Grasping Evil - Chapter 137(1)

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The leader of Purple Light Sect was dying to escape. Behind him, the qi of the black corpse was getting closet.

The black corpse had already hunted down fourteen people. The sect master took that time as an opportunity to escape for his life. It seemed like he had escaped to a distance of 100 kilometer from Ning City.

To the black corpse, such distance was too easy to reach. After a dozens of times of performing instant movement, the black corpse had caught up with the sect master.

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want!” 

He was fearful and apprehensive. He switched his direction to a cultivation family. 

It was the Chen family, west of Yue country. There was an intermediate Harmonious Spirit who was guarding the family. The leader of Purple Light Sect decided to flee this way because he wanted to let the corpse devil eat the others!

This action was clearly an act of selfishness. Selfish actions were always made by people when facing the fear of death. 

To the black corpse, it seemed rather satisfied with the leader’s way of doing things. He followed the sect master of Purple Light Sect at a moderate pace, exterminating every cultivation family on his path. Along his way, he also devoured countless humans.

At the Chen family, west of Yue country, a purple light rainbow pierced through the Spirit Realm Grand Formation outside the Chen Family and continued fleeing. The ancestor of the family turned pale. That purple light must belong to some Gold Core old monster… A Gold Core old monster had come to their family? Could that person be here to seek someone for punishment judging by his unreasonable way of breaking the formation?

The old ancestor of Chen Family dared not to treat it lightly. He immediately went out to prepare, greeting the Gold Core old monster. However, he later discovered that there was another black light that intruded onto his land. 

“This Old man is here. You all are going to be my food!”

The black corpse laughed grimly. After making incantation gestures, dark clouds billowed above the sky of Chen Family in the blink of an eye, and squeezed towards the city!

When the dark clouds and dark fog enshrouded the sky, Chen Family became eerily deathly still all of a sudden. On the other side, the ancestor of Chen Family’s sea of consciousness was corrupted and his eyes turned blank, leaving only a lifeless and silly smile on his face. 

All of these were similar to the expressions of the disciples of Heavenly Dao Sect previously! 

All the cultivators from the Chen Family were refined into living corpses the moment they met the black corpse!

“Hehe, living corpses are good. Not only can they attack, but can also supply me with corpse qi after they are crushed. I have found quite a lot of good corpses by following the junior clothed in purple…”

If someone looked closely, he or she would discover that the black pouch on the black corpse’s waist stored thousands and hundreds of Harmonious Spirit realm living corpses in just an instant! 

His escaping light flashed, performing instant movement again to pursue the sect master. The sect master who had just distanced himself from the black corpse for more than 5 kilometers did not have the time rejoice. Fear struck his spines once more. 

“Such… Such speed! He had eliminated Chen Family in just ten breaths!”

He changed his directions for a few times, passing by Zhao Family, Lin Family… Each family was destroyed after the arrival of the Purple Light Sect’s leader. 

Right after destroying a few cultivation families, the black corpse seemed to be bored. 

“The ancient corpse matters much more, there is no significance in playing this junior anymore… You can die now!”

The black corpse grinned hideously. With his instant movement, he came out of nowhere. He grabbed the leader’s arm with his claw and ripped it hard, tearing it down viciously.

The sect master shrieked in pain. The next moment, he was falling down from the sky. His body was shuddering. The pride that he always had could no longer be seen in him. 

“So, this is the power of Nascent Soul… Terrifying…” Terror had completely disrupted the focus in his eyes.

However, at this very moment, two lights caught up with them.

One of them was Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo. Although he had a Nascent Soul magical force, his cultivation realm had not entirely stepped into the Nascent Soul realm. Performing instant movement was very burdensome for him. 

On the other hand, Suqiu Xianzi who performed instant movement with the aid of her spiritual equipment experienced even greater burden. Fortunately, Little Zhihe had given her another two bottles of “Sweet Pill”. In that case, the insufficiency of her magical force did not matter anymore. Speaking of “Sweet Pill” bottles, she couldn’t help but think about the degree of indulgence that Ning Fan had towards Zhihe. The way Ning Fan treated these Third Revolution Pills was similar to the way of treating sweets. He gave Zhihe a number of bottles as he pleased. 

As Jing Zhuo and Suqiu appeared, they launched their attacks without a second thought. After Suqiu Xianzi had lost her magical treasure, she knew that her other magical treasures weren’t powerful enough to harm the black corpse. Therefore, she cast out her spell, summoning a stack of gold symbols which transformed into gold light with infinite gold wires binding the black corpse tightly. 

Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo took advantage of the situation and summoned his fiery-red short dagger which changed into fiery light, drawing the black corpse into it. 

In spite of the fact that the both of them might not wound the black corpse, the leader of Purple Light Sect was finally saved. 

After witnessing that the sect master implicated several cultivation clans in his escape, Suqiu despised him a lot. 

