Grasping Evil - Chapter 149 (1)

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Knowing that Ning Fan was only a Harmonious Spirit, the three Gold Core experts from Song Country were filled with astonishment.

Normally, only Gold Core old monsters would be able to use a voyage ship. Besides, the Seven Apricot ship was very special. Its whole body was made using ‘clear jade’. Its keel was made of ‘rainbow steel’, and its sail was made of ‘cloud thread’. The grade of this magical treasure had already achieved High Grade Middle Rank. Its speed of flying could match Intermediate Gold Core experts.

Besides, the formation mark that was engraved on the body of the ship made the three Gold Core experts’ jaws dropped with awe. It was not a mistake that there was a Nascent Realm Low Grade defensive formation. Plus, the ship was equipped with 12 spirit artillery cannons. Each of which were enhanced. A spirit artillery cannon alone was already a High-Grade Early-Level magical treasure. A single shot from the cannon could even threaten the life of an Early Gold Core cultivator…

In fact, this ship was improved by Ning Fan once before it left Yue Country. During the battle with the devil armies, he had obtained a total of 10 ships. Those ships contained rare immortal ores. All of them were smelted by him to build this Seven Apricot Voyage Ship. Therefore, this ship was very powerful. Even the ships used by old ancestor figures with a cultivation base of Peak Gold Core could not match this ship.

If the owner of such a powerful ship was a Nascent Soul old monster, everybody would believe it. However, the owner of the ship was a mere Harmonious Spirit cultivator.

A cultivator who had such strong ship and with two Gold Core female cultivators as his concubines must have an influential background.

Amongst the three Gold Core experts, the old expert who wore hemp garments hesitated for a moment, and patted his pouch for capturing demons. He let out a pile of green fly spirit insects. These insects flew around the ship for three times.

Rumours had it that these insects would never forget the smell of anything it had smelled once. What’s fascinating about these insects was that they could search for cultivators who were hiding. They could also penetrate the formation that was set up as a camouflage. The old expert acted like he was looking for someone…

After noticing that the green flies did not show any response, the three Gold Core experts looked at each other and shook their heads respectively. The alertness and hatred in their eyes diminished. Then, they transmitted messages amongst each other, whispering amongst themselves.

“She’s not here. This young man should not be related  to the Red Flower Old Demon…”

“En, don’t worry about it. He should have a powerful background. Besides, according to the green flies, it seems like there are two auras which are concealed very carefully in this ship. They actually escaped from my sense… However, they aren’t Nascent Soul cultivators because the green flies cannot sense such experts. They are probably experts who are old ancestors of a sect. With them on the ship, this young man must never be offended even if he is only a Harmonious Spirit cultivator.

Ning Fan did not disturb them while they were transmitting messages amongst themselves. Instead, he brought Bing Ling and Yue Ling to the bow of the ship and enjoyed the scenery of Song Country.

Yue Country mainly consisted of water while Song Country had a lot of mountains… Only lonesome green mountains heaved into their sight along their journey.

However, the spiritual qi of every mountain peak was weaker compared to Yue Country. Although Song Country was also a low grade cultivation country similar to Yue Country, its spiritual qi had an obvious difference from Yue Country. The spiritual qi was thinner and evidently, the experts were much less.

“Great mountains!” Ning Fan praised.

“How can they be great if their spiritual qi is much thinner compared to our Yue country?” Yue Ling immediately rebutted.

“Mountains cannot be judged by its height. Water cannot be judged by its depth. Similarly, thick and dense spiritual qi does not constitute a great mountain. And, a cultivator with high cultivation base does not mean that he is a great man.”

“Young master is brilliant!” Bing Ling said with awe flashing across her eyes. Suddenly, her level of understanding increased slightly. As for Yue Ling, she was still contemplating what Ning Fan had just said. Yue Ling’s level of understanding was still slightly slower than Bing Ling. Maybe, Yue Ling would still need a few more days to comprehend the meaning behind Ning Fan’s words.

Actually, Ning Fan used the comment he made to enlighten the two women… These two women only reached the Gold Core realm with the help of pills. Therefore, both of them lacked the actual experience to refine themselves. They might not have a chance to sharpen their fighting skills through battle, however they could still raise their level of comprehension. After all, it was good for them.

