Grasping Evil - Chapter 139(2)

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The cultivation method recorded the method to open the Corpse Devil Vein. Techniques regarding the three transformations that a corpse had to go through in order to become an immortal were also found within it. Besides, there were also other types of magical power of the ancient fiendgod!

Having the Yin-Yang Devil Vein, it would be impossible for Ning Fan to cultivate the Corpse Devil Vein. However, the magical power of the ancient fiendgod in it had really caught Ning Fan’s attention. In Ancient Chaos’ memory, there was no inheritance of the fiendgod’s magical power. In contrast, it contained the Immortal Emperor’s insights of his entire life and also his memory. But, it was still difficult to say which was better. Anyhow, the magical power of the fiendgod was indeed useful to Ning Fan. 

Transforming Corpse Technique… This technique could ignite the corpse qi of the Corpse Devil Vein, turning the cultivator directly into a living corpse.

Regarding the Third Corpse Pupil… before cultivating the pupil, the cultivator needed to cultivate the Corpse Devil Vein and connect the Heavenly Eye Vein on the glabella. With the pupil, the cultivator could perform illusion techniques. Putting the illusion techniques aside, the thing that interested Ning Fan the most was the Third Corpse evil sense

All bodies of cultivators had three types of corpses. Even if the cultivator was a True Immortal, he would still fear the evil sense. The black corpse’s evil sense was only a smattering of the true power of evil sense. In fact, it was not even considered the Third Corpse evil sense. If it was the true evil sense, Ning Fan would not be able to slash it. There were only a handful of immortals from the Four Heaven Immortal Worlds who could slash it. 

Ning Fan clearly understood this cultivation method. Unfortunately, he did not have the Corpse Devil Vein to activate the third eye.

As a matter of fact, the Third Corpse evil sense needed a third eye to store the evil sense because it was untouchable for the cultivators. Therefore, he needed to open other veins to store it.

“If I open up another path, storing the evil sense using other techniques, I may be able to hold the evil sense directly with my eyes and perform the technique…”

Ning Fan was in deep contemplation. If his guess was correct, he could perform Third Corpse evil sense without the need of the third eye. However, the only worry was the way to resist the Third Corpse evil sense himself. 

Perhaps, the black incarnation might be able to withstand it. After all, that incarnation did not have mind and sense. In this way, it seemed like the cultivation method was worth a try. 

Other than these, the black corpse also had numerous body refining cultivation methods. Among them, there was the Colossal Bone Secret Art. It enabled the cultivator to transform into a giant with a height of 30 metres. To Ning Fan, it was extremely useful. 

And, the biggest loot was the body of the black corpse.

Now, the black corpse had been burnt badly after being charred by Ning Fan. However, judging from the strength of the corpse’s body, Ning Fan had an instinctive perception to turn it into a refined corpse. It would surely be a good fighter. This refined corpse might be able to fight ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators. 

In addition, there were still numerous spoils of war on the floor. But, Ning Fan ran out of time to think about them when Suqiu Xianzi, who was on the bed, made a sound. 

Inside the secret chamber, brocade silk bedded on the stone bed. A lady dressed in yellowish cloth was in deep slumber on the bed. 

She looked like an unworldly young girl judging from her appearance. However, those who recognized her would know that she was an old monster who had lived for more than six hundred years. She was once the old ancestor of Great Void Sect, Yin Suqiu.

Even though she was unconscious, her eyebrows were knitted tightly. The sound she made just now was actually a moan of pain. 

On the day of battle, the black corpse plotted against her and she got the Dead Silkworm Poison. Any ordinary Gold Core expert who had this poison would have their lives immediately snatched. However, Suqiu’s overpowering strength had allowed her to suppress the effect of the poison. The suppression continued until the end of the battle. The moment she stopped suppressing it, the poison had taken effect, causing her consciousness to slip away.

As a matter of fact, the reason that the poison had taken effect was because of Ning Fan’s request. During the battle, he requested Suqiu to pursue and attack the black corpse, triggering her magical power. Therefore, it was his fault that Suqiu was in this state. On another note, Suqiu’s determination had gained Ning Fan’s recognition as she did not mention anything after she was poisoned… If it was Zhi he who had the poison, she would’ve definitely cried out in alarm at the next second.  