“Hurry up. You’d better run and escape now. Let us handle this corpse from here.” Suqiu said coldly, reluctant to have him in her sight once more. 

“Yes, yes! Thank you so much for your help, Suqiu Xianzi! Thank you so much for your rescue, Senior Jing Zhuo!” 

The sect master who barely escaped with his life was overjoyed. Without concerning about his own reputation, he immediately drove his cloud and left. He did not even carry out the proper etiquette, deep down inside of him, he was afraid that the black corpse would make him his prey once more if he hesitated for a moment. 

The event today had been etched into the Purple Light Sect leader’s memory. It was a shadow that could not be obliterated deep down in his heart. Under the effect of this traumatic shadow, he might never be able to advance his cultivation realm for his entire life. 

As soon as he returned to his sect, he packed the valuables at once to run away from this country. A Nascent Soul devil had appeared in Yue country. It was no longer safe to stay in this country. 

The successful escape of Purple Light Sect’s leader had infuriated the black corpse in the fire light. He let out a humph, carrying discontentment.

He clapped both of his hands and the short dagger embedded with flames which was able to kill three Gold Core experts while seriously wounding five Gold Core experts was broken. The dagger became pieces of broken fragments of magical treasure. Jing Zhuo’s expression turned pale. That dagger was a Peak High Grade magical treasure. It was smashed into pieces with just a clap of the black corpse’s hands? 

“Retreat now! Hurry up!” reminded Jing Zhuo, without having the time to feel heart ache for his magical treasure. Then, Suqiu and him fled and retreated respectively. 

Within the eyes of the black corpse, a hint of anger had risen. He was enraged because he had never expected that the people who were as trivial as ants would have the audacity to hinder him in his feast. 

“Although your Nascent Soul was congealing, it does look very delicious!”

The black corpse let out an evil laughter and he gave a devilish roar. Leaving Suqiu alone, he performed instant movement and chased after Jing Zhuo.

He stretched out one of his claws towards Jing Zhuo. Just the wind of the claw could make Jing Zhuo’s face ache. Jing Zhuo was startled at how devastating the black corpse’s power was. 

In this critical moment, Jing Zhuo dared not to hold back anymore. His eyes turned fierce and he spat out green flame! 

As the green flame soared, it faintly turned into the shape of Azure Luan*. Upon seeing this blazing fire, the black corpse’s expression changed. 

“Earth Vein Demonic Fire! The Flame of Azure Luan? No, it’s not. It’s just a trace of Flame of Azure Luan fusing with other flames. This flame is only a fake Demonic Fire… Hehe. It frightened me for just a moment. If it really was the Earth Vein Demonic Fire, there would be huge trouble.” 

The body of the black corpse was at the critical moment of the second transformation under Corpse Transformation Technique. He could not be captured violently. Ordinary flames would not be able to harm him. However, if it was the Earth Vein Demonic Fire, his corpse transformation might be destroyed. 

He let out a sneer and grasped with his black claw. The fake Azure Luan Fire lost its shape and scattered.

Then, another black claw was aiming straight at Jing Zhuo’s dantian. It shattered another of Jing Zhuo’s amulet, while tearing up his high grade spiritual armor. His target was the illusory Nascent Soul within Jing Zhuo’s dantian!

Fast, too fast. The black corpse’s speed was just too fast. It was not overrated to describe it as faster than lightning. With Jing Zhuo’s current mindset, he was unable to adapt himself to such a hand-to-hand fight. 

He had never imagined that his strength was so much weaker compared to the black corpse. It was no wonder that the black corpse before his eyes possessed the power of eliminating seven countries. Such a wild devil was not an easy opponent for those ordinary Nascent Soul realm cultivators. 

Usually in a battle, cultivators would widen the distance from their opponents. No matter how quick the fight would be, there would still be time for defence. However, the way the black corpse fought recreated the ferocity of the fiendgods in ancient times. Such a battle was not a battle that any ordinary cultivators could withstand. 

Nevertheless, Jing Zhuo would never allow the black corpse to make incursions into his dantian and seize his Nascent Soul…he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out his blood essence. The heart mirror on his chest became cone-shaped under the golden light, carrying the chant of a Buddha singing. It pierced into the arms of the black corpse, causing the corpse to hesitate for a second. Jing Zhuo took this moment as an opportunity to free himself from the black corpse and stood beside Suqiu. He hoped that they could block the black corpse’s attacks by joining forces to together. 

“Unable to block it…” said Jing Zhuo in a simple manner. 

“Wait… Wait for Ning Fan’s rescue,” said Suqiu with a hint of trust. 

Ning Fan had promised that he would come to their rescue. He had the means to save them although he was hundreds of kilometers away. With Ning Fan’s personality, he would never let her die in the mouth of the black corpse in vain…

Luan* - A mythical bird like the phoenix

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