Grasping Evil - Chapter 147 (1)

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Was it worth it?


What would it be even if it was worthy or not?

In the rain, Ning Fan’s thoughts condensed. He opened his eyes and gazed at Hu Fengzi’s grave calmly.

Perhaps it was not worth it after all…

However, if Ning Fan was in Hu Fengzi’s shoes, he would certainly do what Hu Fengzi did. He would sacrifice his life for the future of his clan.

The rain was formed in the sky and fell to the ground. The rain moisturized the grass and trees, giving life to all creatures… Water, rivers and sea were not the reason the people named it as rain. It got its name because of its Dao.

“If it is judged based on value, everything that is done on this world has its own worth. However, different people perceived different value for their actions. We all have our own Dao. And, I have my own! My Dao carried Que Shenzi’s mark. My Dao bears the similarity with Hu Fengzi’s. My Dao had the shadow of my master. However, my Dao is different from all of them. There are countless drops of rain in the world. I am just one of the drops, the one and the only drop…

“The old me was too obsessed with the idea of breaking through to Void Fragmentation realm within 100 years. Unknowingly, my impatience was just like a strong wind, blowing the drops of rain off the track of growth. In contrast with my cultivation, the aura of the Heart’s Devil became stronger than before. Now, I only have 70% chance to exterminate my Heart’s Devil!

“While condensing the Divine Intent of Rain, I have fused the third intent realm into it. It was not the battle realm, but the realm of loneliness. Loneliness brings the feelings of coldness. Coincidentally, it was the perfect representation of the moonlight in the night sky…”

At that moment, Ning Fan raised his head and looked at the moon. The moonlight quivered and slanted slightly, fusing with the rain. Shortly after, the rain around the mountain under the moonlight became piercingly cold. The coldness was not the cold felt by the skin. It was the lack of affection, the loneliness within the heart. A cultivator’s magical power could not withstand such Divine Intent, unless the cultivator had another Divine Intent!

Hu Ming from the Hu clan rushed to the Cold Moon Mountain without resting after receiving the order from Ning Fan.

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he felt that the rain became extremely cold… Since the day he embarked on the path of cultivation, his body became stronger compared to normal people. He seldom felt cold. Even when he encountered cultivators who practiced Ice Magical Technique, the coldness could only be felt from the skin, but not the heart.

This rain made Hu Ming feel helpless and lost for the first time after ten years of cultivation.

The loneliness was just like the moonlight blending into the rain!

This feeling of emptiness was irrepressible. Weakness started to seep into Hu Ming’s heart who was once firm and tenacious.

He reminisced the night when calamity landed on Hu clan. He reminisced his grandfather, and the great elder who sacrificed themselves in the hands of the Giant Demon in order to save him.

Now, all of them were dead… In his mind, it seemed like it was only him who was left in the world, watching the rain and the moon alone. Loneliness was what’s left in him.

“It was tiring, very tiring. I, the successor of Hu clan, was planted with a *Mental Seal by an outsider. In the past, the strength of my family was incomparable. However, after the battle with a formidable enemy, decline was the only fate of my family. Hehe. What’s the purpose of living on? Death was a better choice after all!

The next second, he drew his sword from his waist, and planned to commit suicide!

In his eyes, there was only desolation left. That desolation actually carried a trace of insanity which was caused by could only be witnessed when one was possessed by evil spirits!

All of these happened because his thought was invaded by the Divine Intent of Rain unconsciously.

At the precise moment when he placed the sword on his throat, a gentle voice was heard from the peak of the mountain under the moonlight.

“Be awake now!”

Under the effect of that voice, the rain and the moonlight broke apart. It scattered the realm of loneliness. Hu Ming who had already pierced the skin of his neck for half an inch was completely awakened. He was drenched in cold sweat, horrified.

What had happened just now? I almost killed myself? This is absurd!

No, it wasn’t absurd at all. In fact, there was someone performing Divine Ability. It was not an illusion technique! It was even better than most illusion techniques. It was Hu Ming’s first time encountering such ability!

Without a doubt, the one who cast the ability was Revered Ning who was at the summit of the mountain!

“Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect is just too strong! Without using magical power, he was able to influence me to commit suicide with some strange Divine Ability. His cultivation is too terrifying!”

However, thinking from another perspective, Hu Ming did not understand it at all. Ning Fan had planted a Mental Seal on me. If he wanted to kill me, he just had to use his spirit sense to crush my Sea of Consciousness, taking my life. There is no point for such an inconvenience.

It seemed like Ning Fan had no intention of killing me. It was the absence of luck. It was me who was unlucky enough to arrive when Ning Fan was refining his magical power and Divine Ability..

