Grasping Evil - Chapter 143

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It was as though Ning Fan’s heart had struck a bottle of five flavors. His facial expression became strange.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If he knew beforehand that taking away the sword qi would need to bear the responsibility of a lady’s life, he would absolutely not act rashly. Even if he wished to help Little Dugu, he would surely find other ways.

He was tricked by the Old Devil…

The Old Devil let out an unscrupulous smile while Little Dugu stamped her feet, feeling ashamed and annoyed.

Ning Fan put away his thoughts.

His sight fell upon Little Dugu, and she immediately turned her head angrily. Although she was angry, there was no sign of unwillingness from her.

Ning Fan sighed slightly. It seemed like the lady had some interest in me…

Trouble… However, this trouble was considered impossible to be cast aside. It was because Ning Fan found out that there was an illusory sword qi seal appearing at the back of his hand. At the same time, there was also a seal emerging slowly on Little Dugu’s hand.

A strange sense of connection between their minds rose immediately upon the emergence of the seals. It seemed like there was an invisible string tying the both of them.

“This is…” said Ning Fan while looking at the sword seal on the back of his hand. Then, he looked at the Old Devil as though he was asking for an answer. However, the Old Devil burst into laughter at the next moment.

“This is ‘One Heart Sword Seal’. With this seal, this lady can only be your wife for her entire life… Ning brat, you have earned it!”

The words that came out from the Old Devil’s mouth made Little Dugu even more ashamed and annoyed. All the frustration was vented on the icy snow on the ground.

“Han Yuanji, you are not even a thing! Little Devil Ning, you are not a human, not a human!”

As for the group of arrogant sword cultivators, all of them looked distressed as if their parents had passed away.

It’s over, it’s over… The One Heart Sword Seal has emerged. Even if Little Dugu returned to Sword World, she still wouldn’t be able to marry the grandson of the God Sovereign of the Sword World.  

“Alright, Commander Qin, please bring your people to have a rest. I have something to speak to my disciple. Also, I don’t want you all to hear it…”

“En…” sighed the fair and clear young man.

The Old Devil had decided to go to the Sword World. There were three reasons for this journey.

Firstly, it was for Ning Fan’s safety. If the Old Devil returned to Sword World, Emperor Moksha might not attack Ning Fan. After all, Emperor Moksha was an arrogant man. He would certainly not descend just to kill Ning Fan.

Secondly, it was because of Little Dugu.

Little Dugu was a soul, which looked like a female ghost. However, she did not turn into a soul by getting killed by others. It was because when she left her world, she left with her soul. Her body was stored in ice back in Sword World.

Her soul was not an ordinary soul. It was a form of soul that could only be condensed by the minority of cultivators in Sword World, a sword soul. With the soul as her body, it was strange that she could demonstrate all her magical power.

However, there was a time limit for the sword soul to leave the body. Normally, it could not be absent from the body for more than a hundred years. Otherwise, there would be a difficulty for the soul to return to its original body.

In fact, it had been a long time since Little Dugu’s sword soul had left Sword World. It was already time for her to return.

Thirdly, it was because of the lady who was stored in the sea of fire.

At the underground sea of fire, below Seven Apricot City. Old Devil, Ning Fan and Little Dugu were standing just outside the sea. Their eyes were fixed on the fire coffin in the centre of the sea.

Within the fire coffin, there was a lady whose appearance looked fairly similar to Little Dugu. She was in a deep slumber.

Ning Fan only dared to look at the lady inside the coffin for a short moment before immediately shifting his gaze away. To him, it was an act of profanity if he continued to look at her any longer.

“She is Xiao Mei. Look at her. Is she alive or dead…?” the Old Devil suddenly asked Ning Fan, carrying a certain meaning.

Ning Fan could guess that the lady was the author of Seven Apricot Notes when the Old Devil specially brought him in the sect. She’s Little Dugu’s sister and also the Old Devil’s lover.

The biggest reason for the Old Devil to accept Ning Fan as his disciple was this lady…

Ning Fan stared at the fire coffin, feeling a little terrified.

Putting aside the divine ability of the fire coffin, it’s grade was not any weaker than the Yin Yang Locket!

Profound Yin’s Treasure, Yin Yang Locket…

Pure Yang’s Treasure, Heavens Evading Coffin!

