Grasping Evil - Chapter 138(1)

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Meanwhile in the dark grave, little Bright Sparrow held a big bag of medicinal pills. Her eyes were filled with slight reluctance as she looked above the ninth level of the grave, clearly entranced.

Little Bright Sparrow had long woken up. She had stood beside Black Robe and protected him for three months. 

She could not understand why this black-robed Ning Fan was so cold and never smiled. However, upon her pleading, the Black Robe had concocted pills for little Bright Sparrow . This action alone allowed her to understand that even though he was cold, he still was gentle inside. 

“I am reluctant to eat these pill cookies… cookie brother has already left...”
Bright Sparrow’s heart felt stifled and tears fell from her eyes. This made her panic. 

“Grandpa, why are my eyes peeing…?” She impatiently asked. 

“Silly girl, those are not pee, those are tears… when you miss someone too much, tears will fall, for example, when you feel homesick because you miss home too much, you will have tears too…” The short Old Ming Luo’s eyes were filled with slight lamentation. 

“What are tears? What is “missing”....? And what is home?” When the word “home” came up, Bright Sparrow’s heart tightened. 

“Home… is a place where no matter how far you are, you will keep on thinking about… Your home should be this dark grave. As for grandpa’s home, hehe… it’s a faraway place… called the “Tree World”... hehe… that Ning Fan is talented and was able to split his incarnation while only at the Harmonious Spirit realm, and was even able to advance it towards the Nascent Soul realm… he will be a heaven’s chosen figure even in the Tree World…” 


Bright Sparrow skewed her small head while eating her cookie pills. She could not understand the sadness of Ming Luo. 

However, she vaguely felt that Ming Luo’s words were incorrect. Her home shouldn’t be this dark grave… 

Bright Sparrow had been having the same dream recently. Within the dream, she was called Si Cang. She has a home in a distant land and another home that was not far away... 

“Grandpa, I want to leave this dark grave…” When the word “Si Cang” popped up in her head, she felt somewhat sad, but could not understand why. 

“What nonsense are you talking about! Aside from the special law of this place that restricted the demons from leaving. There is no way you can leave. Even if you can… you must know that you are just a Pill Devil! A Fifth Revolution Pill that has come to life and has a chance to evolve into a Ninth Revolution or maybe even higher revolution pill! If you leave this dark grave, you will lose the protection of grandpa and will be eaten by the humans outside! Those humans do not fear you as much as the demons inside the dark grave…” Ming Luo reprimanded with a stern expression.

“Oh...” Bright Sparrow replied in an undertone, though her heart still had a question. 

Are humans really that scary?

Was cookie brother not gentle? 

That Old Man Xue Qing, although timid, was not considered a scary one right? 

Plus, in her dreams, those people that were worshiping her…with their sincere eyes, did they look frightening at all?

“I still want to leave the dark grave…” She said it softly within her heart, but not a word has been spoken out loud. 

All of this happened after the black-robed Ning Fan had left the dark grave.

At this moment, Ning Fan had combined both his incarnations together, returning him back to his old appearance.

Both the white robe and black cloak existed. Both smiling and the murderous intent radiated from him were ice and fire, circulating within the immortal vein. Righteousness and evil, god and devil were shifting in his eyes.

The white robe was the god and the black robe was the devil. Both Yin and Yang merged into one! Everything corresponded with the Great Dao of Yin and Yang! 

An ancient battlefield that was situated thousand li away from Ning City was filled with ruins. This was where the black corpse had led Jing Zhuo and Suqiu. 

The shadow sword of the Immortal Execution had almost dispersed. But the black corpse still survived under the violent sword qi, by using some kind of technique! 

Black puddles of blood could be seen all over the floor, signifying his grave injury! The ruthlessness within his eyes grew much more, however. This injury had caused his corpse devil realm to slide down, but had increased his heart realm exponentially! 

Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo was flabbergasted that the sword shadow had been exterminated. If he was the one who was attacked by this Immortal Execution Sword Qi, it would be a sure-death. It was a wonder how Ning Fan was able to execute such a sword qi. Moreover, he had gained an understanding about the sturdiness of the black corpse.

As the sword shadow broke, Jing Zhuo immediately felt his hair standing on its end. He did not leave because he wanted to finish off the black corpse while it was heavily injured.

