Grasping Evil - Chapter 148(2)

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After the series of farewells was done, Ning Fan and Jing Zhou received quite a number of generous gifts from numerous old monsters before  boarding the ship which was set to sail towards the north.

There were twenty pretty females that were given by the Corpse Seizing Sect Old Ancestor to Ning Fan as servants on the ship. It was originally given to Ning Fan as cauldrons. However, Ning Fan could not harm these Yue Country female cultivators even if he did not have enough cauldrons. Furthermore, these pretty cauldrons’ cultivation bases erre just between fourth to fifth level Vein Opening. The effect of plucking was only average…

It would be better for them to do servant work as the expression of Lan Mei and the other girls did not seem to be nice...

Also, Ning Fan recognized an acquaintance within the female servants, but have yet to expose her.

These female servants were tasked to do menial jobs like serving tea and drinks. Ning Fan did not order them to sleep with him, which made the girls silently sigh in relief.

Other than that, Ning Fan executed an unknown technique and magically conjured Bing Ling, Yue Ling, and the other fifteen female cultivators out of the air.

These female cultivators voluntarily proposed to sleep with Ning Fan, except for the two Gold Cores amongst them. As for whether Ning Fan had accepted their proposals or not, the servants didn’t know…

The ship had flown for several days and had reached the boundary of the north of Yue Country. At this moment, only then did Ning Fan gather the servants and spoke towards a particular servant,

“Suqiu Xian Zi left without a word the other day, I thought that I would never be able to meet Xian Zi forever. But surprisingly, the esteemed Suqiu Xian Zi came aboard my ship under the recommendation of the Corpse Seizing Sect's old ancestor and became a servant…”

The acquaintance who Ning Fan immediately recognized was Suqiu Xian Zi. She had unexpectedly boarded the ship.

Suqiu immediately undid her disguise after her cover was blown and gently smiled.

“I have made a fool of myself, Revered Ning. Now that I don’t belong to any sect nor faction, I would like to rely on a friend’s sect in the Endless Sea… However, my immortal jades had been left at the Supreme Void Sect and I am now penniless. It would be hard for me to reach the Endless Sea with just my strength, hence I have come to rely on Revered Ning… What’s wrong? Could it be that you won’t allow me to accompany you? ”

“Not really, I just felt a bit flattered… Since Suqiu Xian Zi had already boarded my ‘pirate’ ship, it will not be easy to get off it,” Ning Fan smilingly said.

“Pirate ship…”

Suqiu who had a stern face laughed after hearing Ning Fan’s joke. Is there someone in this world who proclaimed themselves as a pirate?

But when she thought about what Ning Fan said having a different meaning, it made her remember the ‘spicy’ detoxification process. Her heart trembled slightly, and she immediately turned her head around.

“I am not the Old Ancestor of Supreme Void Sect anymore, and I’m no longer Suqiu Xian Zi. From today onwards, you can call me Fellow Daoist Yin…” Suqiu slightly sighed as if she had just recalled a bad memory. However, that gloominess was immediately swept away by Ning Fan’s teasing.

“Isn’t it good to call you Suqiu?”

“NO! It’s not good!”

“Alright, you win… Fellow Daoist Yin, since you’ve boarded my ship. I’ll bring you to the Endless Sea. Now, why don’t we calculate the fees that are needed for this whole trip…” Ning Fan pretended to be serious.

“Ah? I have to pay to board your ship…?” Daoist Yin panicked slightly. She righteously left all the immortal jades to her sect. How could she still have the money to pay Ning Fan?

“Rumour has it that Suqiu Xian Zi plays the flute well. Plus, when you play it with your mystical technique, it could even cleanse the Heart’s Devil of a cultivator… If Xian Zi has a heart to occasionally play a song for me, the fees for the journey will be considered paid…”

“It’s not a difficult matter if you want to listen to me play the flute. Besides, it is even better for me to pay through playing.” Suqiu slightly let out a sigh of relief, she was really scared that Ning Fan would demand payment from her.

Within the Yue country, it was right to say that she does not have anyone to rely on anymore. She had once followed her master to the Endless Sea when she was still a child, and had befriended a female cultivator there. That person’s talent was extraordinary and was on-par with her. It was rumored that that person had become a sect master…

The heartlessness of the Great Void Sect made her unwilling to stay in Yue Country anymore. She didn’t mind departing to the Endless Sea.

As a matter of fact, Suqiu compared Ning Fan and the others. In her mind, even though Ning Fan was a devil cultivator and Suqiu did not like his ruthless way of doing things, he was more kind compared to her two senior brothers.