Bearing this thought in mind, he let out a sigh of relief. Now, he could rest assured that Ning Fan did not want to kill him. However, he still dreaded the technique just now.

With just a magical technique, it could affect a Harmonious Spirit expert to take his own life using his own hands. There was not a chance for the expert to resist the effect. This Divine Ability would definitely shock every cultivator in Yue Country if it was spread.

After that, he climbed up to the peak of the mountain without hesitation.

Ning Fan was still as thin as before. Even though he practiced Body Refining Technique, his physique did not look any stronger. Besides, his appearance was very pale, however his qi was thick and condensed. In short, his qi was more terrifying compared to his appearance.

Upon meeting Ning Fan, Hu Ming kept his thoughts and said respectfully, “Hu Ming from Hu clan has come to see Revered Ning!”

“En. Be frank with me about Purple Light Sect. Let me know what happened. Then I will seek justice for your Hu clan!”

In Ning Fan’s eyes, the Divine Intent of Rain flashed and the rain stopped!

It would be a blood rain falling from the sky the next time!

The Sect Master of Purple Light Sect, Dao Guang, went into seclusion even until today ever since the battle ended.

Speaking about the battle, it was a traumatic event for him. He did not even have the slight ability to defend himself from the black corpse. During the battle, one of his arms was torn apart by the black corpse, causing his cultivation base to plummet. Now, his cultivation realm had dropped to early Gold Core. Also, his injuries were almost impossible to heal within a few decades.

In fact, it was really his fault when the Heavenly Dao Sect broke through the boundary of Yue Country that was guarded by Purple Light Sect.

As for his action to escape the black corpse, it was disrespected by many righteous sects. Countless cultivation families were wiped out because he deliberately involved them in his route of escape.

Anyhow, lady luck just did not stand beside him that time.    

During his seclusion, there were rumours that the Great Elder of Purple Light Sect, Qing Guang, had secretly drawn the cultivators over to his side. He had the intention to replace the current Sect Master, Dao Guang.    

As a matter of fact, around 70% of the cultivators became supporters of Qing Guang. All of them were waiting for Dao Guang to emerge from his seclusion. Then, they would seize his position as the Sect Master!

For this matter, Dao Guang did not have any choice, but to admit his fate. He had a feeling that his time of being the Sect Master was coming to an end.

Recently, Qing Guang’s party forced some small cultivation families to join Purple Light Sect by threatening them. The objective was to undoubtedly expand the power of his party before taking over the position of Sect Master.

Therefore, Qing Guang was also responsible for what was happening to Hu clan. In the past, the old ancestor of Hu clan had a good relationship with Dao Guang. As for Qing Guang, the old ancestor was always in opposition to him. Now, Dao Guang was hurt and the Hu clan became weaker than before. Qing Guang took advantage of the situation to seek revenge from Hu clan.

Qing Guang gave the order to regard everyone in the Hu clan as evil cultivators and slaughter all of them if they refused to surrender to Purple Light Sect!

Outside Zi Yuan Mountain, Ning Fan stood in the sky under the moonlight. His apathetic gaze swept across the Purple Light sect below him.

From Hu Ming’s mouth, he had understood the specifics of the whole incident. He didn’t have the slight interest on the disputes between the parties in Purple Light Sect. He came merely because of the promise he made before Hu Feng Zi, the promise he made for obtaining the cultivation pill.

“Righteous or evil, kind or not. None of these matters to me. The reason I kill was just to return a favour. Fragmented Pill Cauldron… falls!”

He patted on his storage pouch, a small cauldron flew out from within to the night sky. In the sky, it transformed into a huge black cauldron which had a height of a hundred *zhang. On top of the cauldron were nine black fire dragons, burning in flames!

The scene that was playing was similar to Old Devil’s action when he annihilated the All Pleasure Sect in the past. However, Purple Light Sect was obviously stronger compared to All Pleasure Sect. The grand formation that was protecting the sect was a Core Realm Middle Grade Grand Formation.

However, it was certainly not enough to stop Ning Fan!

When the cauldron fell, a loud, thunderous sound was heard immediately from the grand formation! It only withstood for only a moment and was broken into pieces of halos.

Upon the destruction of the first grand formation, the second formation rose up in just a blink of an eye. Purple light spread across sky, with a hint of quaintness. The second grand formation was much stronger. It was a Nascent Realm Low Grade Grand Formation! This formation was placed by the founder of Purple Light Sect. It was extraordinarily powerful! It was known as Purple Light Formation, the foundation of Purple Light Sect!


*Mental Seal = Restrictive Spell
*zhang = 3 meter

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