If the black corpse was eradicated, there would be no need to run away to other country, as both Yue Country and Fire Cloud Sect could avoid absolute destruction. 

He had gifted Ning Fan the Fire Cloud Sect because he could see that Ning Fan would treat the Fire Cloud Sect well. However, deep down in his heart, he still had a strong sentimental attachment towards the sect. 

“Suqiu Xianzi, let us combine our power and eliminate this devil…” said Jing Zhuo via spirit sense

“No need, he has arrived…” Suqiu lifted her bright eyes and looked at the sky with a smile. 

Ning Fan’s figure could be seen from several hundred li away. If Jing Zhuo did not fully release his spirit sense, he would not be able to detect Ning Fan’s qi. 

However Suqiu had felt it. She was able to sense it because of her special female senses at first then it was her spirit sense

Undoubtedly, the black corpse managed to break off the sword shadow and shattered the four illusory sword shadows one by one, violently. He then stood in the sky, but his eyes weren’t looking at Jing Zhuo and his comrade. 

He had been gravely injured, but it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to eliminate Jing Zhuo, because he still had unlimited hidden aces! 

However, his heart was filled with vengeance. The thought of eliminating Jing Zhuo became insignificant as his heart had been occupied by one person… It was precisely Ning Fan who was flying towards him in the form of a flickering black light! 

“Ning Fan! So it turns out that you are a Nascent Soul cultivator! It finally makes sense now that you were able to destroy Tian Yizi!” The black corpse said.


Ning Fan who came to the rescue was wearing his old attire, standing upright in the sky. He didn’t waste time to converse with the black corpse, his gaze swept the ground then gazed briefly towards Suqiu and Jing Zhuo. 

“Thank you for the hard work… I will take over everything now, you two retreat further away from this area…”  

Although the voice was ethereal, it had much more power compared to Jing Zhuo’s! This was the true qi of a Nascent Soul!

The bizzare thing was that Ning Fan’s magical force was only at the realm of a half-step Gold Core. 

Jing Zhuo hesitated slightly, but ultimately left. 

He recalled the Divination Old Man telling him that Ning Fan could easily kill him. He only half believed it in the past, but now he was 90% sure of it. 

Suqiu also looked up to Ning Fan in the sky and smiled brightly. 

“The safety of Yue Country is in your hands now… little fellow.” 

Suqiu liked to put up her seniority, but the smile she gave was ten thousand times more charming and warmer than the average teenage girl. 

This smile was the smile that had been earnestly sought after by a Nascent Soul expert of Rain Palace, but had never succeeded. 

The two of them left. 

Only Ning Fan and the black corpse were left on the ancient battlefield.

Ning Fan’s cold gaze swept at the black corpse. Aside from fear, he also had 90% confidence of winning this fight!

It was only the spirit sense of the black robe that managed to reach the early Nascent Soul realm. Overall, it did not gave Ning Fan a big leap on his magical force, however it had endowed him with two divine abilities! 

The first was the Instant Movement, but the black light instant movement that he used was quite strange. Instead of consuming his magical force, it consumed his energy of spirit sense. Even so, it could still achieve the same speed as the instant movement of an average Nascent Soul cultivator. Ning Fan had a hypothesis: if the white robe managed to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul realm and master the secret art of Instant Movement Technique, the Instant Movement Techniques of the black and white robe would combine, allowing his speed to far transcend the speed of his peers! 

The second was the Black Turbulent Separation Art - a spirit sense ability that could make the body of the black robe burst into tens of thousands of black sword sense.

This spirit sense had the same principle as the sword sense. However, it had the power to injure an early Nascent Soul cultivator. He managed to eliminate Tian Yizi with just this technique.  

The reason Ning Fan was able to eliminate Tian Yizi was not only because Tian Yizi was merely a Gold Core expert that was used to store the magical force of a Nascent Soul, it also reflected how powerful the Black Turbulent Separation Art was! 

After he comprehended the Black Turbulent Separation Art, Ning Fan’s sword sense even had a trace of blackness that enhanced the power of his sword sense.

There were two kinds of divine abilities: One was the ability to escape or move while the other was the ability to kill. This enabled Ning Fan to have a massive leap in his strength. The only pity was that Ning Fan’s magical force was still too weak, making him unable to engage in a protracted combat. All engagements must end fast. 

