Grasping Evil - Chapter 150(1)

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There  was a ‘shackle’ on the heart of every cultivator known as the Dao Heart.

Evil cultivators tried to break the shackle and rebuild it again for their lifetime’s cultivation while ancient cultivators were desperate to strengthen that shackle.

However, everyone did not need to toil in reality. One only needed to persist in one’s Dao.

The spiritual qi in Song Country might not be as thick as that of Yue Country but its size was twice the size of it. According to Ning Fan’s estimate, the journey to the northern boundary of Song Country would at least need three months.

Within that three months, the cultivators of Song Country had inspected their ship forty-one times. Every time that happened, Ning Fan would order Bing Ling to show the cultivators the jade locket they got from Song Jun. Therefore, no one dared to put the voyage ship in a difficult position.

In the past three months, the Red Flower Old Demon had tried to ambush their ship seven times. The demon acted cautiously and  only attacked using her spirit sense or demonic arts every time.

Demonic arts differed from magical arts being a special technique that could only be used if the caster possessed Demon Veins. And, the power that was used to fuel the technique was not magic power but mind power!

The cultivation of a demon was separated into body cultivation and arts cultivation. For body cultivation, the demon would normally maintain its demon form. Even if it had broken through Gold Core Stage, it might not be able to shapeshift into human form. It would keep its demon form as the body of a demon was obviously stronger than a human body.

As for arts cultivation, it cultivated the demonic arts that was inherited from the memories of the bloodline. These spirit sense arts which could only be casted using mind power, was no different from normal magical techniques. However, some special demonic arts could be attached to one’s body, attacking one’s Sea of Consciousness. It would be very troublesome to withstand such attack.

Real demon cultivators were rare in the Rain World. Therefore, this Red Flower Old Demon’s background was really interesting.

When the demon attacked the ship by surprise for the first time, the demon was at a distance of 500 li from the ship. She casted a number of Core Realm demonic arts  which were probing attacks to test the defense of the voyage ship. With the Nascent Realm Low Grade defensive formation, her attacks were meaningless.

During the second time, she stayed 800 li away from the ship. This time, she was much more cautious than before. She used seven types of Nascent Realm Low Grade demonic arts and managed to pierce a hole on the ship’s grand formation. However, the shadow of the Starlight Sword flew out from Ning Fan’s glabella. Ning Fan stood on the demonic sense of the of the old demon. Then, all the demonic arts that were casted by the demon were incinerated to nothingness by Ning Fan.

That surprised the old demon. She was inwardly shocked as the young Harmonious Spirit cultivator possessed the Sword of Soul Burning.

During the third time, the demon distanced herself a thousand and a hundred li away from the ship. At that range, Ning Fan’s spirit sense was not able to sense her. However, it was the old demon’s maximum limit for her spirit sense… After all, the old demon’s spirit sense was still better than Ning Fan’s.

This time, the old demon did not hold back. She casted a Nascent Realm Middle Grade demonic arts, also known as the ‘Demon Starfall’. It borrowed the power of the starlight, fusing it with her demonic arts. Its power was extraordinary and it was her ultimate technique.

Within a few breaths time, the grand formation of the ship was crushed! However, the crushing of the formation did not shock Ning Fan. Instead, Ning Fan’s eyes turned cold.

“Three times! You have already exceeded the limit of my patience. If there is the fourth attack, you will regret it!”

Suddenly, a slightly dark spirit sense as though there were dark shadows of swords spread out from Ning Fan’s mind. It went towards the demonic arts to break the ‘Demon Starfall’.

Demonic arts were well-known for the difficulty in defending against them although their power might not compare to magical arts of the same level… Ning Fan used his sword sense to scan through the demonic arts and tore the spirit sense within the arts.

‘Demon Starfall’ which was the old demon’s ultimate technique was crushed itself eliminating the need to defend against it!

“This is… sword sense! This is bad! Sword sense is equivalent to the natural enemy of demonic arts and could restrain my demonic arts easily… How is it possible for a mere young man to have sword sense? Furthermore, the sword sense that he possesses is rare. What type of sword qi constitutes his sword sense? It actually made me, a Nascent Soul demon, to feel dreadful of it…”

After the third attack, Red Flower Old Demon held a greater fear towards Ning Fan’s ship. She realized that the success rate of attacking the ship forcefully and grabbing the three female cultivators successfully was only fifty percent. Therefore, she gave up on keeping track of the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship.

As for Ning Fan, he thought that it’s a pity the demon stopped following their trails.

It was because the Nascent Soul demon was in fact, a female demon.

He was not interested to know the reason why the female demon was victimizing other female cultivators. However, he was interested in making her into his own cauldron. It would be a great to have a Nascent Soul demon to dual cultivate with.

Unfortunately, the female demon was very cautious. She was aware that her spirit sense surpassed Ning Fan’s and her instant movement speed was faster than Ning Fan’s speed. Besides, she did not dare to stray close to the ship and casted demonic arts at a distance to attack by surprise. After knowing that she didn’t have a hundred percent assurance to defeat them, she immediately gave up.

To catch such female demon, Ning Fan was incapable. Unless the female cultivator offered herself to him. Come to think of it, since Ning Fan could not catch the female demon, would it be possible for the Gold Core experts in Song Country to catch her?

Now, the thing that Ning Fan concerned about was the evil blood-red rune between her eyebrows. It seemed to be a character of the demon race.

Within the rune, there was a blood-red Divine Intent. A savagely brutal killing intent was fused within the Divine Intent. However, it did not belong to the female demon. It should’ve been planted on the female demon by a powerful Spirit Severing Realm demon.

The rune had a similar function as the Mental Seal. It was one of the methods to control servants during the era of the ancient demons. Aside from that, there was another function for the rune. It could be activated to deliver a magical arts attack when the servant faced danger.

Perhaps the spell within the female demon’s eyebrows was her life-saving skill in times of danger. Ning Fan did not have certainty in defending himself against the attack. Therefore he gradually suppressed the desire of capturing the demon to be his cauldron.

Even if Ning Fan caught the female demon, Ning Fan would never be affected by her ugly appearance. He was able to ignore her ugliness…

My master once told me that when the light is switched off, everything would look the same,” said Ning Fan with a serious expression.

Since Ning Fan did not have the ability to capture the female demon and she was not going to attack the ship anymore, the ship was considered temporarily safe.

For three months, Ning Fan cultivated day in and day out. Only during sunset would he listen to Suqiu’s music. The flute’s symphony could quell the Heart’s Devils. It was very beneficial for Ning Fan. As for Suqiu, she did not question Ning Fan about his personal matters anymore ever since Ning Fan told her his thoughts. She also stopped reprimanding Ning Fan. Now, it seemed that she would not be as frivolous in talking and joking anymore.

What Ning Fan was cultivating bitterly was the “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”. If he successfully mastered this technique, he could transform into a giant with a height of ten *zhang. With the body refinement of Silver Bone First Realm, he  would be able to fight it out with Early Nascent Soul cultivators. Next, his magic power had already reached its limit, encountering a bottleneck. He did not dare to cultivate his magic power anymore, unless he reaches the Core Formation Realm.

The first level of “Colossal Bone Secret Arts” was known as Vein Burning. At this stage, one needed to use the prescribed spiritual herb for making a medicine soup. After drinking that soup, the medicine must be controlled under magic power to circulate within the Immortal Veins.


*Chi = 3313cm

*Zhang = 313meters

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