Grasping Evil - Chapter 138(2)

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His complexion turned slightly pale after forcing himself to activate the Fifth Revolution of Dragon Vortex Fire. The Fifth Revolution was not an easy technique to activate even with his early Nascent Soul spirit sense. All of his magical force felt like *a clay ox entering, it was rapidly consumed. The magical force that was generated by the dozen of medicinal pills in his stomach was immediately depleted. Bitterness flooded Ning Fan’s mouth as he crunched two Bitter Pills that were kept in his mouth. He then exerted all of his magical force to ensure that it was enough to support the Fifth Revolution Dragon Vortex!

The Fifth Revolution of Dragon Vortex Fire had triggered a shred of power from the Heavens and Earth which increased its power by many folds. Even a Nascent Soul cultivator would be injured if he was caught within the vortex!

The black corpse who had almost escaped from the flame was immediately sucked back into the vortex. He immediately let out a miserable scream when his body was burned by the  Fifth Revolution flame.

“Ning Fan! Do not test my limits!” 

“Humph, I’m not testing your limits, I only want to kill you!” 

“Very well! I will let you witness how a country will fall before the ten thousand corpses!” The black corpse’s body shivered from anger. Then, he shook his black pouch. Almost a thousand Harmonious Spirit realm refined corpses flew out towards the flame vortex and self destructed, which immediately burst out an opening in the Fifth Revolution Dragon Vortex Fire!

After that, the black corpse did not stop and poured out everything from the black pouch. There were almost six thousand Vein Opening, two thousand Harmonious Spirit and one hundred Gold Core refined corpses that were full of putrid smell. They dispersed the flame and rushed towards Ning Fan! 

Ning Fan’s gaze changed after he saw the ten thousand refined corpses! The name of “Ten Thousand Refined Corpses annihilating a Country” of the black corpse was really true! 

So what if there were ten thousand refined corpses… Ning Fan closed his eyes briefly, and the moment he opened his eyes, they were filled with the glow of sword light! 

At this moment, all the murderous intent within his body converted into the sternness he had when he was exterminating those ghosts in the Demon Sinister Forest! 


With a plain word, the wave of dark qi of sword sense spread apart!  

Enshrouded by the cloud of sword sense, all the Vein Opening and Harmonious Spirit refined corpses were grounded into meat paste by the sword qi. . 

As for the 100 Gold Core refined corpses, 73 of them that were at early Gold Core realm were severed! 

Whereas those intermediate and late Gold Core refined corpses were badly injured by the sword sense

The so called ten thousand refined corpses were broken by a single technique from Ning Fan! 

At this moment, the black corpse’s expression drastically changed. He never thought that Ning Fan had the rumoured sword consciousness, sword sense

If he knew about it, he would not have sent out the refined corpses to attack the young man, he would’ve only sent intermediate and late Gold Core refined corpses to face Ning Fan!

This was the worse nightmare for the refined corpses and Soul Refining cultivators!

“You possess the sword sense! You are absolutely not the bullshit Yin Yang Devil Vein, but the God Vein of Sword. You’re from the Sword World! This old man will go all out to fight you!” 

The black corpse eyes were suddenly filled with madness, as if he had a deep-seated hatred for the people of the Sword World. But this did not concern Ning Fan!

Under the black corpse’s control, the remaining 27 intermediate and late Gold Core refined corpses flew towards Ning Fan with a roar and self destructed themselves, with the thought of bringing Ning Fan down together!

Upon seeing this, Ning Fan used the instant movement and retreated 3000 meters away from the scene. A trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes

The Fifth Revolution Dragon Vortex was his limit, but not enough to exterminate the black corpse… In that case, he had to to make a gamble! 

He bit the tip of his tongue and spurted a mouthful of blood essence at the Black Demon Flame in front of him. Instantly it increased the power of the Black Demon Flame, but there was still a wide gap between the current vortex and the Sixth Revolution. 

Ning Fan used another instant movement to retreat as the group of refined corpses were getting close. He then spurt three mouthfuls of blood essence, his face was already pale, yet the power of the flame hadn’t reached the Sixth Revolution. 