The journey towards the Endless Sea would have to go through Jin Country’s ancient teleportation formation and the Ocean Country’s Escaping Heavenly ship. It required an extremely expensive amount of immortal jade, and this would all be paid by Ning Fan. She secretly felt grateful, and the matter of playing the flute became insignificant.

Suqiu did not know that the reason Ning Fan asked for payment was to give her a peace of mind.

This girl had an extremely stubborn nature and would definitely not accept others’ kindness for free. Otherwise, she would not have disguised herself as a servant to hide in the Seven Apricot ship.

If she played the flute to compensate her expenses, this girl would then be at ease without owing Ning Fan any favor.

Ning Fan would have to spend another ten plus thousand immortal jades as payment with this girl onboard. But compared to what she had done for Ning City, immortal jade was not worth mentioning.

This girl had shattered her water ring while protecting Ning City. With her onboard the ship, Ning Fan was willing to refine a new treasure as repayment for her sacrifices.

“This girl excels in ring treasures… In the memories of Ancient Chaos, there was an extremely powerful Immortal Ring Treasure named ‘Heaven and Earth Ring but I could not refine this treasure. I could only imitate parts of it and refine a Magical Treasure of higher quality compared to the water ring and give it to her…” Ning Fan said it in his heart.

With this, the experts that were on-board the Seven Apricot ship were Ning Fan, Jing Zhuo and Suqiu.

Ning Fan told Jing Zhuo the reason why Suqiu came aboard, but Jing Zhuo did not believe it at all.

His gaze towards Ning Fan had a shred of admiration, that admiration came from Ning Fan’s ability in stealing Suqiu’s heart. Ning Fan was really talented, if not why didn’t Suqiu board another expert’s ship, but chose to board Ning Fan’s pirate ship instead?

It was a big misunderstanding. But Jing Zhuo did not ask and Ning Fan didn’t explain.

The journey towards the border of north Yue country was considered to be calm. Except for occasional cultivators that boarded the ship to send their farewells, each of them continued on their own activity.

Jing Zhuo and lady Yun Hua were like a divine immortal couple, playing chess and planting flowers comfortably.

Whereas Ning Fan and Suqiu cultivated individually, but Ning Fan would stand at the bow of the ship during sunset everyday. Suqiu would stand behind him and play the flute, the sound of the flute seemed to be able to cleanse the Heart Devil of Ning Fan…

This lifestyle had continued for half a month, and the ship finally arrived at North Yue’s boundary which enabled them to leave Yue Country and enter Song Country.

The movement of the Seven Apricot ship was average. Since they did not have much cultivators on board the ship, it shouldn’t project any hostile intent for Song Country.

But once the ship passed through the border of Song Country, it immediately caused the country’s south border cultivators to display extreme alertness.

There were even three late Gold Core old monsters that had immediately rushed towards the boundary after receiving the alarm from the border cultivators to block the Seven Apricot ship.

“Who are you! Are you in league with the ‘Red Flower Old Demon’?!”

These three late Gold Core old monsters were Righteous Path cultivators. They sensed the unusual devil qi of the Seven Apricot ship and immediately revealed their hostility.

The hemp garment old man was bristling with anger that he practically wanted to attack the ship immediately.

“Do not blame this old man for destroying this ship if the ship’s owner does not come out to meet me within ten breaths!” The hemp garment old man’s red eyes were filled with hatred.

This matter had made Ning Fan, Jing Zhuo and Suqiu extremely surprised.

It seems like Song Country is in a sensitive period… Otherwise, it would be impossible to have three late Gold Core old monsters come out and inspect their ship from afar just by passing through the border…

“Fellow Daoists, do slightly have a rest and do not make an appearance. To avoid making these ‘frightened birds’ much more anxious… Bing Ling, Yue Ling, accompany me to check what these three old man wants.”

Ning Fan smilingly said and leisurely brought Bing Ling and Yue Ling out of the ship.

“I am the master of this ship, is there any reason for fellow  Daoists to block my ship? I do not have a speck of relation with this ‘Red Flower Old Demon’ that you spoke of…”

Ning Fan was just a Harmonious Spirit cultivator, but there were two female Gold Core guards standing behind him. Those two girls were clearly lead by Ning Fan.

This had slightly surprised the three Gold Core old monsters.

“This ship’s master is just a Harmonious Spirit junior? But what background does this junior have to have two Gold Core women work as servants… ”

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