Grasping Evil - Chapter 136(2)

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In a sense, this Tian Yizi was almost considered the second incarnation of the black corpse, and a vessel to hold the black corpse’s cultivation base and magical force.

The reason he had asked for a Nascent Formation Pill was to thoroughly improve the cultivation realm of Tian Yizi. Tian Yizi’s body was still a Gold Core so he couldn’t cast out a great deal of Nascent Soul abilities.

As for him, he had been pursuing the cultivation of corpse devil and undying body, which would make him matchlessly strong. On the other hand, Suqiu and Jing Zhuo wasn’t affected by the illusion technique anymore. So with their joint efforts, the task might not be too dangerous for them.

However, as though being given a special order when black corpse left, Tian Yizi went crazy and growled continuously when he saw Ning Fan took out the Immortal Execution Order. His 30 meter body stepped into the void and chased after Ning Fan, trying to stop Ning Fan from using the power of the Immortal Execution Order.

The Immortal Execution Order was obtained from Demon Sinister Forest. One of the pieces had been used by the great elder of Green Clan to kill Ning Fan, and instead, it had become the sword consciousness of Ning Fan.

One order would ensure the death of cultivators below Nascent realm. The immortal execution sword qi from it could still stir the fear in Ning Fan even today.

Back when the great elder of Green Clan cast the Immortal Execution Order, he must first had to set up an altar, then collect the qi of Ning Fan and integrate it into the Immortal Execution Order. The reason for setting up an altar was to worship the Heavens and Earth, and then use the might of the Emperor to execute the order. But if Ning Fan cast the order now, he wouldn’t need to set up any altar as he could just use the qi of Ancient Chaos Immortal Emperor. As for collecting the black corpse’s qi…the whole sky was lingered with the disgusting qi of the black corpse. Why did he need to collect it? He could just get it by waving his hand!

Ning Fan didn’t know instant movement, so he wouldn’t be able to catch up to the black corpse. The only way to deal with the black corpse that was a hundred li away from him was with the help of the Immortal Execution Order.

He had gotten two Immortal Execution Orders from the great elder of Green Clan, and was ready to absorb the sword qi inside to enhance the strength of his sword consciousness. Therefore, these orders could be described as extremely precious. Without these orders, it would be difficult for him to think of other ways to improve his sword sense and consciousness, and he was afraid that he could only execute early Gold Core cultivators…

However, the matter at hand was urgent and had no room for Ning Fan’s stinginess…and there was another trouble – he had a 30 meter giant, Tian Yizi, behind him in hot pursuit. Tian Yizi was sending out winds of fists unceasingly, and the vertical eye on his forehead was flashing with soul-stirring blood light from time to time.

Ning Fan’s face darkened. Under the pursuit of Tian Yizi, he could merely protect himself, let alone casting the Immortal Execution Order. One single carelessness would cost him a severe injury or even death if he were to be hit by the attack of the Third Corpse Pupil….This time, the pupil technique of Tian Yizi clearly wasn’t an illusion technique, but a killing technique!

“What now?”

As Ning Fan retreated, he glanced above the city wall and saw Gui Qiaozi’s bitter smile.

Gui Qiaozi wanted to help Ning Fan, but he couldn’t even see through the illusion technique. He couldn’t even stand at the side of Tian Yizi.

Little Zhihe stamped her foot anxiously, and next to her, Si Wuxie, who had been struggling with her thoughts, settled down all of a sudden.

She raised her toe and stepped into the void, plainly unleashing her momentum of half-step Nascent Soul realm and radiating holy and pure sunlight.

“Ning Fan, I have come to help you…” She spoke, but didn’t call Ning Fan her master!

Ning Fan had no time to figure out what happened. It would be best if there was help from Si Wuxie.

Si Wuxie, who was once the number one expert of Yue Country, had recovered her strength of half-step Nascent Soul realm under the boost of the Golden Red Cloud Pill…This woman had numerous means and shouldn’t have a problem dealing with the illusion technique of Tian Yizi.

Sure enough, in the face of the spirit sense blood string that was hidden in the air, Si Wuzie just casually flicked her sleeve. Immediately, multicoloured light rippled outwards, wiping out all the traces of spirit sense blood strings, eliminating the attack of the illusion technique. Then, she continued to sweep with her sleeves gracefully and without effort. As the attack hit Tian Yizi, a loud rumble was heard and the 30 meter giant was sent 300 meters away, leaving Ning Fan a safe space to cast the dreadful order.

On the city wall, Gui Qiaozi couldn’t help but smile. Those who didn’t know Si Wuxie’s past, including a small number of cultivators in Ning City, showed a look of shock.

How could this foolish woman who had been following beside Zhi He be this powerful?

Ning Fan’s eyes glanced at the innocent and pure body of Si Wuxiu and vaguely felt a trace of weirdness, but he still couldn’t give much thought to it.

He cast a spell with his hands to trigger the power of the Immortal Emperor in the Yin Yang Locket. At this moment, Ning Fan stood upright in the sky. His white robe made him seem like a god. His eyes were indifferent and cold, seeming alike to the contemptuous eyes of Immortal Emperor Ancient Chaos billions of years ago when the Immortal Emperor was disdaining the river of stars.

“With my name, Ning Fan, this order will Execute the Immortal!”

At this moment, Ning Fan’ pressure gently enveloped the entire Ning City. This was a kind of ethereal might that didn’t belong to Ning Fan, but to Ancient Chaos, so it wasn’t comparable to the black corpse, whose momentum was too frightening… However, this kind of might seemed as chaotic as the Heavens and Earth, and as distant as the Sun and Moon. Nevertheless, it had arouse a sense of inferiority in all the Gold Core old monsters, including Gui Qiaozi. 

Even Bai Feiteng was looking at Ning Fan in the sky without a competitive heart, only admiration!

“This is…what rank is this might?!” Bu Kuangfen’s expression had changed dramatically. Next to him, Yu Chi, who was holding a small pig, laughed uncontrollably at Bu Kuangfen.

“This is our Young Master’s might! Amazing isn’t it?! Bu Kuangfen, as long as I follow Young Master with my heart, it will take me only less than a few years to surpass you!” They were too occupied to raise the grudges between them.

After the command of Ning Fan, the sword light shone brightly all of a sudden on the Immortal Execution Sword. Four extremely terrifying giant sword shadows immediately sealed the sky a hundred li away…The shadows then emerged and took shape! Its sword qi blotted out the sky!

“I don’t hope to kill, but to only deal a severe blow…I only hope that this can stall me time until the black robe returns!” Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with a cold light.

The black corpse didn’t know anything about this. Under his instant movement ability, fourteen out of the seventeen Gold Cores died in his hands. The remaining ones included the sect master of Purple Light Sect, two intermediate Gold Cores and one late Gold Core who was still struggling to flee away with their escaping light.

The moment the black corpse’s eyes fixed on the sect master of Purple Light Sect, the sect master became completely flustered.

“Not good, the devil is coming after me now!”


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