Grasping Evil - Chapter 141

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In a dark room which had fragrant scent wafting in the air, there was a holy lady who was spotlessly clean. The eyebrows on her beautiful face were tightly frowned while bathing in a wooden bath.

A thin layer of fog evaporated in the air, making it difficult to see her skin clearly. 

For this lady, there was a matter in her mind that she could not sort out. 

At this moment, someone knocked the door of her room. The sound of Ning Fan’s tease was heard from outside. 

“Sisi, what’s wrong with you? Do you need master to have a look? Oh, there is a sound of water splashing. Are you bathing? I am coming in right now…”


Si Wuxie bit her lips and jumped out from the wooden bath. Then, she used her magical power to evaporate the water, drying the water in the bath. With a simple gesture of her hand, pieces of clothes were drawn to her hand. Within seconds, she had put on her clothes.

However, it seemed like she was very nervous and confused as she buttoned up a button wrongly. There was no time to fix that because the door had already been opened. Ning Fan stepped into the room with a smile. He got closer to Si Wuxie step by step. 

“It’s very fragrant. It seems like you have washed yourself clean. Not bad... I heard from Zhi He that you felt uncomfortable. So, she asked me to cure you. However, it looks like you want to tempt master. Is it the unsolved matter in your heart? 

“Don’t touch me!”

Facing Ning Fan who was getting closer with every step, Si Wuxie turned nervous. She shook her sleeve and a sword shadow emerged on her palm. She pointed it to Ning Fan’s chest. Upon seeing the sword, Ning Fan stopped and his smile faded. There was no longer any tease, only Ning Fan’s sigh.

As expected, the lady’s memories had been restored. She was no longer the lady who would do stupid things with Zhi He. She no longer was the lady who was dying to have Ning Fan’s indulgence. 

“Si Wuxie, you truly have your memories back… Go ahead. What do you want now?”

“I want a Nascent Formation Pill… If you don’t give it to me, I will kill you!” said Si Wuxie with a cold light shining from her eyes. 

She had regained all of her memories. She remembered that the young man before her eyes was the person who eliminated Heaven Separation Sect with his bare hands. Then, he humiliated, imprisoned and even erased her memories. After erasing her memories, he made her into a spiritual puppet.

With the loss of her memory, she acted like a slave and served Ning Fan with great respect… All these actions made the Si Wuxie today totally ashamed. 

Her intention to kill Ning Fan would become firmer whenever traces of her memories flashed. Even now, after being teased by Ning Fan, she wished that she could pierce Ning Fan’s chest with the sword in her hand. However, her hand was trembling…

That tremble did not escape Ning Fan’s sight. Moreover, the sword was only a Middle Grade magical treasure. Ning Fan’s body refining realm had already reached the Silver Bone. Her sword could not even make a scratch on Ning Fan’s body…The only thing that mattered to Ning Fan was Si Wuxie’s attitude. The reason he teased her as soon as he entered the room was because he wanted to conceal the slight nervousness within his heart.

From the bottom of his heart, Ning Fan was not willing to watch Sisi become his enemy again. However, judging from the current situation, it seemed like his desire was too fanciful. 

“You want a Nascent Formation Pill? Is this the reason you lent me a hand during the battle?” asked Ning Fan with a hint of disappointment. 

“Of course! Otherwise, what other reasons could there be!”

“You can have a Nascent Formation Pill. I happen to have one more here. Old Monster Purple Yin has been killed. Now, his pill belongs to you…”

Ning Fan closed his eyes and patted his pouch. He took out an exquisite jade box and tossed it to Si Wuxie.

“The Nascent Formation Pill is already in your hand. What do you intend to do next?”

“Hmm, for the sake of the pill, I will let you go. From today onwards, we owe nothing to each other…” said Si Wuxie, carrying a hint of weakness in her breath. 

“You wish to leave? You don’t want to kill me? Is it because you’re afraid or you are not willing to kill me…” said Ning Fan. At the same moment, he opened his eyes and stared into Si Wuxie’s eyes as though he wanted to find the trace of Sisi within her. 

