Grasping Evil - Chapter 139(1)

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The war between the Devil armies and Yue armies had shocked every sect in Yue country in just three days.

The destruction of Extreme Yin Gate and the reappearance of the corpse devil from two thousand years ago had almost brought Yue country into the brink of extinction. 

There was a total of three Nascent Soul experts that appeared in this war. When they were battling, visions of dragon fire could be vaguely seen by all of the experts in Yue Country. 

Within a hundred li of the ancient battlefield, which was the site of the final battle had also been burnt into a wasteland. Not even a blade of grass could grow there. Such a condition left the cultivators who came and explored the area terrified. 

On the other hand, more cultivators were heading to Ning City. Every one of them carried the hope to meet the Nascent Soul experts—Black Devil Ning and Jing Zhuo. However, martial law had been imposed in Ning City today. Jing Zhuo and Black Devil Ning had gone into seclusion. The person who greeted the cultivators who came to pay a visit was Nan Gong who always carried a soft smile. 

“Ask me anything if you have any queries. However, I cannot guarantee that everything I tell is the truth,” said Nan Gong who was sitting on a tall seat while leisurely enjoying his fragrant tea. 

At the side, several sect leaders from second class sects appeared immediately. They obediently offered their pouches to Nan Gong and asked, “Hehe, Nan Gong, the Vice City Lord and also the right-hand man of Black Devil Ning naturally has a lot of secrets that cannot be told. It’s understandable… understandable… These are just some small gifts from us, a little token to show our respect to you.” All of them had benign smiles spreading over their faces. 

Nan Gong chuckled and said, “You all are so kind. However, I cannot receive the gifts, absolutely cannot.” Nan Gong deliberately pretended to decline their offers. The leaders gritted their teeth and took out a few more pouches and offered them respectfully.

Then, Nan Gong received the expensive gifts helplessly. He checked the pouches with his spirit sense and found out that there were at least ten thousand immortal jades.

“Ah, it is difficult to turn down this generous offer. Let me help you to clear your doubts. If you have any questions, please ask.”

“Is Master Black Devil the expert who killed the corpse devil? There are rumours saying that Master Black Devil was Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect. Are these rumours true?

“Those rumours are of course nonsense. My young lord, Ning Fan, is definitely not a Nascent Soul expert. He is not even a Gold Core expert. I can make an oath with my Heart Devil!” said Nan Gong with honesty.

Ning Fan was in fact a half-step Gold Core expert. However, the truth that Black Devil Ning was Ning Fan should always remain hidden. He would not tell the people as it was better to keep it mysterious.

“Aiya, there is no need for Vice City Lord Nan to make an oath with the Heart Devil. It makes us afraid of asking other questions…” said the old monsters with shame on each of their faces. They felt that they had owed Nan Gong a favor. However, their intention of making friends with Ning City became even more determined.

“Haha. This is nothing…” said Nan Gong with a smile while shaking his head.

Yu Chi who was standing beside looked at Nan Gong in awe. On the other hand, Nan Gong’s facial muscles made a rare twitch. 

Nan Gong had just sweet-talked the group of old monsters. With just that, ten thousand immortal jades came to hand. Nan Gong would not spend those for personal use, but for the development of Ning City. In fact, it was Nan Gong’s doing that Ning City did not experience insufficiency of wealth.

“Let me explain the particulars of that battle for all of you…”

When Nan Gong started his explanation, all of the old monsters sat on their places and listened attentively. All of them were afraid that they would miss out one of the details.

When Nan Gong spoke of the thrilling parts in the battle, the old monsters’ faces turned slightly pale without them realizing. 

At the last part of the story, Black Devil Ning appeared and transformed into a black shadow and defeated Tian Yi Zi. In the next instance, he cut the corpse devil from a distance of over a thousand li. Upon hearing this exciting part, the fire of excitement blazed in everyone’s eyes. They now understood the absolute strength of Black Devil Ning who rarely appeared. 

