Grasping Evil - Chapter 140(1)

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The secret chamber was enveloped with silence. But slowly… an enchanting atmosphere engulfed the space. 

Ning Fan’s palm carresed Suqiu’s calf, ankle then down to her toes, forcing the Deadly Silk poison to be purged out of her Immortal Vein and converged at one spot. 

Humans were not emotionless, especially when your hand was caressing a woman’s body. Ning Fan focused upon his nose and his heart, silently reciting the Yin Yang Transformation. Under the effect of the desire, it enhanced the the Yin Yang Transformation by a small margin. 

From the separation of the black and white incarnation, Ning Fan now had a better understanding of the word Yin and Yang. Plus, he also gained an insight with the enhancement of the Yin Yang Transformation.

Both the act of plucking and dual cultivating could allow his cultivation realm to improve. 

By facing the naked bodies of women, the improvement of the cultivation realm could be achieved through the sharpening of the mind. 

The toes of the noble, forthright, ardent-natured and pure Suqiu could easily arouse evil intention. By repeatedly suppressing those evil thoughts, it allowed the cultivation of Yin Yang Transformation to slowly move towards the second level. 

Each level of cultivation stage was separated into nine realms. The previous romantic experiences had pushed Ning Fan’s cultivation level to reach the second realm of first level. Currently, it was showing signs of breaking through towards the third realm.

Suqiu was a half-step Nascent Soul expert that was almost the same as a real female Nascent Soul. Plus, she was a virgin and had an extremely dense Origin Yin Qi. The Origin Yin Qi that was faintly emitted under her skirt had also enabled Ning Fan’s cultivation to improve by a large margin. 

The requirement to reach the second level of the Yin Yang Transformation was to conduct sexual intercourse with a Nascent Soul for 99 times. Which meant that every 11 times of sexual intercourse, it would allow him to break through a small realm. Whereas if the Nascent Soul was a virgin, the first sexual intercourse would be equivalent to a dozen times…

With a female Nascent Soul cultivator that was still a virgin like Suqiu, lying unconscious in front of Ning Fan, he would undoubtedly rape her if his evil thoughts overcame him. It would be hard to pluck her cultivation realm. Nevertheless, he would have a high chance to break through the level of his cultivation by utilizing her Origin Yin Blood.

Once his cultivation level of Yin Yang Transformation reached the second realm, He could probably activate the second divine ability of the Yin Yang Locket… 

“I would benefit a lot if I pluck her, but this would violate my Dao Heart…”

Ning Fan sighed lightly while his palm touched her toes. He then shook his head and continued to detoxify the poison. 

In the end, his words were all heard by the seemingly unconscious Yin Suqiu, making her blush inwardly.

“This little fellow has such gall to even think of plucking me…” 

Her embarrassment was later replaced with slight worries. At the moment, her body was deeply poisoned, and she felt powerless against Ning Fan’s touch. If Ning Fan really wanted to rape her, she certainly didn’t have a chance to defend herself… 

Luckily, Ning Fan had no intention of plucking her cultivation. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know what to do if that really happened. 

Hence, Suqiu had now gained a better understanding of Ning Fan. 

This little fellow was young yet he was both ruthless and extremely audacious. As he cultivated the Dual Cultivation, he wouldn’t have any problem plucking her cultivation. However this little fellow had an unrelenting stubbornness.. Otherwise, given his abilities, he could easily conquer the whole Yue Country and seek a large number of female Gold Cores and pluck their cultivation… 

Yin Suqiu couldn’t help but feel confused and inevitably scared after hearing him say the language that was related to plucking, especially when her calf was being caressed by him. 

Even if she didn’t open her eyes, she could already imagine that Ning Fan was currently detoxifying the poison within her body and admiring her legs, probably even struggling on whether to pluck her cultivation. 

An old ancestor like herself had become a little lamb waiting to be butchered. If Ning Fan was overwhelmed by his evil thoughts and moved his hands upwards from her calf, her private part would have been invaded, and she would lose her virginity.

Truth to be told, why did no one stop Ning Fan when he brought her to the secret chamber? Why didn’t her two senior brothers monitor Ning Fan and protect her purity? 

Yes... She had betrayed the Great Void Sect… Senior Brother Zhong Xuanzi, Senior Brother Bei Hongzi would not care about her anymore… 

She felt a shred of sadness emerging from her heart and had lost all the sense of security. 

But at this moment, Ning Fan once again stopped his hand and said to himself, 

“I will not pluck you… Ning City is indebted to you this time… And I owe you a favour. If you face any crisis, I, Ning Fan, shall protect you once more no matter how strong the enemy is, as a repayment for the favour.” 

Those words were not said to Suqiu, but to Ning Fan himself. 

At this moment, he had ceased to struggle with his desires in the face of this beauty. His Dao Heart firmly stabilized as he ruthlessly suppressed his Heart Devil! This allowed his Mental Realm to improve enormously!

He was unaware that his words were like a drop of spring rain that had given a trace of warmth to the lonely Yin Suqiu. 

Gradually,Yin Suqiu no longer worried and believed that Ning Fan wouldn’t do anything bad against her. 

As her heart relaxed, the feeling of fatigue finally overtook her. She then fell into a semi-unconscious state. Despite feeling Ning Fan touching her body, she did not resist. She believed that it was all for the sake of detoxification. 

After forcing all of the poison into a single spot, he pierced a hole at the ankle to allow him to use his mouth and suck the poison out… When she felt Ning Fan’s tongue touching her foot, her body trembled, but she immediately endured it silently. However her body trembled once again, a sensation that felt like an electric shock flowed from her toes, to her jade legs, to her lower abdomen and slowly spread towards her whole body… 

It was an excruciating experience for a girl who extremely valued her own chastity… Suqiu endured patiently with hardship, yet the series of excruciating experience kept on coming over and over again. 

Ning Fan could feel the composition of the toxin that existed within her body. Hence, he now had an idea on the dosage of the antidote needed. He then compounded the antidote and fed it to Suqiu. Ning Fan’s finger would inevitably touch Suqiu’s lips in the process

When his finger touched upon her lips, Suqiu’s heart palpitated crazily. But she continued to pretend to be unconscious. 

After that, Ning Fan took out a burner and lit upto ten medicinal fragrance. Suqiu then slept soundly under the effect of this fragrance. The toxin was expelled from her body like silk in the strands of green mist, it was an extremely weird sight to behold. 

Suqiu’s suffering had finally ended… Perhaps to her, this suffering would be remembered as a special memory? 

The Dead Silk Poison had finally been detoxified. The fatigue finally caught Ning Fan who had not rested and was busy treating Suqiu. His body finally gave up and he collapsed on the floor…  

He too, was badly injured. 

Ning Fan only woke up ten days later and Suqiu had long been gone. Only Ning Fan was left alone, and was carefully covered with a blanket within the secret chamber.

There was a handkerchief with the word “Thanks” written on it by the pillow. The word was beautiful yet strong. This showed that the writer must have stubborn principles. 

Naturally, it was written by Suqiu. 

Ning Fan only smiled lightly, and didn't put this in his heart. Then casually, he kept the handkerchief and left the secret chamber. 

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