Grasping Evil - Chapter 146(1)

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Li Hen Mountain of the Yue Country was drizzling with rain.  

Yue Country, being situated in the Rain World which rains a lot, naturally has rain too. Two years ago, the All Pleasure Sect was built on this site. But this sect was exterminated in a single night by Yue Country’s ‘Revered Alchemist’ Han Yuanji!

This was the place where the Old Devil’s unlucky disciple tragically died, and also the place where he and Ning Fan met.

This was the place where Ning Fan was plucked by the demoness, and also the place where he was first acquainted with Zhihe.

It was the place where everything started and ended.

Only a ruin remained from what was once the All Pleasure Sect. With the spirit vein under the mountain being destroyed, spiritual qi could not be produced and no cultivators came to set their own sect here anymore. Only woodcutters would come up to the mountain and songs could be occasionally heard from the ravine.

A white-robbed black-cloaked youth stood on the mountain summit with eyes slightly closed while listening to the song under the rain.

Memories were being played back in his mind.

His whole body was dry and the raindrops did not wet his robe. The raindrops trajectory mysteriously deviated its course and did not hit on the youth’s body.

The divine ability that made the rain deviate its course was named Divine Rain Intent!

“This was the place where I had deviated my fate, therefore I am no longer me. Even if the rain had deviated from its course, it is still rain… Humans are inferior to the rain, much too fickle…”

The youth opened his eyes, and within his eyes flashed a shred of vicissitude divine intent.

The Old Devil and Little Dugu had already left, Seven Apricot city had become cold… The Rain World had rain and Li Hen Mountain had also become cold.

Emperor Moksha may not threaten him a hundred years later after the departure of the Old Devil. He could easily find a place to hide, and avoid a confrontation with Emperor Moksha.

Void Fragmentation in a hundred years will be difficult… Defeating Emperor Moksha in a hundred years is certainly difficult… Why shouldn’t I escape if I could…

Why not run away, why do I still persevere, why should I desperately increase my strength…

Why do I even cultivate in the demonic way… Why should I cultivate the Dao?

Ning Fan’s heart devil gradually blossomed in his heart. He would be unable to attain Core Formation his entire life if this heart devil was not eliminated and be forever harassed by it.

“Perhaps I should heed master’s word and give up the empty dream of attaining Void Fragmentation in a hundred years. Avoiding Emperor Moksha and steadily reach Void Fragmentation realm in a thousand years was a lot safer…” “However master was injured by Emperor Moksha! This enmity could not be forgotten!”

Ning Fan’s heart devil was suppressed instantly and he suddenly opened his eyes. The rain in Li Hen Mountain was suddenly endowed with a shred of strange divine charm and was stopped mid-air. The rain was not falling and moving, it looked like it was floating, as if the world had become static!

It was due to the youth’s Divine Rain Intent being endowed with a shred of realm intent that made the rain stop falling. The realm intent with the determination to defy the Heavens!

This intent had made the raindrops halt and his heart devil suppressed. The youth made this intent a tool to cut down his heart devil!

“It’s still not enough… If I could use the Divine Rain Intent to make this rain revert into the heavens, then the defying intent would be enough. At that time, I could extinguish my heart devil without cutting down my sentiments!”

The youth calmed his expression and glanced at the ruins of All Pleasure Sect, he then pondered briefly, then vanished from the drizzling rain with instantaneous movement.

The karma of All Pleasure Sect was now resolved with his departure.

The scene of the strange rain caused a few woodcutters to tremble with fear.  

“My God! Why did the rain suddenly stop… I’ll be damned… This really is an evil place, it is best to return home quickly…”

“ …”

It stopped raining a day later, and a clear rainbow could be seen in the sky.

A white-robbed black-cloaked youth suddenly appeared out of thin air on the ruins of the Heaven Separation Sect under a black light. However nobody paid him any attention.

The Heaven Separation Sect was completely destroyed, and the ruins still had a lot of medicinal pills and magical treasures that were partly destroyed. This caused many cultivators to set up camp and hunt for treasures in the ruins.

There were quite a few rogue cultivators hidden on the site. If any cultivator managed to dig up a great treasure, then it was highly likely that the they would rob him off his treasure.

Ning Fan appeared above the ruins and understood what was happening around here after his divine sense swept across a thousand li.

He eyes closed slightly when he saw the ruins. He came here not to treasure hunt, but to clear off his remaining thoughts.

He closed his eyes for a long time and the sky was vaguely covered with Rain Intent.

Immediately, drizzling rain fell as if it was drawn by Ning Fan’s divine intent.

Ning Fan said to himself with his eyes closed,

“Yan Shenzi’s Divine Rain Intent had three intent planted. The first intent was the killing intent. The second was the combat intent. The third was the defying intent. My own divine intent was obtained through the integration of the three intents. I possessed the defying intent, but it is still insufficient. However, it could be fully comprehended in the future. I too have the killing intent, however I can’t restrain my killing intent on this ruins of Heaven Separation Sect!”

Within Ning Fan’s mind was the scene of how Ning Gu was harmed in Heaven Separation Sect. He recalled Ning Gu’s bitterness who could never cultivate the Dao for the rest of his life. His heart was engulfed with cold killing intent, and that killing intent was rising rapidly!

The few Vein Opening cultivators that were on the side obviously did not know how scary the youth was.

It was natural for them to be agitated,since they had been hunting for treasures for many days but could only find junks.

They were not interested in Ning Fan and they certainly had no interest in the rain that had suddenly fallen.

However they were extremely interested in the treasures that were on Ning Fan’s body!

“High-grade Magical Treasure?! Plus it is even a Profound Gold Spirit Equipment?! Even a Third Revolution Medicinal Pill?! Why is this compass shining so violently!”

Within the crowd, a rat-bearded man held a treasure-seeking compass looked at Ning Fan as if his eyes was on fire.

The ones that were hunting for treasures were obviously rogue cultivators. Some of them even did banditry once in a while.

The ruins of Heaven Separation Sect had been searched by many cultivators and only few magical treasures was left. But Ning Fan who appeared in front of them looked like a big, fat lamb with unknown amount of treasures within him that made the treasure-seeking compass to vibrate intensely.

The rat-bearded man who was observant spotted the ribbon on the youth’s hair and the ancient beast arm protector on his wrists that were extremely valuable Profound Gold Spirit equipment.

Ning Fan was definitely a fat lamb! This fat lamb was also extremely young and his cultivation was probably weak.

These people could not detect Ning Fan’s cultivation base which made them think of him as a young master with a weak cultivation base.

They had no idea which clan’s young master would dare to be so reckless to come to Heaven Separation Sect for flower and rain viewing. Doesn’t he know that there are a lot of rogue cultivators here that were all desperate!



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