“Not enough. Again!”

Using instant movement again to increase their distance, Ning Fan wanted to extract blood essence again, but this time by hammering his chest violently. His qi was weakened madly as he spurted out mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood, without caring about his own life.

The Dragon Vortex Fire danced violently and changed into a gigantic fire dragon that stretched as long as 3000 meters, and the enormous vortex had become the maw of the fire dragon!

At this moment, it was as if the magical force within the 5,000 kilometers of land in Yue Country was circulated by this magical technique. 

Every cultivator were both terrified and dumbfounded, looking at the illusory shadow of the black dragon in the sky. 

The black shadow had a shred of demonic force of a true dragon’s monstrous energy that was slowly forming. The moment the demonic force formed its shape, the dragon’s eye suddenly revealed an expression that disdained all sentient beings of the world.

That was the Sixth Revolution Dragon Vortex. He was able to condense out an illusory shadow of a true dragon from this magical technique! This level of technique could only be comprehended by a peak Nascent Soul cultivator. The power of such technique, even though Ning Fan’s realm was still low, was more than enough to badly injure the black corpse! 

“Lunatic! Why does he want to go all out with me! Since when did this old man have such deep grudges!” The black corpse was slightly frightened, because the average cultivators who confronted him would have acted prudently and made peace him already. 

However, Ning Fan wanted to settle this once and for all with the black corpse! 

The black corpse was pulled into the vortex and its body deteriorated in a tremendous speed. 

He could only forcefully defend himself against the Sixth Revolution Dragon Fire when he was in his prime. Now that he was trapped within the flame, he would either perish or be mortally wounded.  


Ning Fan’s qi became unstable after spurting out so much blood essence. His injury was too grave, but it was necessary to eliminate the black corpse!  

Under Ning Fan’s control, the gigantic black flame dragon opened its mouth and roared. Multiple black fireballs were spitted out and those fireball exploded as they approached the remaining refined corpses, then later turned into a vortex of fire. The force of each fire vortex was on par with the Fifth Revolution Dragon Vortex Fire!

With just a single blow, all of the refined corpses were burned to dust. The black corpse who was stuck in the sea of fire, situated right in the middle of the dragon maw, had the premonition that he would die for sure. 

The flame could give him a critical injury but was not enough to eliminate him. But then when Ning Fan’s murderous gaze fell upon him, he felt a tremor in his heart.

“Black Turbulent Separation Art!” 

Ning Fan pointed against his glabella and his sea of consciousness converted into numerous black sword shadows that flew out of the top of his skull and towards the sky.

The sword qi rushed into the black flame like a black tidal wave, immediately stirring waves of roaring tides. It was the same technique that was used against Tian Yizi. Ten thousand swords engulfed the black corpse within.

Shatter, shatter, shatter! 

Ning Fan ferociously shattered all the medicinal pills within his mouth and poured all his magical force and force of spirit sense into this technique. 

Once an enemy had been made, only one between them shall live… this was the teaching of the Old Devil! 

After a series of sword breaking sound and the howl of the dispersing flame, Ning Fan finally could not withstand the backlash of the technique and was sent crashing down towards the ground by the heat wave of the magical art. Blood was coughed out from him incessantly.

A burnt corpse with thousands of holes was revealed after the numerous flame shadows and sword qi disintegrated in the clear sky… 

The corpse did not have a shred of rotten meat left. All flesh were incinerated. And the soul within had been burnt to nothingness. 

Nevertheless, the frame of the corpse was not completely destroyed yet. So was this the sturdiness of the corpse that had reached the borderline of Corpse Devil…? 

If the corpse in his Cauldron Ring was a true Corpse Devil...then how strong would her physique be? 

Ning Fan forced himself to stand up after breathing for a long period of time. He looked at the burnt corpse from afar silently. 

There wasn’t the happiness of a victor, but only a trace of calmness.

“Moksha Emperor, I am getting closer to you… one day, you will face the same fate of this corpse…” He said in a cold tone. 