“Vice City Lord Nan, could you make an exception for us to meet Master Black Devil…”

“There may be some troubles in your request. As you all know, Master Black Devil, our city lord will need to go into seclusion after the intense battle. I’m afraid that he would not exit his seclusion in another few decades unless disaster befall upon Ning city. If there really is a disaster, he would certainly appear and take action to protect Ning City.”

“Understandable, understandable… However, it’s really such a pity that we don’t have the luck to meet him.”

Nan Gong was responsible in welcoming the cultivators of Yue country. Situ took care of the remediation of the casualties after the war and reorganization the four armies of Ning City. Yuchi was in charge of mending the underground fire vein.

On the other hand, Ning Fan who did not do anything aside from ordering others to execute the tasks was regulating his breath in a secret chamber. Yin Suqiu who had been unconscious for three days was lying on a bed in the corner of the room. 

Her poison was temporarily suppressed by the effect of the pills. However, the poison was just too deadly. Even the Void Origin Pill from Supreme Void Faction could not cure the poison completely. Although curing the poison wasn’t difficult, the process was quite troublesome. Therefore, Ning Fan chose to regulate his breath first, stabilizing the injuries that he suffered from the battle.

The battle against the black corpse had wounded him seriously. In order to threaten the black corpse, he had forced himself to achieved the Sixth Revolution of Dragon Vortex Fire. That technique consumed a lot of his blood essence. Originally, his divine spirit was already lacking as he had cut his soul and molded his incarnation. Now, he lost his blood essence for a number of times, causing his origin qi to decrease tremendously. 

Without any special method, the condition of his injuries would at least take a few decades of seclusion to cultivate the blood essence again. After receiving all of these wounds, it was inevitable that Ning Fan’s life span would become shorter. Perhaps, Ning Fan’s destined age would not even reach two hundred.

He was sitting cross-legged on the rush cushion while regulating his breath. All the things that were displayed on the floor before him were the loot from the battle. 

Ning Fan closed his eyes gently, pondering about the gains and losses of the battle. 

There were a number of high rank magical technique from Old Monster Purple Yin such as the Nascent Realm magical technique Wind Soul Claw. However, this type of technique could only be used by Wind Spirit cultivators. To Ning Fan, it was useless. In fact, Ning Fan was intrigued by one of Purple Yin’s cultivation method. 

Yin Evil Art… This cultivation method was about cultivating the Yin Pearl. In Extreme Yin Gate, all members ranging from the old ancestors to the disciples cultivated this method. However, the book of the cultivation method from Purple Yin certainly was much better compared to the others. It not only recorded the process of refining the Yin Pearl, but also the way of integrating the Yin Pearl with the Gold Core. 

According to Ning Fan’s estimation, if he could refine the Yin Pearl and integrate it with the Gold Core like Old Monster Purple Yin, his Gold Core would be incredibly stronger compared to the ordinary Gold Core experts. Besides, it could also increase his chance of breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm by at least 10%!

This cultivation method was useful to Ning Fan. However, he still couldn’t use it before his core formation.

Other than the cultivation method of integrating the Gold Core, there was only one magical treasure that attracted Ning Fan’s interest amongst the loot from Purple Yin. It was the Purple Alms Bowl.

The Purple Alms Bowl was a high grade mid-ranked magical treasure. The specialty of this treasure was that a trace of Divine Intent was fused with it. Therefore, when this magical treasure was used, it took in any magical treasure that attacked Purple Yin during the battle.

Besides those, there was nothing else that could pique Ning Fan’s interest amongst the loot from old monster Purple Yin. Ning Fan was a person of high horizons.

However, Ning Fan dared not to belittle the stores of the black corpse.

Putting aside all the magical treasures and pills, the only thing that Ning Fan cared the most was the ancient fiendgod cultivation method, Corpse Devil Record!

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