Grasping Evil - Chapter 137(2)

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The black corpse called out lightly, as though being surprised by the golden light heart mirror.

“A Buddha Treasure? Although it’s merely high grade, given its power of restraint on evils was enough to injure me a little…not bad. A mere False Nascent that is a lot stronger compared to numerous Nascent Souls out there… but you will still die! No one will be able to save you! I will show you my true technique…so that you know what the so-called ‘Ten Thousand Corpses Extinguishing a County’ is!”

The black corpse licked his lips and patted his black pouch. Then, countless Harmonious Spirit and even Gold Core corpse qi rose from it, blotting out the sky!

Strange roars and agonizing wails came from the black pouch which immediately drained the face of Jing Zhuo.

How many refined corpses were there in the black pouch at the black corpse’s waist? The corpse resentment that came from the black pouch alone was unbearable to Jing Zhuo!

There were ten thousand corpses! This black corpse possessed ten thousand corpses! He wanted to slaughter the whole country, making Yue Country the eighth low-ranked Cultivation Country that was annihilated by his hands.

“Suqiu Xianzi, go quickly, we can’t fight this devil… given our situation, all we can do is to return to Ning City, then escape from Yue Country with Fellow Daoist Ning and the others during the night and seek refuge in other countries…not even the Great Void Sect will be able to interfere in this matter…we’ll leave this to Rain Palace to handle, though I wonder if the proud Rain Palace will ever pay any attention to our low-ranked Cultivation Country…”

Jing Zhuo sighed dejectedly. All the combat intent in his heart had dissipated. He was no match for the black corpse. He probably wasn’t even a match for that Tian Yizi. Adding the fact that the black corpse had countless refined corpses, how could he ever fight this battle? He wouldn’t stand a chance…even if he had broken through to the Nascent Soul realm…

“Wait a little longer…Ning Fan may have a way out of this…” said Suqiu Xianzi stubbornly. She firmly believed that Ning Fan would never deceive her. No one would be able to change her mind once she had decided to believe on something. 

“This…Suqiu Xianzi, no offence, the relationship between you and Fellow Daoist Ning is still shallow. This old man couldn’t just watch you die here…if you refuse to leave, this old man will knock you out and bring you safely back to Ning City!” Jing Zhuo let out another sigh. It seemed to him that he had no choice, but to knock Suqiu out and take her back by force.

It might seem like a reckless act, but he couldn’t allow himself to watch Suqiu die here.

As soon as Suqiu heard Jing Zhuo’s words, her expression reddened due to shame. She had only met Ning Fan once. There wasn’t any relationship between them at all!

If she were to be knocked out by Jing Zhuo, her skin would be bound to be touched by another man, she might as well just die…

Jing Zhuo’s idea was too good to be true as his words had aroused the laughter of the black corpse.

“You want to go? Can you?!”

The lingering corpse qi rolled in the sky within a hundred miles. They could no longer perform any instant movement!

In the eyes of the black corpse, he could already imagine the scene of these two people dying. Regarding women, women with stubborn character was his favourite. After turning her into a refined corpse, he would keep a trace of her consciousness inside of her. The thought of making her struggle, humiliated and angered would surely pleasure him.

As for the False Nascent, it would be a great nourishment if he devoured it directly!

It was just that when both of his claws was thrust out half-way, it was violently stopped by an escaping light that shot towards the ground. For the first time, he revealed a dreadful look and withdrew himself without hesitation.

To his shock, he also discovered that he was unable to perform instant movement! Instead of being sealed by the black qi, his instant movement was locked by some other technique!

The sword qi that covered the sky had sealed the long void. There were four enormous, thick and heavy sword shadows that were full of vicissitudes. Despite being separated by the dense layer of corpse qi, anyone could vaguely see that the sharpness of those sword shadows couldn’t be stopped by anything!

Each execution sword qi emerged in front of the black corpse without warning. Despite his tyrannical physique, his defence was easily pierced through by the sword qi, like knife cutting through bean curd. Black-coloured blood gushed out of the wound!

The black corpse let out a dull snort and was wounded by the sword qi!