Ning Fan remained calm because he had a much more powerful enemy. So he would never be contented before Moksha Emperor was truly eradicated. 

But the cultivators in Ning City all became curious after the intense clash of magical techniques that happened earlier. 

The clash of techniques that occured at the ancient battlefield a thousand li away was too fierce. It was a great battle that rarely occurred in Yue Country for thousands of years.

And the result of the battle was what they were most concerned of… 

Who won? Was it “Black Devil Ning” and Ning Fan or the black corpse who had annihilated seven countries? 

Then those nervous looking cultivators saw Suqiu and Jing Zhuo stepping back to Ning City on their escaping light. 

The former’s beautiful face consisted of a hint shock whereas the latter seemed to be sighing, his face full of complex emotions. 

Jing Zhuo’s expression made every cultivator’s heart sink. The impetuous Bu Kuangfen couldn’t help but ask. 

“Old ancestor, why do you look so worried… could it be Black Devil Ning has lost to the corpse devil?” 

“Lost? *cough cough cough…* why don't you guys see it for yourself…” 

Jing Zhuo looked towards the far distance. All the other cultivators followed his gaze. From afar, there was a white-cloaked black-robed teenager flying nonchalantly towards their direction on an escaping light.  

The teenager’s magical force was extremely weak causing the escaping light to be slightly unstable. But his gaze was calm and his hands were carrying a charred black corpse as if announcing his war trophy. 

Without needing an explanation, all the cultivators on site felt a relief … 

Without a doubt! The black corpse had finally been eliminated! 

Was the white-cloaked black-robed teenager Ning Fan or Black Devil Ning…? As both of them looked exactly the same.

Bu Kuangfen looked glumly at Old Ancestor Jing Zhuo as he noticed the weird expression on the ancestor’s face. 

“Old ancestor, you should be happy about it since Grandmaster Black Devil has won, why are you wearing such a sour face? This will make us worry about you…” 

“I’m feeling happy… *cough cough cough*...” Jing Zhuo indeed was happy, but he couldn’t make himself seem happy. He was no match for the black corpse, unlike Ning Fan who was able to execute the peak Nascent Realm magical technique, the Sixth Revolution Dragon Fire, that charred the black corpse...

Jing Zhuo knew that the one who exterminated the black corpse was not Black Devil Ning but Ning Fan…. There is no such nonsense as Black Devil Ning in this world. 

As such, he sighed and his emotions were slightly tilted off the balance.… Was Ning Fan really an 18 year old teenager…? He would rather believe that Ning Fan was a Nascent Soul and a Fourth Revolution alchemist who had lived thousands of years.

But then, it was afraid that Jing Zhuo was the only one who had the conflicting mood, the other cultivators were overjoyed at the news.

Right after Ning Fan landed at Ning City, Nan Gong, who had pursued the fleeing ship of Extreme Yin Gate, had returned along with the others.

The War between the Devil Armies and Yue Armies had finally ended. After this, Ning Fan was going to embark on the path of core formation.

Before the weakened Ning Fan had the chance to rest, he was tackled in the chest by Zhi He and almost fell down. 

But the one who fell before he did was Suqiu Xianzi… 

“Aiya, Brother Fan come quickly. You need to see what happened to Suqiu Xianziu! Why has she fainted?!” Zhi He exclaimed. 

“This is…” 

Ning Fan spirit sense scanned the fainted Suqiu, his expression suddenly darkened.  

Suqiu was poisoned. Although the poison was not strong, but it had gone deep into her body making the process of detoxification harder… 

He mentally apologised and touched Suqiu’s feet with his palm. 

“This stubborn girl had indeed been poisoned during that time… Why didn't she mention about her being poisoned… yet she has pushed herself all the way till now…” 

Ning Fan shook his head lightly, his respect towards Suqiu increased by another shred.

A girl who had such tenacity was rare… This girl wasn't bad.

*A clay ox entering the sea - to disappear with no hope of returning. (like a clay figurine dissolving in water)

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