“Hmm, I am just too lazy to kill you. Just don’t pester me anymore! Otherwise… I will not spare your life!”

“You can never kill me…” said Ning Fan as he snapped his finger. When his finger touched the sword in Si Wuxie’s hand, the sword vibrated and shattered into pieces immediately. Only cultivators whose body refining realm had broken through to the Silver Bone realm could shatter a sword with just a snap of the finger. After breaking Si Wuxie’s magical treasure, he pulled Si Wuxie into his arms and embraced her. When Si Wuxie was in Ning Fan’s arms, she shockingly discovered that she did not even have the strength to struggle even though she was a peak Gold Core expert. 

“How can you be so powerful! One year ago, you could not even withstand my dance sleeve attack… Also, let me go now! Or else…”

“Don’t worry, Si Wuxie. This hug is not for you. This is for Sisi. You may go. I don’t wish to keep you. I will also not erase your memories again. But, if you dare to harm Ning City or Zhi He, I will let everyone know that the holy Jade Pool Saintess had struggled in my arms after I ascend to the Four Heaven Immortal Worlds.”

The words that Ning Fan used to threaten Si Wuxie did not carry any killing intent. However, Si Wuxie’s facial expression changed after listening to those words. 

“How dare you! If you dare to destroy the purity of my name, I will… I will…”

The moment when Si Wuxie fell into Ning Fan’s arm, she was powerless to struggle. Facing Ning Fan’s threat, she sadly found out that she did not have any words to refute Ning Fan to intimidate him. 

Jade Pool Saintess was definitely a holy lady. She could not tolerate to be profaned by others. Besides, it was already considered a sin to be touched by a man even with just a finger. However, she had been completely naked before Ning Fan’s eyes. At this moment, she was even in Ning Fan’s embrace. 

Dissatisfied… Even if her memories came back, she was still not Ning Fan’s match so much so that she was unable to break loose from Ning Fan’s embrace. 

However, in the next moment, Ning Fan let go of her. He sat on a table at one side of the room, pouring wine from a jade pot before drinking it. 

“You better go now before I change my mind…”

He was turning his back towards Si Wuxie, showing her all his flaws. Despite that, Si Wuxie could sense that even though Ning Fan turned his back towards her, he could still kill her easily if she tried to attack him once more. 

Actually, she was reluctant to kill Ning Fan, and the idea of harming Ning City had never crossed her mind before. In fact, she was still Sisi. However, she was the Sisi who had gained Si Wuxie’s memories. As such, she would never hurt Zhi He…

Besides, she had not expected that it was so easy to demand a Nascent Formation Pill from Ning Fan. Originally, she prepared a few threats to threaten Ning Fan. Now, it seemed like there was no use to them. 

Also, she did not think that Ning Fan, whose actual strength had surpassed her, would allow her to leave. With his current power, he could have easily wiped out her memories, and make her into a new spiritual puppet.

While her hair was still wet, she stepped out the door with disbelief. As expected, Ning Fan did not stop her. 

“Why did he not stop or kill me…” she said inwardly. Si Wuxie tipped her feet and soared up to the sky. None of the cultivators in Ning City pursued and attacked her. 

Ning Fan had let the lady escape. 

After Si Wuxie left, Nan Gong came out from the shade outside the door. He walked into the room and looked at Ning Fan who was drinking wine with confusion.

“Young Lord, is it suitable to just let that person go in this manner? She was the sect master of Heaven Separation Sect. She had a blood feud with our Ning City and Seven Apricot City…”

“Blood feud? I don’t think that’s the case. The hatred and grudge that she has on me is merely because I eliminated Heaven Separation Sect and destroyed her plan. I was not aware that she used her clone to come here. I was not sure about her plan, and I do not want to know it. However, I can be sure of one thing. The elimination of Heaven Separation Sect was only a trivial matter to the big shots above the Four Heavens. With the purity of her name as a threat, she would not do anything to harm us. In contrast, she would escape as far away as possible judging by her personality. She was afraid that I would go back on my word and capture her again,” replied Ning Fan while drinking the wine. 

