongst all the ancient Immortal Void Realm Formation. In Ancient Chaos’ memory, it belonged to the extremely advanced formation. A trace of its power was enough to receive acclamation from the Immortal Emperor. Again, what made Ning Fan regrettable was that, this formation was incomplete. 

“Sun as Saint, Moon as Emperor, Star as Fiendgod…” Ning Fan looked at the slowly dissipating star vortex and stroked the star on his glabella, in thought. 

Star as Fiendgod… Innate Abilities of Fiendgod… Were they represented by stars? Immortal Emperor. Emperor was one of the words in the name. So, did that imply that the innate abilities of Immortal Emperors was represented by the moon? As for the saint, what exactly was its representation?  Ancient Chaos’ memory did not mention a single word about it. Perhaps the Immortal Emperor had no idea about it, or he was just obeying the rules from Emperor Sun and dared not to tell the descendants. 

Old Monster Purple Yin was different from the cold-thinking Ning Fan. At the sight of two thousand disciples’ death, he went ballistic and roared angrily. As for Tian Yi Zi, the corner of his mouth curved in malicious pleasure, as if everything was within his calculation.

The bloody scene made Zhi He nauseous. The popular old ancestor of Yue Country, Suqiu, also showed her intolerance to such a brutal situation.

However, all of these did not affect Ning Fan. His facial expression remained calm and cold. Ever since the day he met his mentor, he had been through all sorts of scenes involving bloodshed.

He stood still, using his spirit sense to check on Tian Yi Zi, leaving no stones unturned. Every movement and every expression were all captured by him.

After absorbing the corpse qi from the two thousand disciples of Extreme Yin Gate, Tian Yi Zi’s qi became denser. It was no mistake this time. And, the qi within the black coffin seemed to have become even more dangerous. 

Ning Fan’s heart sank. Tian Yi Zi must have the immemorial evil vein, and that… that was a rare evil vein. Corpse Devil Vein! 

In fact, Tian Yi Zi was not a human, but a living corpse! The master was undeniably hiding within the black coffin. He must have cast the Corpse Transformation Technique, turning all of the experts, including the sect leader and disciples into living corpses… Being able to transform Tian Yi Zi who was already a half-step Nascent Soul into a living corpse was not an easy matter. His cultivation base perhaps had already reached the Nascent Soul realm! However, there must be a reason for him not taking action, and showing himself. If he was in severe condition, then he was, for sure, at the most critical moment of “Corpse Devil Transformation”! Such a technique had three transformations. First, the expert would be turned into corpse. Second, the corpse would turn into devil. Third, the devil corpse would become immortal. Given his scrupulous moves,  he was most probably between the first and second transformation. He must be stopped from absorbing anymore qi. Otherwise, the consequence of him breaking through to the second transformation and become a devil corpse was unthinkable. 

That moment, Ning Fan did not twitch a single muscle of his face, but there was a slight fear in the bottom of his heart as he had 70% assurance that his guess was accurate. 

Devil Corpse. These two words reminded Ning Fan of the female corpse lying under the lid of the coffin in his Cauldron Ring. 

Between the Heavens and Earth, there were countless fiendgod successors. And, that expert hiding inside the casket, perhaps was the first Fiendgod successor whom Ning Fan would certainly have a hard time fighting.

Suddenly, Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold and he thought, “So what if it is a Fiendgod successor? So what if it is a Nascent Soul cultivator? Compared to the Bone Sovereign, how powerful could it be? Even if it is the clone of Bone Sovereign, I was also able to cut it, right? 

His eyes shone and said coldly, “Nan Gong, inform the experts from Sinister Sparrow Sect and Fire Cloud Sect to come to our rescue immediately through the fire vein. Any experts whose cultivation base are below Harmonious Spirit realm should not intervene in this battle. The less people, the better! 


Nan Gong hesitated for a moment, then responded to Ning Fan’s order, taking out the sound transmission stone. The original plan was that all the experts from Fire Cloud Sect and Sinister Sparrow Sect would come to their aid through the fire vein. Together, all the experts would eliminate Extreme Yin Gate and Heavenly Dao Sect. However, judging by the situation, the plan had to be changed, causing Ning Fan to decide that cultivators below Harmonious Spirit realm had to stay out from this war. 

What made Nan Gong admire Ning Fan was the idea of using the fire vein as a passage. To avoid people knowing about the reinforcements coming to Ning City, Ning Fan gave an order to hollow out a few hundred kilometers of  fire veins underground. With the help of the fire vein’s spiritual qi, the qi of all the cultivators was camouflaged, enabling them to arrive without a single significant trace. 

This method had never crossed Nan Gong’s mind. His experience might be richer than Ning Fan, but Ning Fan was indeed slightly better than him in the aspect of wisdom and resourcefulness. 

“Is this the sect master of Sinister Sparrow Sect? Things have changed…” Nan Gong was speaking in an undertone at the side within the sound-insulated formation light.

*li - one li = half a kilometer  

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