This was also the reason why the black robe used his strongest technique against Tan Yizi without a moment of hesitation. It was due to his limited magical force that he must succeed in a single strike! 

Ning Fan patted his storage pouch and took out a bottle of Bitter Pill. Without worrying about the bitterness of the pill, he swallowed over a dozen pills and left 10 pills within his mouth as he wasn’t in a rush to swallow them yet. 

With such speed of the Yin Yang Devil Vein in refining pills, he could still engage in a fight while his magical force was recovering. Of course, there would still be a heaven and earth difference between his magical force and the black corpse’s after such recovery.  

Nevertheless, Ning Fan had a 90% chance on eliminating this corpse devil!

This was a form of confidence, and the qi of a Nascent Soul that could move the Heavens and Earth! 

The Immortal Emperor’s prestige was just a prestige after all. Without Ning Fan’s insights about his own realm caused him to lack his own aura… Without the aura, it would only be a pretence no matter how strong the prestige was. How could a fox really bring harm to anyone when he was only acting on a tiger’s prestige? 

The pressure he exuded at the moment was Nascent Soul, but it was still incomparable to the pressure of the Great Emperor Ancient Chaos. However, this pressure genuinely belonged to Ning Fan, and his killing intent was acquired through all the slaughters.

“You are the successor of Corpse Devil Vein whereas I’m the descendant of Yin Yang Devil Vein… in that case, you can now die peacefully.” Ning Fan’s eyes swiftly changed. His murderous intent soared to the sky.

He opened his mouth abruptly and nine dragons of black flames rushed out of it, crossing the Heavens and Earth, blotting out the skies! 

“Yin Yang Devil Vein? What devil vein is that…? Wait a minute, this is Earth Vein Demonic Fire, a genuine Earth Vein Demonic Fire!” The black corpse’s expression changed drastically, he never expected Ning Fan to have such a demonic fire. 

He could barely defend himself against such earthen fire even in his prime, let alone now when he already lost his magical force vessel, Tian Yizi and his corpse body had been badly damaged. He would be in grave danger if he used his own body to resist such flame! 

“You actually possess such a flame…? Forget it, this old man will surrender now and leave Ning City and Yue country!” For the first time, the eyes of the black corpse showed weakness. As of this moment, his situation did not fare well against his enemy. No matter how deep his hatred was, it must be quelled for the time being. He could only push his vengeance some day.. 

However Ning Fan’s reply was cold and indifferent. 

“Dragon Vortex Fire, First Revolution, Second Revolution, Third Revolution and Fourth Revolution!” 

As if at the same moment, the sea of black flame changed into a gigantic flame vortex and sucked the black corpse within. 

The force of the vortex was extremely peculiar. The black corpse tried to use a small amount of magical force, and executed instant movement to retreat, but was shocked to find that he could not get away from the force of the vortex! 

The Star Vortex could reverse attacks!  

The Fire Vortex could lock onto Instant Movement!

The word “Vortex” implied the principle of a circle, the Heaven Dao was a circle, the sun was also a circle! Everything involving circle had to have power that couldn’t be underestimated! 

While sinking into the vortex, the black corpse channelled his remaining magical force into his body to forcefully withstand the flame.

The Fourth Revolution Dragon Vortex Fire was powerful, but it was only enough to damage intermediate and late Gold Cores. It was just like a scratch to him

If it wasn’t because of the fear of his body against fire, he wouldn’t even bother warding it off. 

“I can defend myself against this flame, but once all of my magical force is expended, I will suffer grave injuries as I have already lost my vessel to replenish my magical force… I better flee today!” Within the flame, the black corpse patted his storage pouch, and then Vein Opening and Harmonious Spirit refined corpses charged towards the sea of fire, one after another, from the storage pouch. They were immediately engulfed by the sea of fire, but this managed to reduce the force of the flame. 

After expending several hundred refined corpses, an opening was easily and effortlessly torn open. Immediately, the black corpse escaped through the opening. 

Ning Fan observed from a distance and his gaze sharpened… This devil must not be allowed to escape as his cruel nature would certainly lead him back for revenge!

“Fifth Revolution!” 

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