With her strong will, it was no wonder that this lady was able to become one of the old ancestors in Great Void Sect with just six hundred years of cultivation.

Truth be told, it was impossible for Ning Fan not to be concerned about the life of this lady. After all, she came to rescue Ning City alone. Ning Fan was quite touched by her action. 

“Forgive me for the offence…” 

Ning Fan spoke in a low tone as though he was talking to himself. At the next moment, he lifted Suqiu’s pendulum skirt which had never been lifted before by anyone in her entire life. Under the pendulum skirt, there was an underskirt. It was lifted by Ning Fan too. Then, Suqiu’s legs which were as white as the pure white cream was revealed. 

However, at this moment, there were some traces of purplish red veins on the surface of her white legs. Those veins were like silkworms, climbing on the legs. 

Ning Fan lifted the pendulum skirt until the knees. The purplish red veins did not go further above the knees. In fact, it was not necessary for Ning Fan to continue lifting up the skirt. If he continued this action, Suqiu would question him for philandering her after she was awake. That would actually make the act of curing her become a troublesome matter. 

Her legs were indeed elegant. Although her legs were slightly facing inwards as a result of sitting cross-legged all day long on a rush cushion, her legs were really similar to the legs of the women in Ocean Country from the rumours. It looked similar as the women from the said country had to kneel for a long time every day. 

Thoughts and imaginations started to flash across Ning Fan’s mind. However, he eliminated those thoughts immediately and accused himself inwardly. Then, he adjusted his frame of mind for work. He took off Suqiu’s plain shoes and brocade socks, revealing a pair of feet which were sparkling like a jade. 

Her feet were different from the legs which had a little flaw. Her feet were born naturally like the jade ornaments. They were near perfect. 

However, her feet seemed to be too sensitive. When Ning Fan touched her toes carelessly, the unconscious Suqiu immediately let out a soft moan. 


That moan made Ning Fan lose his focus. While her feet were in his hands, Ning Fan was disturbed by the Heart’s Devil.

“The legs that I am holding now are the legs of the most honourable woman in Yue Country. Although she was superior in the eyes of all cultivators, now she was here for me to play with.”

This voice interrupted his state of mind. At the next second, a cold light formed on his eyes, crushing that evil intention. 

“Get lost!”

After suppressing the Heart’s Devil, Ning Fan’s eyes became clear and calm once more. Then, he secretly apologized. 

From various points of view, he was counted as profaning Suqiu Xianzi. Having evil intention towards his benefactor was really inhumane for Ning Fan.

“It is not difficult to cure this Dead Silkworm Poison. Following the preparation of the Dead Silkworm Poison by using the medicine soup from seventeen types of  thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, it would be easy to cure the poison. However, the first step was leading the poison back to the original part before spreading.” 

Ning Fan let out a soft sigh. Then, each of his hands stroked Suqiu’s knees. He transported his magical power when stroking along the knees. In that manner, he led the poison back to the ankle. 

It was icy cold and smooth.

Inadvertently, Suqiu’s breath became a little more rapid. When the effect of the poison lessened, Suiqu woke up. However, she did not dare to open her eyes because she realized her calves were being stroked by Ning Fan.

“He… What is he doing?! How dare he do this!” said Suqiu in her mind. She nearly had the impulse to slap Ning Fan who was a frivolous man she thought at that time. However, at the next moment, she found out that Ning Fan was actually curing her…

Her heart turned soft. How could she refuse since he was curing her.

However, she must not open her eyes. Otherwise, it would certainly turn to a very embarrassing situation for the both of them.

Therefore, the only thing she could do was to endure the heat of Ning Fan’s palms on her calves, ankles and feet. 

Unfortunately, her feet were so sensitive to an extent that she could feel Ning Fan’s palm print. 

She was blushing, but she could only tolerate it. If she was unconscious, it did not matter that she moaned. Or else, she would never allow herself to let out the shameful sound. As a former old ancestor of a righteous sect, how could she degrade herself in that manner.

However, the more she tolerated, her face turned redder. Even though her state of mind was intact, her body became weak and soft. 

“Please do it faster…to cure…my poison…” she whispered in her mind. She prayed inwardly that Ning Fan would move faster in ending this abnormal nightmare. 

She did not favour this numb and lost feeling which was beyond her control. She should have a higher status than anybody else. 

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