To his horror, he recalled that there were lines that mentioned about this terrifying sword qi in the Corpse Devil Record. 

“‘Four swords fall to the ground to contain and execute. The immortal that rebels against the Heaven shall taste the pain of ten thousand swords…’ This sword qi can’t be wrong. It is…the Immortal Execution Sword Qi! It was the sword of judgement used by the Ancient Heavenly Court! Ahh!”

Wailing shirks came from his mouth incessantly. Right now, he couldn’t call out the ten thousand corpses because he was afraid that all of them would be taken out by the sword qi!

Ning Fan had barely survived under the attack of this sword qi back then because he depended on the effect of body reconstruction of the Jade Royal Pill. The black corpse’s healing power could never be compared to the Jade Royal Pill which was rare even to the Immortal Emperor. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that the black corpse would be severely injured by the sword qi!

The black corpse didn’t fear injuries as his body was a corpse that could be easily repaired using corpse refinement and some other magical treasures. What he couldn’t accept the most was that his realm began to slide down when he was bordering on breaking through the Second Transformation of Corpse Devil Body!

Volleys of sword qi slashed downward and destroyed his corpse qi...That was the corpse qi which he had spent 2000 years to collect so that he could complete the Second Transformation of Corpse Devil and become an immortal!

The momentum of the sword qi gradually reduced whereas the killing intent of the black corpse who was situated at the centre of the sword qi’s attack got stronger and stronger.

There was a trace of familiar qi in the magical force within the Immortal Execution Sword Qi that infuriated him tremendously! That was the qi of Ning Fan. This Immortal Execution Order was unleashed by Ning Fan!

He had never hated someone so much in his life. Ning Fan was the first!

“Ning Fan! This old man must shred you to a million pieces! Ah!” 

The realm of his Corpse Devil continued to fall…and the thing that pained him the most happened!

The corpse of Tian Yizi that was placed in Ning City to stop Ning Fan was exterminated!

The eradication of Tian Yizi immediately caused all the magical force of the black corpse to dissipate.

It was because Tian Yizi was the storage of magical force for the black corpse! A corpse body couldn’t possess magical force, so he could only store his magical force in Tian Yizi’s body who was left with only a trace of vital force so that he could retrieve his magical force whenever he needed it. As such, it made Tian Yizi an extremely important figure. Plus, the black corpse had gone through a lot of trouble to refine Tian Yizi and used innumerable heavenly materials and earthly treasures to push Tian Yizi’s body refining realm to the edge of Silver Bone Realm. In addition, with Tian Yizi’s peak-early Nascent Soul magical force, who else in Ning City could kill Tian Yizi?

“No! The realm of my corpse devil! My living corpse vessel! My 2000 years of effort has failed! Detestable!”

In the sky above Ning City, after casting out the Immortal Execution Order, Ning Fan immediately went to Si Wuxie’s aid.

Unexpectedly, Si Wuxie was able to tie with Tian Yizi just by relying on her  own skill. It was just that, her magical force gradually weakened whereas her indifferent-looking opponent was still packed with magical force.

She was going to lose the battle…however, gradually, Ning Fan discerned a trace of flaw in Si Wuxie’s movement.

After refining Si Wuxie into a spiritual puppet, she had lost most of her memory. She had also forgotten plenty of the magical arts she used to possess.

But right now, among the techniques she cast out, most of them were the familiar spells she had used when she was the sect master of Heaven Separation Sect.

Could it be…her memory was restored?

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed, but was still puzzled. If Si Wuxie had really recovered her memories, she would immediately kill Ning Fan first. Why would she help him? Could it be that something strange had happened to her personality?

Sisi…if she is Si Wuxiu, I will let her die, but if she is Sisi…I can’t let her die… Ning Fan sighed privately. Even though seeing Si Wuxie’s magical force weakening and being drained by the vertical eye of the 30 meter giant, he remained motionless.

It was because the silhouette of the black-robed had arrived in the sky above Ning City!

The black-robed figure had the exact same look as Ning Fan. The only difference was his cold eyes and the black marks on one side of his face.