The coffin released a trace of power that could deceive the heavens. Hence, the body of the lady did not decay. The condition of the lady was extremely strange. She seemed to be a dead person as her life force had almost dissipated. Besides, if she left the fire coffin, she would go into Samsara immediately. However, it was incorrect to say that the lady was dead as there was still a trace of vague life force which remained intact under the heaven deceiving power of the fire coffin!

Inside the body of the lady, there seemed to be a cold ice power which was very difficult to dissolve. Although it was obviously an element of ice, it was burning in the lady’s body.

The power had destroyed all of the Immortal Veins of the lady. If there was not the strange power of ice, Ning Fan actually had a few ways to bring the lady directly back to life.

The power of ice was too difficult to handle. Even Void Fragmentation cultivators would be afraid to touch it. However, there was something hard to comprehend. Ning Fan’s Yin Yang Locket resonated slightly with the power.

Plus, there was a trace of the lady’s qi which was very similar to Ning Fan’s qi. That similarity made Ning Fan’s eyes shine with surprise.

“This is… Yin Yang Devil Veins!”

“Correct, Xiao Mei had the same evil veins as you. You are the only person that could save Xiao Mei in the world…”

The Old Devil’s words stopped abruptly. Then, he faltered out a few words,

“Ning brat, I have a way to save Xiao Mei. However, the precondition is that you must break through to the Void Fragmentation realm… Besides that, you will also suffer a serious injury after saving Xiao Mei… You could clearly sense it, the power of ice. It is very dreadful… Even if I regained all of my strength, all I could do was to suppress that kind of power… Are you willing to help me, and save her…”

Ning Fan closed his eyes gently. Little Dugu who was beside them had the feeling of nervousness, struggle and contradictory emotions written on her face.

It seemed like she really wished for her sister to be revived, but at the same time, she was worried that I would get hurt for saving her sister.

When Ning Fan opened his eyes again, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“It is only a trivial matter even if I suffer a serious injury for saving her… After I have broken through to Void Fragmentation, I will definitely save her. However, are you all really going back to Sword World…”

“Yes, we must return. Xiao Mei’s father seems to have ways to nourish her body and soul… In that manner, the chances of her revival would be bigger…”

“Master, can I ask a question… How was this lady wounded?”

“You noticed that?”

“En, this power of ice was completely the opposite of the power of my Black Devil Sect. Black Devil takes the element of fire as primacy. However, this power of ice is very much similar to Black Devil, but was the opposite…”

Actually, Ning Fan was hesitating to save a person when he closed his eyes and meditated just now. He was contemplating because he had seen the oddity of the power of ice.

Knowing the cause of the lady’s wound did not stop him from being more curious. Instead, he became more mindful about it.

Who was it that dared to hurt the lady to such a degree, knowing perfectly well that she was the daughter of a big shot from the Sword World? It was impossible to be Emperor Moksha. If it was Emperor Moksha, Old Devil would have turned against him or the father of the lady would have just crossed worlds and fought against Emperor Moksha to death.

As a matter of fact, Emperor Moksha should only be secretly plotting against Old Devil when Old Devil was a True Immortal. At that time, the Old Devil’s strength must be far greater than Emperor Moksha while Emperor Moksha was still not a Void Fragmentation cultivator. He could not even hurt the finger of Old Devil. It would be futile to seriously injure the Old Devil just by solely depending on the Absolute Yin Poison.

Perhaps, the Old Devil was secretly poisoned with the Absolute Yin Poison after his cultivation base was greatly damaged.

Then, could the person who harmed the lady be an enemy that the Old Devil met while he was still a True Immortal?

Therefore, that person was certainly so powerful that the big shots in Sword World acted like they did not bother to care about it?

When Emperor Moksha betrayed the Old Devil, there must be someone inciting behind his back. Could the person be the arch criminal who harmed Old Devil and the lady?

Who exactly was he?!

“Ning Brat, do you know that “Black Devil Sect” was not the original name of my sect… Initially, we belonged to one of the sects of the Four Oceans Sect. Then, the sect was split into two… One of them was Black Devil Sect that took the element of fire as primacy. Another one was called White Devil Sect that took the ice as their deity…

“Ning brat, remember this… If you had the opportunity to ascend to the Four Heavens Immortal World, never reveal that you are the leader of Black Devil Sect… In the four heavens, there is my arch-enemy, White Devil…”

At that moment, the intention to kill clouded Old Devil’s eyes!

It seemed like the hatred within his eyes wanted to tear the sky apart!

Black Devil, White Devil!

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