Grasping Evil - Chapter 146(2)

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The rat-bearded man silently gave an order to the seventh level Vein Opening cultivator that was standing at the side, and the guy revealed a fiendish grind. He was ready to fight and approached Ning Fan.

He thought that killing Ning Fan was as easy as pinching an ant to death.

However, the closer he got to Ning Fan, the stronger the sense of crisis he felt in his heart and gradually his footstep became slower, it was as if a beast was locking onto him.

He was struck by a killing intent that felt like a prehistoric savage beast when he arrived just 30 meters away from Ning Fan. It made his qi and blood surge crazily, and he terrifyingly discovered that he could not move a step closer towards Ning Fan!

At this moment, no matter how stupid the man was, he could see that Ning Fan was no young master nor a fat lamb, but a hidden expert that was extremely powerful!

The rat-bearded man’s complexion paled and he immediately shouted when he saw Ning Fan’s eyelid moved.

“Brothers, Run!”

At this moment, Ning Fan opened his eyes, and every raindrop within 300 meters suddenly became as sharp as a sword!

“Too late!” Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold under the curtain of rain. The rat-bearded man and his gang was immediately punctured full of holes by the rain, and blood splashed across the desolate hill!  

Ning Fan did not use any magical force when he killed those Vein Opening rogue cultivators, he only used the Divine Rain Intent that was fused with killing intent… The killing intent that could not be used to injure people became a weapon, a weapon that was able to kill those rogue cultivators.

The killing intent within the Divine Intent was insufficient… It was worlds apart compared to Que Shenzi… However, Ning Fan could truly fuse the second realm into the Divine Rain Intent.

Defying and killing… Que Shenzi’s third realm intent was the combat intent. But Ning Fan was different from Que Shenzi, as his reason for demonic cultivation was not to dominate. The reason he improved his abilities was not to fight everything under the heavens.  

He could be just like Ning Gu and Zhihe in nature, despise killing… But he had no other choice.

The rogue cultivators realized the commotion within the ruins and someone immediately recognized Ning Fan’s appearance.

“Sinis… Sinister Sparrow Sect Revered Ning! A ruthless man that could kill Old Devil Zi Yin! Why did a person like him come to the ruins of Heaven Separation Sect, could he be here to hunt treasures?”

Ning Fan did not answer their questions. Only an escaping light flashed, and he left with an icy rainbow.

“All Pleasure Sect has defiance. Heaven Separation Sect has killings. Han Guang Mountain has… desolation and loneliness. I once received Hu Fengzi’s cultivation pill and promised to protect Hu clan… After finishing the matters with Hu clan there’s no more unresolved karma in the Yue Country…”

The escaping light of Ning Fan gradually disappeared within the rain, and the rain gradually stopped.

The other cultivators breathed a sigh of relief after Ning Fan left.

People that were observant pondered, what terrifying divine ability was used to kill those rogue cultivators?

However, their realm was too weak to understand, and would probably never understand it in their lifetime.  

The only conclusion that could be drawn here was that Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect was a monsterous expert.


The Han Yue Mountain from Western Yue was once well-known with its Cold Moon Spring. The Western Yue Hu Clan was once a prosperous clan because of Old Ancestor Hu Fengzi.

However, Hu clan’s elite had all perished when Wang Yao came. Its Old Ancestor even died tragically because he took the Decaying Corpse Pill. The Hu clan had declined and its Cold Moon Spring was also taken away by a powerful man.

The Hu clan’s cultivators did not speak a word about who took the Cold Moon Spring. However, people that were observant found out that this matter was related to Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect.

But Ning Fan was now at the height of power within Yue country. Who would be so oblivious as to make things difficult for just a Spirit Spring?

People paid less attention towards the Hu clan after their decline. Some cultivation clans that were once close with the Hu clan had severed their relationship with them. There were even enemies that came up to their doors and provoked them.

Even the Purple Light Sect was starting to eye the Hu clan, and had requested them to merge with their Sect.

The war had caused the Purple Light Sect and the sect leader to be heavily injured. They needed to annex some smaller cultivation clans to recover their strength.

The executives of the Hu clan were discussing spiritedly about the matter of Purple Light Sect in their main hall.

“How could the people of Purple Light Sect be so oppressive?! Clan leader, why don’t we ask for Revered Ning’s help,” An early Harmonious Spirit elder said.

“Revered Ning… We should not trouble him in this matter. He had promised the clan’s ancestor to protect our clan for three times. If we were to request his assistance for such a minor problem…” The black-robed youth, Hu Ming, who had become the Hu clan’s leader, helplessly shook his head after hearing the elder’s suggestion.

Ning Fan had planted the Mental Seal on the Hu clan… Hu Ming did not know what Ning Fan’s personality was, it was best not to anger Ning Fan. If Ning Fan was not willing to help them and became angered, he could activate the Mental Seal and exterminate every cultivator in the Hu clan. Then, the last bloodline of the clan would be erased forever…

It’s better not to ask for help if the situation allows it… It’s best to think of other solutions regarding the request of Purple Light Sect.

But at the same time, a faint voice could be heard from the faraway Han Guang mountain. The voice was infused with divine sense and could suddenly be heard within the clan’s main hall.

“Relax… I would never go back on the promise that I made. I shall help the Hu clan this time. Hu Ming, quickly come and meet me at the Han Guang Mountain.”


On the peak of Han Guang Mountain, Ning Fan stood in front of a nameless tombstone silently with his eyes closed,.

Hu Fengzi destroyed his soul which caused him to be unable to reincarnate. However, this resulted in Ning Fan promising to help the Hu clan three times…

Was it worth it?

A shred of rain intent had gradually arisen in his surrounding. As if it was the Dao of Hu Fengzi on the Han Guang Mountain. That Dao had vaguely coincided with the Dao of Ning Fan.

Was it worth it?

The path of demonic cultivation, trapped by sentiments, vengeance and  grace… Everything, was there any worth?

Pattering light rain showered upon the Han Guang Mountain.

There was a shred vagueness within the sound of rain.

“For what purpose do I walk upon this path, was there any worth… Is there any benefit in this silent rain, was there any worth in it?”

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