His black robe flapped and appeared before Si Wuxie in a flash. No one could determine how he moved. Even Gui Qiaozi showed an astonished look as he couldn’t see through the mystery of this black-robed man!

The Third Corpse Pupil Technique had already been shot out. The black-robed stood in front of Si Wuxie, and grasped the blood-red light of the pupil technique with a casual wave of his palm.

Anyhow, this pupil technique killed using evil sense…which he wasn’t afraid of because he wasn’t human, and had no heart and spirit sense! He didn’t fear even the Ming Luo Mirage, let alone this immature third corpse evil sense!

Tian Yizi’s sluggish face revealed shock for the first time.

Immediately after that, Tian Yizi withdrew his expression and sent out a fist, unleashing an icy cold force. It was another type of Nascent Realm Body Refining Technique.

This fist technique is called Ice Crushing. One fist to form the ice, the other first to crush the ice. Anyone below Nascent Soul realm should never confront this attack head-on.

But when that cold fist light was only 9 meters away from the black-robed, it was suddenly and swiftly cut into half by an invisible thing.

At the same time, a feeling of absolute death rose in Tian Yizi’s heart. 

Then the black robe spoke for the first time!

“I’m called Black Ning. You will die for hurting her!”

For a moment, the figure of the black-robed suddenly exploded, turning into tens of thousands of thin and tiny black light. Each turned into a black sword light in the next moment, spreading across the clear sky like a concentrated ink and whirling like a black gale.

There was a trace of primitive and stately aura of immortal execution within the sword light. Tens of thousands of black light circled, like a huge tornado. The body of the 30 meter giant that was situated within the wind began to disintegrate!

A moment later, Tian Yizi, the formidable enemy of the white-robed Ning Fan, was gone.

“You will still die even if you didn’t hurt her!” The black-robed added indifferently.

Qi of Nascent Soul realm radiated out from the black-robed, sending chills down the spine of the cultivators in Ning City as though another formidable enemy had emerged.

There was another Nascent Soul expert?!

This black-robed cultivator called himself Black Ning. Then, he shouldn’t be Ning Fan…but why did he look so much alike to Ning Fan? Could he be the legendary Black Devil Ning?!

Yes, it had to be it! It turned out that he was Black Devil Ning and was already a Nascent Soul expert! In this way, it was understandable why he looked so much alike to Ning Fan…Ning Fan was the great-grandchild of Black Devil Ning, so it wasn’t strange for the great-grandfather to look just like the great-grandson.

There was only Zhi He who was tilting her head naively and didn’t look afraid of such qi. She didn’t think that this man was Black Devil Ning. She knew that he was Ning Fan.

“Brother Fan, why have you split into two? Although the black-robed Brother Fan looks cold, he’s quite humorous…” She smiled sweetly. Her eyes twinkled. She was very much intrigued by Ning Fan dividing into two.

The might of the black robe gave her a sense of security.

She deeply believed that as long as her Brother Fan was here, no one would be able to annihilate Ning City today.

The black-robed turned towards where the black corpse had left and disappeared out of sight with instant movement.

The white robe’s eyes turned grim. With a ray of icy rainbow, he chased after him.

After that, both of them cast out the Sense Falsifying Art and vanished without a trace. 

When they reappeared, it was only a youth in white robe and black cloak, with a smile on his face and eyes full of murderous intent!

“Next, execute the devil! So this is the sword sense divine ability that was comprehended by my black incarnation after breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm! From today onwards, I will call this ability ‘Black Turbulent Separation Art’!”

Ning Fan smiled slightly. Although his cultivation base was still at the peak of Harmonious Spirit realm, he made one step forward and realized that it was the instant movement!

His qi was fluctuating strangely between Harmonious Spirit realm and Nascent Soul realm.

What’s so scary about the Corpse Devil?! With Ning Fan’s current strength, it would only take a single thought from him to annihilate the entire Yue Country!

As for those who had misunderstood that the black-robed was Black Devil Ning, let it be! Because after today, no one would ever dare to have any ill intentions towards Ning City anymore! 


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