Grasping Evil - Chapter 136(1)

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It was a black corpse that walked out of the sarcophagus. The instant it emerged, its peak-early Nascent Soul momentum spread across Ning City.

Such momentum aroused the feeling of powerlessness in those ordinary Gold Core experts.

The appearance of the black corpse made the unworldly teenage girl like Zhi He want to empty her insides out.

His black-red intestine was exposed to the air. His body had innumerable wounds and white maggots were wriggling on some of it. His eyes were two empty sockets. His face seemed to have decayed. When he opened his huge mouth, black-coloured blood that contained a hint of black qi trickled out his rotten tongue, as though this was some kind of lethal poison to Gold Core experts.

“I haven’t been out of the coffin for a long time…how many years has it been? 2000 years…perhaps? Little fellow, you will stay behind and continue your killing. This old man will devour a few Gold Cores to fill my belly first…”

Enshrouded in the stench of rot, the black corpse sneered coldly and casted instant movement ability. In a flash of black light, he leaped across the space, reaching a hundred miles away and appeared in front of those onlooking cultivators!

Among these cultivators, those who had discerned the identity of the black corpse had hurried back to their sects. 

The remaining ones, including the sect master of Purple Light Sect, were still watching the battle, seeming to be sitting on the fence. There were a total of seventeen of them.

The black corpse’s sudden appearance terrified the seventeen Gold Core old monsters.

As soon as the black corpse showed up, he tore with his claws, instantly shredding a Gold Core old expert to pieces. After swallowing the golden core, he smiled viciously and lunged at his second target.

“It’s not good…it seems the Dao Fruit isn’t produced yet…what a pity!”

The black corpse let out a sigh. Two Gold Core old monsters had been torn to pieces by his bare hands. Their blood spattered all over the sky!

His actions were just too fast! It wasn’t exaggerating to say that the black corpse’s speed of attack was as fast as lightning!

In a breath of time, two Gold Core experts were killed, shaking the other experts back to the reality. Immediately, they exclaimed, dispersed and fled, similar to a situation when a fox intruded into the coop.

“This…this is instant movement! Sure enough, he’s a Nascent Soul old monster! Run quick!”

“Quickly, we have to split!”

The stable as Mountain Tai Gold Core old monsters were in great confusion. Their body protecting magical treasure and art were used. They had cast out the escaping light, immortal cloud and even their blood essence. In their minds, there was only the word ‘run!’.

The disorderly escape of these old monsters was turned into a hint of sneer on the black corpse’s face. In a flash of black light, he moved once more. In the cloudless sky, a dozen escaping light raced away frantically. The black spot flickered consecutively in the sky and caught up with those escaping light. As he tore with his bare hands, miserable screams were heard.

Every cultivator of Ning City who had spirit sense was able to sense the dramatic change a hundred miles outside, and was terrified by it! The conquering Gold Core old monsters of Yue Country couldn’t even withstand a blow of the black corpse!

Perceiving that the black corpse had abandoned him and pursued those unrelated Gold Core cultivators, Ning Fan’s facial expression changed drastically.

He wasn’t pitying those onlookers, but was concerned that the second corpse transformation of the black corpse would be completed after devouring too much blood.

This black corpse was a refined corpse. According to common sense, he shouldn’t have any magical force, however it possessed the Corpse Devil Vein and was an artificial corpse transformation.

Ning Fan would find it hard to handle the magical force of an early Nascent Soul expert. It would also be hard for his physical strength to compete against the marginal second transformation of the corpse devil physique combined with a high ranked body refining technique. If the black corpse completed the second corpse transformation and become a true corpse devil, he was afraid that not even those body refining cultivators with a Second and Third Realm of the Silver Bone realm could be a match for the black corpse, unless one broke through to…Fourth Realm of Silver Bone!

“Don’t let him devour any more blood! Fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo, Suqiu Xianzi, as the two of you are proficient in instant movement skill, quickly go after the black corpse and stop him from killing more Gold Core experts! I will use some other abilities to launch attacks on this devil. That should be effective!”

Without saying anything, Jing Zhuo went after the black corpse in a flash of fire. Suqiu Xianzi too, fluttered her butterfly wings and went after it as well.

Immediately, Ning Fan withdrew himself from the scene, pulling a great distance away from Tian Yizi’s corpse. He patted his storage pouch and took out a jade token that had a silver sword light.

It was the Immortal Execution Order!

The black corpse was his true self. Tian Yizi was just a living corpse refined by him. Then, this special living corpse was used to store the magical force of the black corpse and the abilities of the refined corpse. A corpse devil couldn’t possess magical force. Once the second transformation was completed, the black corpse would lose all his magical force. Therefore, he had created a Corpse Devil Vein in Tian Yizi’s body, and channeled all his magical force into the living corpse. His third corpse pupil was also stored in Tian Yizi’s body. 


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