“Young Lord, you don’t mean it when you said those words…” said Nan Gong with a frown. 

“Haha, I really can’t hide anything from you! I am unwilling to kill her. It’s not that I am unwilling to kill Si Wuxie, but I’m reluctant to kill Sisi… If I erase her memories again, perhaps the memories of Sisi would also be erased. Let’s just forget this. This actually ended in a good way. That lady could not do any  harm. My true enemy was far more terrifying than Si Wuxie. Nan Gong, I will leave temporarily. After ten days, I will be back…”

At that moment, Ning Fan put down his cup and went out of the door, vanishing in the dark sky. 

It was good that Si Wuxie’s grudges ended like this. Following up, there would be some trivial matters that needed to be handled.

They were unimportant, but they were something hard to give up. 

Within the room, Nan Gong let out a deep sigh.

“Young Lord is not cold-blooded enough. However, this could be the reason that Master kept him as an apprentice.” 

Amidst the snowstorm that landed in Seven Apricot City, a young man came alone treading on the snow. 

He wore white clothes with a black cloak. There were dark feathers on the black cloak which made it look a lot like a manteaux. It added a hint of heroism on the thin young man who looked weak and pale.

The moment he reached Seven Apricot City, there were a number of devil cultivators on the gate of the city. All of them seemed to have a formidable enemy before them. 

They could not sense the qi of the young man. Even if the young man got closer to the gate, all they could do was look at the young man with their naked eyes. None of them could sense anything. 

Who is this man?! Could he be a Gold Core old monster?! 

These devil cultivators who were guarding the city were the new recruits of the Four Families of Seven Apricot after the departure of the Three Divine Armies. The aura of the new devil guards was not as good as the Three Divine Armies, not to say their boldness and insights. Amongst the guards, there were cultivators who had never seen a Gold Core old monster.

Therefore, it was only logical that they did not recognize the youngster who was brought back to Seven Apricot City by the Old Devil that day. 

“Who are you!” asked a few Vein Opening cultivators boldly.

“I am the Young Lord of Seven Apricot, Ning Fan…” said Ning Fan with a faint smile. He waved his sleeve and a breeze blew away the cultivators’ weapons which were blocking the road. Then, he entered the city by himself.

In the snowstorm, each of the devil cultivators was frozen to the ground after hearing Ning Fan’s name. 

“It’s Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow… No, it’s Young Lord. He has come back! He is the Young Lord of our Seven Apricot. His aura is fierce and swift! 

“Aiya, I was almost scared to death. I thought he was one of those righteous cultivators who came riding on a sword. Hmm, those people are just Harmonious Spirit cultivators, but they dared to talk boldly at the City Lord. They really had no manners…”

Although the words spoken unintentionally by the devil cultivators were soft, they still could not escape Ning Fan’s ears. 

The next moment, Ning Fan stopped abruptly and a hint of cold light shone through his eyes. 

“You said there were people who came to Seven Apricot City and created troubles…”

“Yes there was. Rumours said that those people had powerful connections. It was as though they had enmity with the City Lord back then.” 

The devil cultivators had not even finished speaking when the young man before them gave out a frightening killing intent. 

Within the killing intent, there was also a trace of worry. 

He swept the area covering thousands of li using his spirit sense. Within the Si Fan Palace of the city, there were a number of arbitrary qi detected by Ning Fan in an instant.

Besides, a few people amongst them that had the guts to dig Little Dugu’s grave!

“Who are they? They do have the audacity!”

A cold hum came out from Ning Fan’s mouth, carrying an indescribable pressure. The next instant, the burly men who were digging the grave turned pale. They spat out blood and fell backwards. They were extremely terrified. 

“Is this… a Nascent Soul old monster?!”

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