Grasping Evil - Chapter 147 (2)

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This formation was slightly out of Ning Fan’s expectation. It blocked the power of the Fragmented Pill Cauldron.

Upon seeing the rise of the second formation after the destruction of the first formation, Purple Light Sect’s cultivators panicked. Countless lights were lit up and a number of old monsters put on their clothes and stepped into the sky.

However, when the old monsters within the purple formation saw that the person who attacked the grand formation was the famous Revered Ning from Sinister Sparrow Sect, all of them became as quiet as cicadas in late autumn.

Only the great elder, Qing Guang, was able to maintain his composure. Within the Purple Light Grand Formation, he greeted Ning Fan by clenching his fist in the other hand at his chest. He then spoke without any hint of anger or contentment.  

“We don’t know what made Revered Ning come to our sect. Is there anything we can do for you? Why did you destroy our grand formation upon arriving at our sect? Unless you hold grudges toward the master of Purple Light Sect. If that is the case, I am very willing to seek justice for Revered Ning!”

Qing Guang had heard about the renowned Ning Fan before. However, there was a fact that he was unaware of—Ning Fan was also Black Devil Ning. The black clothed incarnation who appeared before the end of the battle that day who had mislead many old monsters.

Although he knew about Ning Fan’s prestige, he could not help analyzing Ning Fan to find out more about his background as he was within the protection of the Purple Light Grand Formation. At the same time, he was instructing his disciples to replenish the formation’s eyes with immortal jades.

After a short contemplation, he was sure that he was on good terms with Ning Fan. He had not even seen Ning Fan before. If Ning Fan had come to seek revenge, it would surely be directed to the sect master, Dao Guang. After all, Dao Guang was too selfish and had brought disaster to thousands of cultivators in his escape during the battle. Besides that, countless cultivators who had luckily survived the disaster came to condemn him. As for Ning Fan, he was the first person who directly approached Purple Light Sect by initiating an attack.

“En, Ning Fan sure has a conflict with Dao Guang. Also, according to rumours, Ning Fan was quite lustful as he practiced Dual Cultivation. Perhaps, one of his partners was the daughter of a clan master from the clans which had been annihilated. Maybe, by coincidence, the innocent girl was entangled in the battle by Dao Guang and died an unfortunate death, sparking off the conflict.

Now, Qing Guang looked as if he had firmly convinced himself that Ning Fan wasn’t treating him as an enemy. Therefore, his hostility towards Ning Fan reduced.

If Ning Fan really came to seek revenge from Dao Guang, it would be music to his ears.

He would make use of the favourable situation by letting Ning Fan handle Dao Guang in the name of Purple Light Sect. It would be best if Ning Fan neutralize Dao Guang. Then, he, Qing Guang, would be the new sect master of Purple Light Sect in a perfectly justifiable way. In that manner, he wouldn’t need to carry the bad reputation of seizing the throne in a forcible manner.

Ning Fan came exactly at the right time! Hehe, Dao Guang, your position as the sect master would certainly end today! It’s time for a change!

“Bring Dao Guang here to apologize for his crime!” Qing Guang acted like he was sacrificing ties of blood for righteousness, instructing his disciples to end Dao Guang’s seclusion and bring him outside.

However, without having anyone to call him, Dao Guang had ended his seclusion and came out from the stone cave. He was holding his broken arm with agony, and bitterness was written all over his face.

Dao Guang knew well about Ning Fan. During the battle between the devil armies and Yue country’s armies, he had witnessed Ning Fan’s terrifying methods with his own eyes. Ning Fan had overwhelmed Old Monster Purple Yin. Besides, when the young man was fighting the black corpse, he did not seem to be struggling. Therefore, Dao Guang who had a broken arm believed that he would never stand a chance against Ning Fan’s attack. There wouldn’t be a chance for him to escape even if he was in his peak form too!

“Forget it. Qing Guang, you win this time…” Dao Guang let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes. He held his head up as if he was awaiting death.

As for Qing Guang, contentment surfaced within his heart immediately. As he knew that Purple Light Sect would be under his command after the death of Dao Guang.

However, his naïve dream was bound to fail. Ning Fan’s voice was heard lightly from the sky.

“The reason I came was not to kill Dao Guang. In fact, I came to kill you…  I came to settle Hu clan’s matter. Anyone who refused to obey may come forth and stop me!”

Dao Guang’s expression changed. He was taken by surprise by Ning Fan’s words.

Qing Guang’s awkward smile was frozen on his face and his eyes fixed coldly on the young man who was standing outside the formation. “Ning Fan! You are really good. However, don’t think that you could withstand our sect just by relying on your own power… I advise you not to meddle with this matter. If not, even your old ancestor, Black Devil Ning, would not be able to save you… My Purple Light Sect has the protection of a Nascent Realm Middle-Grade Grand Formation…”

Without letting Qing Guang finish his words, Ning Fan smashed his cauldron onto the formation. This time, it carried nine fire dragons. Each dragon rose a fire dragon vortex, forming the Dragon Vortex Four Revolutions!


As Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold, the Purple Light Grand Formation was shattered into countless fragments in just a blink of an eye!

Upon seeing the Nascent Realm Grand Formation which was keeping him safe being destroyed in just a single blow, Qing Guang was literally rooted to the ground!

A single smash of the cauldron crushed the formation! The second smash destroyed the gate! The third smash flattened the Purple Yuan Mountain by half. Thunderous noise was heard during the entire process.

When the formation vanished, Ning Fan swept the area around with his sword sense. Qing Guang and the several Harmonious Spirit elders were immediately enveloped by the sword sense. The sword sense which was slightly dark in colour seeped into their Sea of Consciousness, mincing them…

Now, Qing Guang’s unrealistic dream of becoming the sect master of Purple Light Sect had truly tattered along with his death!

Around the Purple Yuan Mountain which belonged to the territory of Purple Light Sect, the disciples who had survived stood still.

Each of the disciples of Purple Light Sect, including the followers of Qing Guang did not have the guts to look at Ning Fan in the eye. They lowered down their heads whenever Ning Fan glanced at them. All of them were terrified, worrying that Ning Fan would treat them as supporters of Qing Guang and end their lives.

Terrifying, too terrifying! The Nascent Realm Purple Light Grand Formation was crushed just like that! The great elder, Qing Guang, who was an early Gold Core expert, was killed with a strange technique in just a moment…

The rumours about Revered Ning of Sinister Sparrow Sect were really true!

Ning Fan raised his hands and kept his Fragmented Pill Cauldron. Then, he landed on the ground, collecting everyone’s pouch. Ning Fan glance at Dao Guang and gave a faint smile. The killing intent that he had just now disappeared.

“It seemed that I have lent you a hand in killing Qing Guang…”

“Yes, definitely yes! This is a little gift here. Hopefully, Revered Ning will not reject it!” Dao Guang said while untying the pouch on his waist. After taking out a few important magical treasures and pills, he gave the rest to Ning Fan!

Within the pouch, there were at least thirty thousand immortal jades. However, Dao Guang gave them all without any hesitation…

For him, he was rejoicing the death of Qing Guang. However, a bigger part of him was more afraid of Ning Fan who was just smiling faintly. He was afraid that Ning Fan would also eliminate him if Ning Fan felt unsatisfied with his gift.

Ning Fan was helping the Hu clan settle the dispute with Qing Guang. As for Dao Guang, he was quite friendly with the Hu clan. However, that relationship between Dao Guang and the Hu clan could not guarantee Dao Guang’s safety. Therefore, he decided to suffer some losses to save himself.

“I only need immortal jades. Other things are not useful to me… Dao Guang, I am not going to ask about your grudge against Qing Guang. However, I will place the Hu clan under your protection after I leave. If I come back here in the future and Hu clan is being put in a difficult position, I am sure that you can already foresee the consequences.”

“Don’t worry, Revered Ning! As long as I, Dao Guang, am alive, I will make sure that the Hu clan will not suffer any damage!” Dao Guang said solemnly.

“Very well. As for the remaining matter, please settle it yourself…”

The remaining matter that Ning Fan was referring to was about the traitors within the sect. Even if Ning Fan did not mention it, Dao Guang would surely settle it himself. He didn’t stay idle even after becoming the sect master for hundreds of years.

After that, Nin Fan turned and left without even glancing at the sect.

That was the end for Hu clan’s karma…

As soon as Ning Fan left, the cultivators of Purple Light Sect let out a sigh of relief. But at the next moment, two different expressions surfaced on the cultivators’ face.

Those who were loyal to Dao Guang had broad smiles on their faces. The death of Qing Guang was a joyful news to all of them.

As for the most cultivators who were once loyal to Qing Guang, all of their faces turned sour as if their parents had passed away. The crime of betraying Dao Guang was not a crime that could just be brushed off.

Dao Guang became serious and immediately gave the order to punish the group of traitors.

However, the way how Dao Guang dealt with the traitors was no longer Ning Fan’s concern. The battle amongst the internal members of Purple Light Sect could not pique Ning Fan’s interest.

As for Ning Fan, he would not hesitate if he had already decided to kill a person even if he did not hold any grudges against the person, just like Qing Guang.

He did not act out of kindness or malicious intent. He also did not act because of the appropriateness of his action. He only acted to fulfill his promise.

Honouring a promise was his top priority. Once a promise was made, it would be as heavy as thousands of gold.

After fulfilling his promise, only then could he peacefully take the Cultivation Pill gifted by Hu Fengzi.

Gradually, Ning Fan’s Heart Devil could not disturb his thoughts as easy as before.

Under the night sky, Ning Fan passed through the dark clouds, calming his heart which was filled with killing intent.

“Finally, I can leave without any worries”


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