Grasping Evil - Chapter 144 (2)

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“I told you that I am only loaning it to you to have a look. You do not need to tell others. I accidentally got this scroll from the Trial of the Sword Ancestor, no one had ever seen this scroll except for me, not even father! I’m just loaning it to you to have a read, you read! Why are you being so long-winded!” It looked like Little Dugu was angered, she did not know why, but when she sensed Ning Fan was being so distant, she became extremely angry without reason.

She stomped her foot and her wisp of soul scattered, it looked like she had returned to the grave.

“Go away! I do not want to see you!” She gave an expulsion order.

Ning Fan sighed while holding onto the scroll, and looked at the grave mound.

He could only stay silent under Little Dugu’s voice of expulsion.

The ancient scroll was an expensive gift…

The ‘Sword Finger’ was said to be one of the Sword Ancestor’s secret sword inheritances. The key to it was to refine the cultivator's body like how one refined a sword.

This was a lost divine ability, an Ancient Fiendgod Body Refinement Technique! Little Dugu was really fortunate that she unexpectedly obtained such item.

The sword body technique was separated into ‘Sword Finger’, ‘Sword Bone’, ‘Sword Eye’, ‘Sword Heart’ and ten other volumes. The ‘Sword Finger’ volume recorded the divine ability of cultivating the finger into a sword.

Cultivators have ten fingers and if all ten fingers became swords, it could even cut down a fiendgod in a flash. This technique was from an incomplete volume, and the process of refining one’s finger into a sword was extremely difficult and painful. The most important thing was to refine the fingers via Earth Spirit Vein.

Ning Fan still remembered the day when the 30,000-meter white bone body of Emperor Moksha descended. A single finger of his had a devastating aura that could destroy both the heavens and earth.

With the Fiendgod Body Refining Technique, as the user’s body grew stronger, its power will become increasingly terrifying as well.

Ning Fan who had the body of a First Realm Silver Body only knew the ‘Eighteen-Meter Body’ body refinement technique. Whereas the ‘Colossal Bone Secret Art’ was yet to be cultivated, and its divine ability was incomparable to the power of a single finger from the ‘Sword Finger’.

One could vaguely understand from the words of Little Dugu, that she obtained the technique from the Trial of the Sword Ancestor.

Ning Fan did not know what was the Trial of the Sword Ancestor, but he could imagine it being one of the grandest trials of the Sword World. There was even a possibility in obtaining the inheritance of the Sword Ancestor, and it was surely extremely sought after by all the old monsters.

The Sword World’s old monsters’ greed would have been ignited if they knew about the ‘Sword Finger’ technique’s existence.

Little Dugu had given him such an expensive gift so easily… Ning Fan’s heart turned chaotic.

This girl had a feeling towards him… he would’ve lived in vain if he did not notice it.

“I will certainly go to the Sword World a hundred years later, if I am not dead…”

After Ning Fan finished his sentence, an escaping light flashed and he disappeared from the snow.

Little Dugu heard those words within the grave mound, she became silent for a long time then suddenly revealed a joyful voice.

“Hmmph, Little Devil Ning, luckily you still have a conscience… I will hate you forever if you do not come…”


Three days later, Ning Fan stood under the snow and watched Little Dugu leave with the Sword World cultivators riding on their swords.

The Old Devil left with ease, laughing loudly. However, he was carefully protecting his storage pouch, within the storage pouch stored the Fire Coffin which he deemed to be the most important.

Quite a number of Yue Country’s cultivator heard the news and came to spectate such a rare scene. Some of them recognized the Old Devil, while some of them recognized the cultivators of the Sword World. Whereas some of the old monsters recognized Little Dugu who had single-handedly defeated the cultivators from Yue Country with just a single blade in the past ten years.

Every one of them did not dare to speak and just silently thought, how did Han Yuanji established such a relationship with the big shots of the Sword World.

Those that were observant could faintly see that the cultivation base of the Old Devil was unusual. But with Ning Fan now in the spotlight of Yue Country and being the disciple of the Old Devil, only fools would dig on the details of the Old Devil…

Outside of the snowing Seven Apricot city, Ning Fan and four Harmonious Spirit cultivators watched the Old Devil leave. Each of them sighed when the Old Devil could no longer be seen.

The four clan leaders’ hearts felt empty with the Old Devil gone. Plus Ning Fan would also leave Yue Country soon… Seven Apricot city felt like an empty city without the rowdy Old Devil.

“Young lord, what should Seven Apricot City do from now on…” Mo Rushui saluted and asked respectfully.

“The four clan leaders had followed the Old Devil, and had worked hard half of their lifetime. Isn’t it now the chance to put down official matters and concentrate on cultivating. These medicinal pills, cultivation methods, cultivation records, treasure refining and pill concoction records, were what I’ve been preparing these past three days. It may have been somewhat rushed, but I believed that each one of you would find it helpful.”

Ning Fan passed a storage pouch that was filled to the brim to Mo Rushui, his gaze swept upon Seven Apricot city and left with a faint smile.

The four clan leaders opened the storage pouch after he had left, and each of them showed a shocked expression.

Spirit Raising Pill! Spirit Consolidating Pill! There were even many medicinal pills that could help in breaking through to the Gold Core realm!

The highest grade of pill that was within the pouch was a Fourth Revolution!

There were explanations from Harmonious Spirit towards Nascent Soul within the records, and each process was thoroughly explained. The four of them could make lesser mistakes in their cultivation with these records!

These four people’s talents were not weak, but they had put their effort into treasure refinement, formation setting, cloud refinement, and spirit augmentation. With the help of these cultivation records and medicinal pills, they could easily cultivate towards the realm of peak Harmonious Spirit within ten years!

These records could even assist them towards their gold core formation. If they were lucky… they could even have a chance to become a Nascent Soul!

This storage pouch was just a small gesture from Ning Fan, but to them, it was a big gift!

However, what the four clan leaders really care was how easily Ning Fan prepared such an expensive gift. What was his real cultivation realm? What level was his pill concoction technique?

“Unfathomable!” The four clan leaders sighed. The jade slip shattered into ash after their spirit sense swept through the jade slip.

There was a special formation set in the jade slip. After their spirit sense  had swept through it, it would automatically self-destruct.

Ning Fan seemed to be worried that these records would cause some Gold Core old monsters to spy upon it and bring forth unnecessary troubles to Seven Apricot city. Hence, he made it self-destruct after the four of them finished reading.

The four clan leaders sighed once again.

The young lord is really extremely intelligent… Such outstanding talent would certainly create a storm in the Endless Sea that was also dubbed as the ‘Grave of Cultivators’.

“Thank you, young lord! With us here! Seven Apricot city will surely be safe for a long time!”

Their voices were filled with magical force, and it resounded throughout the clouds.

Ning Fan who was already several hundred li away retracted his spirit sense and faintly smiled.

Such is well….

Seven Apricot city could finally be considered safe.

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