Grasping Evil - Chapter 142 (1)

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Si Fan Palace was a restricted area. But today, these Harmonious Spirit cultivators forced their way in to it.

If it weren’t for him sensing that Old Devil was not harmed, he would’ve immediately used sword sense to kill these cultivators!

He had practiced Dao for two years and was rarely infuriated… However this did not mean that he did not have a reverse scale.

Seven Apricot was his reverse scale!

The grave digging cultivators were still in shock. They saw a black light shining above the sky of Si Fan Palace. The next moment, a teenager emerged in mid-air  under the snow apricot tree.

This teenager had a cold expression, his glabella had a starshine and his eyes had a raging sword qi.

The teenager seemed to be not human, but a sword! A dominating devil sword that could execute countless Gods and Buddhas!

This was how an average cultivator viewed Ning Fan!

The Harmonious Spirit cultivators with higher cultivation base could better gauge the sword qi of the teenager. These cultivators wore a grey sword robe embroidered with a sword mark, and each of them carried four flying swords in their back.

A pale youngster stood behind the group of the burly grave diggers. He looked like 25 or 26 years old, and he was a late Harmonious Spirit. Those who had such a cultivation in their twenties were considered to have monstrous talent. This teenager looked like the leader of the gang. Instead of having only four flying swords, he had six.

The terrifying qi that Ning Fan emitted had made the pale youngster frown slightly, but he did not falter. He made his way through the crowd towards Ning Fan’s front. Then, he lightly clasped his hand and spoke with a hint of arrogance:

“Fellow daoist, we are sword guards from the Sword World and are here on a private business. Please do not interfere and leave immediately.”

“Sword World?”

Ning Fan’s gaze turned slightly stern. He now recalled that the Old Devil and the Sword World did have some grudges. The old man’s Dao Mate seemed to be the beloved daughter of some big shot in the Sword World, and the little Dugu who had been buried here seemed to have the same identity.

Could these grave diggers be little Dugu’s family members?

They would not be able to enter the Rain Immortal World if they did not have a strong background… One should know that each of the immortal worlds had a strict control of their borders, restricting the access of outsiders in their respective realms. If this group of cultivators really had a powerful background in the Sword World, then they would be able to get around the restrictions and enter Rain World. Also, the fact that all of them only had Harmonious Spirit cultivation was an act in accordance to the law set by the Rain World, so experts of higher level wouldn’t dare to come here.

If that was the case, Ning Fan could understand why… But why didn’t the Old Devil stop these people from entering Si Fan Palace or express his anger at them? Given the character of the Old Devil… he would have risked his life to stop these people from entering the palace even though he had lost all of his cultivation. After all, this was the place where he and his Dao companion shared their moments in life.

The pale youngster seemed pleased when Ning Fan became silent after hearing the name of Sword World.

Nascent Soul cultivator, so what? A Nascent Soul were only a country’s old ancestor in a deserted place like Yue Country. But in the Sword World, and especially in the clan of this pale youngster, Nascent Cultivators were merely considered average.

“Since you now know that this is a private business of the Sword World, scram!” The youngster spoke as if he had found back his pride. Yet the only reply he received was Ning Fan’s cold stare.

“Hmph, so what if you are from the Sword World?!”

Followed by Ning Fan’s concentrated gaze, his sword sense swept across silently. The youngster and his group had a sure-death premonition raised within their heart!

The youngster instantly lost all of his arrogance, and his expression was now filled with fear and disbelief!

“Sword… sword consciousness and sword sense… You… You…”

He couldn’t help but feel shocked. A Nascent Soul cultivator was only an average joe in the Sword World, but a sword cultivator who had sword consciousness and sword sense was extremely rare and each of them was Sword Emperor of Void Fragmentation realm.

A mere Void Fragmentation Sword Cultivator did not have the qualification to be called a Sword Emperor! The people who were named ‘Emperor’, like the Ghost Emperor, Demon Emperor, Sword Emperor… were invincible existences!

The Sword World was one of the strongest Immortal Worlds, just below the Devil World, Demon World and the Heaven Immortal World. Every sword emperor ancestor could use the sword qi of their sword sense to easily massacre infinite number of low level cultivators with just a single thought.

The youngster could not believe that Ning Fan was a genius sword cultivator that had the talent to become a Sword Emperor!

Also, the sword qi within Ning Fan’s sword sense had a weak yet dominating sword qi that could easily kill all cultivators who were under early Gold Core!

The youngster could not believe it when Ning Fan dared to try attacking them even though Ning Fan knew that he and his group of people came from a large and powerful background… Ning Fan would kill them all, even if it meant offending some Sword Emperor Ancestor of the Sword World!

He must be a madman!

Suddenly, voices could be heard from outside the courtyard and the grave mound when he was about to kill them.

“Ning Fan, abstain from killing!”  

“Fan’er, stop!”

Just after the voices were heard, a female ghost gently flew out of the grave mound, and stood below the Apricot tree. Whereas the black robed old man walked limply into the courtyard.

The ghost was a skinny girl and wore a white robe. She had a thick long hair and a slender waist. She had an apricot flower at the temple of her hair. She stood upon the blizzard like a branch of apricot that was graceful and lonely. Her eyes were lonely and had a shred of Sorrowful Sword Sense. Ning Fan who had comprehended the Divine Rain Intent could faintly sense that the fierce Sword Intent within her eyes was unique, just like a Divine Intent… It could be an intent realm that must be comprehended by the Sword World’s Spirit Severing sword cultivators.

Could little Dugu be a Spirit Severing cultivator when she was alive?

Looking at the Old Devil, he still wore a black robe. But his gaze that was once wild had now become tranquil and his black hair became gray white. These two years must have not been easy for him.

Ning Fan felt slightly sad and sighed lightly. His hostility towards Emperor Moksha became stronger.

The Old Devil could have been a True Immortal and wandered about leisurely in the Four Heaven Immortal Worlds, if it wasn’t because of Emperor Moksha. The Old Devil could’ve had his cultivation recovered, and stomped freely across the Rain World, if it weren’t for Emperor Moksha…

It had been two years and things in Seven Apricot City remained the same except for the people.

Both the Old Devil and Dugu were assessing Ning Fan, while Ning Fan was also observing the both of them.

When Ning Fan had just returned, little Dugu’s eyes had a trace of joy that could not easily be detected. Little Dugu was surprised for a while when she sensed that Ning Fan had the qi of a Nascent Soul, and with both the sword consciousness and sword sense. Ning Fan had an unknown sword sense that made Dugu, who had comprehended her own Sword Intent, to feel slightly fearful…

The average cultivators could understand Sword Intent… But that was just the tip of the iceberg of the sword qi, and not the true Sword IntentThe real Sword Intent could only be comprehended by Spirit Severing cultivators. Little Dugu, who comprehended her own Sword Intent before reaching Spirit Severing, was renowned as one of the “Sword World’s Three Brave Ones”.

But even she did not have the sword consciousness and sword sense when she was a Nascent Soul. Little Dugu felt for the first time that she could not read Ning Fan… Not just his disposition, but also his cultivation was much harder to read… as if it was hidden inside a great fog.

He had become one of the greatest experts in this generation in less than two years…

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