Since they were willing to become Ning Fan’s servants for their entire lives, it was appropriate for their knowledge to be widened.

However, Ning Fan hardly realized that the simple words he just mentioned made the five old monsters at the scene gain some new insights. Jing Zhuo was surprised inwardly by Ning Fan’s words while a slight amazement appeared on Suqiu’s face. Her impression towards Ning Fan turned a little more positive.

While Ning Fan was enlightening the two women, the three Gold Core experts from Song Country had just finished their discussion. Just by listening to Ning Fan, all of them were amazed. Ning Fan surely had a deep enlightenment in his path of cultivation.

For the three experts, they could never speak such a phrase like Ning Fan even if they had already been cultivating for hundreds of years.

Originally, they were going to let Ning Fan and his members leave. But after the incident just now, they saw the significance of the young man.

The old expert dressed in hemp garments became respectful to the young man. Thinking about his action in threatening the young man to destroy the ship, he greeted the young man by clenching his fist in the other hand.

“I apologize for my impoliteness earlier… I am Song Jun, a rogue cultivator. The fellow Daoist dressed in green shirt is Master Lu of Eternal Spring Sect while the one dressed in frock is Master Dawn of Wu Kong Temple. May I know what is your name, friend? Are you a cultivator from Yue Country?”

The rogue cultivator, Song Jun, had reached Late Gold Core realm without any aid or support from any of the sect. Plus, he was about to break through to the Peak Gold Core. He certainly had extraordinary aptitude in cultivation. With that fact in mind, it was normal for him to be arrogant and be quick tempered. Not to mention Harmonious Spirit cultivators, there was not a single ordinary Gold Core cultivator that had the chance to become his friend.

However, today, Song Jun appeared to be very polite towards Ning Fan who was only a Harmonious Spirit cultivator. His action made Master Lu and Master Dawn express astonishment.

Other than the young man who was the owner of the ship, there wasn’t any another Harmonious Spirit cultivator who deserved Song Jun’s greeting.

“I am Ning Fan. I am a cultivator from Sinister Sparrow Sect in Yue Country. We are just passing by Song Country. After a few days, we will leave this country, heading towards Zheng Country which was situated at the north. You all can rest assured since we have no hostility towards the cultivators in Song Country.”

“Oh, you are one of the cultivators from Sinister Sparrow Sect of Yue Country. I am sorry that I didn’t recognize you… Your surname is Ning? Are you the descendant of Black Devil Ning?”

“Yes. Black Devil Ning is my old ancestor…” Ning Fan lied with a strange expression on his face.

After knowing that Ning Fan was the descendant of Black Devil Ning, Song Jun and the two experts became even more respectful towards Ning Fan.

Black Devil Ning was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master! He was so famous that he was talked about even in Song Country. This was because there were also old monsters who were longing for Nascent Formation, and there was not a single Fourth Revolution Pill Master in Song Country. If there were no choices left, the old monsters would have to ask for the pill for Nascent Formation from him in Yue Country with a thick face.

It was no wonder that Ning Fan was able to have such a ship and Gold Core female cultivators to serve him since his cultivation base was only at Harmonious Spirit realm. Everything turned out to be logical after knowing that his old ancestor was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master!

In the cultivation world, only pill masters who achieved Fourth Revolution could possess the wealth to grant their descendants with such expensive and lavish gifts.

It would be hard to believe if there were Late Gold Core experts admiring a Harmonious Spirit cultivator. However, admiration and envy really started to fill Song Jun and the two experts’ eyes while looking at Ning Fan.

Having a senior who was a Fourth Revolution Pill Master signified that they might have the opportunity to break through the Nascent Soul cultivation realm! However, if they know the truth that Ning Fan was in fact Black Devil Ning, it would definitely blow their minds.

As for these three experts, they would already be very pleased to have a tea with Ning Fan to strengthen their relationship. However, their mission to hunt the old demon had not been accomplished yet.

“Ai, since you have an important matter to settle in Zheng Country, we won’t disturb you any longer. This token symbolizes my order. If you hold this token, there will not be any Song Country cultivators hindering your way throughout your journey.” Song Jun muttered and took out a piece of jade token. He threw it gently towards Ning Fan as a gift.

Ning Fan accepted it and thanked him without any sign of refusal. With the token, he could go anywhere in Song Country in his ship. The troublesome matter of being hindered by other cultivators was solved.

With a switch of intention, Ning Fan asked, “My friend Song, the Red Flower Old Demon originated from where? How could he make Late Gold Core cultivators to be so dreadful of him? If it was a great secret, then you can forget about my question.”

When Ning Fan’s question arisen, the three old monsters’ expression became peculiar. As for Song Jun, he burst into fury. He certainly wasn’t provoked by Ning Fan’s question. However, it was because he recalled the vendetta that he had against the old demon. Resentment and hatred began to invade his thoughts.

A short moment later, Song Jun calmed himself down and showed his apology to Ning Fan.

“Sorry for my impoliteness. I got carried away just now. It is because the Red Flower Old Demon was my irreconcilable enemy. I carry a great feud against that demon. This matter is actually not considered a secret. However, it would be a shame for us by letting others know about it. Since my young friend Ning had asked, I am willing to tell you about it so that you will be cautious on your journey to Zheng Country.”

Song Jun heaved a deep sigh and continued, “As a matter of fact, that Red Flower Old Demon is a rapist. He is uncommonly good in sorcery. In just a month, he had abducted countless female cultivators of our country, absorbing their Yuan Yin. This demon is extremely brazen! Our wives and daughters were also abducted. Now, we can’t be sure whether they are still unsullied. Our hearts are burning with impatience. I can’t wait to capture that demon and tear him into pieces! However, this cunning demon has a lot of hidden and unusual techniques. Besides, his speed is extremely fast. Ten days ago, I joined a group consisting a number of Late Gold Core and Peak Gold Core experts. We surrounded this demon and severely wounded him. However, he still forced his way out, killing three Late Gold Core experts while seriously injuring four. This demon is indeed very strong. My friend Ning, although your ship is not weak, you must never be careless and give the demon the opportunity to enter your ship. After all, you have also brought beauties along with you. The demon would most probably be spying on your ship!”

After Song Jun finished speaking, he gnashed his teeth in hatred and the other two experts’ eyes were also blazing in anger.

Their daughters and wives had been kidnapped. The women’s purity was most likely already sullied. How could they hold back their anger?!

Ning Fan was a little surprised that Song Country had such a powerful demon.

If that was the case, extra caution and alertness would be needed along their journey. Ning Fan was not arrogant enough to think that he was invincible.

It was appropriate for him to be wary of the Red Flower Old Demon as the demon could still fight its way out even after being besieged by a number of Gold Core experts.

“What is the cultivation realm of the old demon actually?” Ning Fan’s gaze was fixed on one spot while he was thinking.

“The demoen should be a Half Step Nascent Soul. Of course, he might be a Nascent Soul demon, however he suffered a drop in his cultivation base after being severely wounded…” Song Jun answered, feeling that Ning Fan had shown some interest towards this demon. If he could draw the young man over to his side, it would be a great help in capturing the demon together.

Ning Fan’s cultivation realm might not be strong, but there were two experts who were old ancestor level in his ship. The chance of arresting the demon would unquestionably increase if they could join the pursuit.

“I have a presumptuous request, my young friend Ning. Are you willing to stay at Song Country and help us catch this demon? Of course, you will not receive a light reward if you really contribute to the pursuit.” As Song Jun asked, the other two experts appeared to be very hopeful.

Even Jing Zhuo who was in the ship was influenced to get into action. He was an old ancestor of a righteous sect. In his entire life, he hated evil acts. If he could eliminate the demon in Song Country, it would undoubtedly be helpful to improve his state of mind. After all, eliminating demons and devils was one of the means to improve the state of mind of righteous path cultivators.

As for Suqiu, she acted like it was part of her duty, and was responsible for it. She immediately talked to Ning Fan via voice transmission.

“Let’s stay at Song Country and lend them a hand…”


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