Grasping Evil - Chapter 150(2)

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The spiritual herbs that were specified in the book were those herbs rich in fire spirit. Luckily, Ning Fan happened to have the herbs. After he mixed them together, the medicine soup looked like the magma in a volcano. Hot bubbles started to form on the surface of the soup. The medicinal properties of the soup was terrifyingly strong.

Once the medicine soup entered one’s mouth, one would feel the burning sensation in their throat. When it moved into the immortal veins, the burning sensation intensified as if the immortal veins were going to be reduced to ashes.

However, it was the painful burning sensation that was needed for cultivating “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”. he pain from that was unbearable for ordinary people. Even the black corpse was forced to transform Tian Yi Zi into a living corpse, immune to pain before allowing him to cultivate this technique.

For Ning Fan, the pain that one needed to suffer to cultivate this technique was comparable to the pain that he had endured after he took the third Jade Royal Dan. However, Ning Fan did not even let out a sound when he cultivated this technique. He merely frowned when he was enduring the pain. Since he had already successfully endured the pain of taking in the third Jade Royal Dan, he could obviously endure the pain of cultivating the “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”!

But it was a pity that the pain he was experiencing was still not painful enough. If the pain was twice as painful, he would be able to take the fourth Jade Royal Dan as it could only be used when the cultivator was in a painful situation. The secret behind consuming the Jade Royal Dan was to suppress the internal pain with the external pain from the Dan, increasing his body refinement realm.

“If only there was a little more pain, it would be better…”

Ning Fan heaved a sigh while frowning.

If the words that Ning Fan mentioned just now was heard by the members of the sect who also cultivated the “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”, they would be astonished as there was not a single cultivator who would cultivate the technique without using anesthetics to numb their sensitivity towards pain.

Only a month passed by when Ning Fan completed the Vein Burning stage. Upon completion, he broke through every realm in the first level of the “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”. Now, he was on the verge of stepping into the first realm of the second level.

In his current realm, he had the ability to increase his height to nine *zhang. But this achievement was not sufficient for him.

The second level of “Colossal Bone Secret Arts” was known as Bone Calcination. One would need to convert the magic power within the body into flames and incinerate each of the bones in the body in order to cultivate the technique.

For Gold Core Realm experts, they could solidify their gold cores in their bodies, converting the magic power into core fire. For Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators, they could only transform their magic power into fire if they are cultivators of the fire element.

Other cultivators could only swallow the spiritual fire from the external world and burn their bones slowly to achieve the same result.

For this technique, the fiercer the flames, the stronger the efficiency of cultivation. For ordinary cultivators, it would take at least a year to a few years in advancing a small realm. For Gold Core Realm experts and fire-based Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators, it would only take at least half a year to achieve that.

Fortunately, Ning Fan had the Black Devil Flame. With the power of this flame, Ning Fan’s speed in cultivating the technique was greatly improved. He was ten times faster than most Gold Core Realm experts. After all, there was not another Gold Core Realm expert who could possess one of the twelve Earth Vein Demonic Flames to refine their bones.

This time, the incineration of the bones hurt even more than the pain of having the veins burned. Unfortunately, it was still not enough for Ning Fan to take in the fourth Jade Royal Dan.

Ning Fan endured the pain and started to cultivate the second level.

After two months, Ning Fan achieved the peak of the ninth realm in the second level of the “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”. He could transform into a nine *zhang and nine *chi giant. If he broke through the third level, he could turn himself into a ten *zhang giant!

However, the breakthrough to the third level and the cultivation after that would require a unique pill. It was a third revolution pill, namely the Blood Burning Pill. This pill was not that difficult to refine, but Ning Fan lacked the ingredients which was called “Burning Blood”.

“Colossal Bone Secret Arts” only consisted of three levels. If he is able to obtain  “ Burning Blood” to refine the pill, he would master the technique completely and possessed the ability to transform into a hundred-zhang-tall giant.

A hundred-zhang-tall giant was similar to the terrifying Bone Emperor who eliminated Hu family that night.

Transforming into a hundred-zhang-tall giant was only a single hair from nine oxen of Bone Emperor’s Fiendgod body refinement technique. However, it seemed to be the limit of “Colossal Bone Secret Arts”. Common body refinement techniques were not good enough for him who possessed the Immemorial Devil Veins. In fact, he needed Immemorial Fiendgod Body Refinement ability for his body refinement technique to reach the level of Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

After returning to his original form, Ning Fan kept the record of “Colossal Bone Secret Arts” and took out another technique called “Sword Finger”.

Although the record on the scroll was only a fragment of the complete version, it should still be stronger than the Bone Emperor’s White Skeletal Giant. After all, this technique was the inheritance from the sword ancestor of the girl.

The sword qi that was retained on the girl’s sword sheath was able to withstand Emperor Moksha’s Thousand Zhang Giant Finger.

The girl had once slain the Fiendgods with just a normal long sword.

“If I forgo the sword, none is my match.”

It was the message left by the girl. She may seem  wild but she was indeed strong.

If Ning Fan succeeded in cultivating “Sword Finger”, he would have mastered a trump card with absolute strength. However, the requirement for learning the technique was too demanding and costly. To cultivate the first finger, one would need an amount of Earth Veins and Spiritual Veins which would cover a thousands *li large area. Upon successful cultivation, the veins would all be destroyed!

Those types of veins could only be found in the Nascent Soul level sects in a middle grade cultivation country. Besides, these veins acted as the foundation of those sects. Every member of those sects cultivated using those veins. Therefore, it would be impossible for Ning Fan to use them as he liked.

So, Ning Fan could only wait for the chance to bump into those spiritual veins and act according to the circumstances.

After three months, the journey in Song Country had come to an end.

The voyage ship stopped at the boundary of Song Country.

If the ship moved forward for one more step, it would be considered leaving Song Country. However, Suqiu requested to alight from the ship.

“I apologize for my request. I can’t leave them behind without helping them. I have my own Dao. I know your choice is not a mistake because you have your own Dao too. It’s just that both of us have different Daos. Therefore, I think it’s time for us to part to pursue our own Dao.”

Suqiu revealed her angelic smile to Ning Fan for one last time and left for Song Country.

Ning Fan let out a deep sigh. He was not too surprised at her request.

What a troublesome woman. But still, she deserved respect.

“Revered Ning, what should we do now? I don’t think it is a good idea to leave Suqiu alone.” Said Jing Zhuo with a little confusion. He knew that Ning Fan was in a rush. He knew that Ning Fan would never be willing to waste his time in Song Country. But he also knew that it would be perilous for Suqiu to go to their aid alone.

“She’s right. I have my own Dao. If I leave her alone to die, my Dao would shatter. My heart would die. My fellow Daoist, Jing Zhuo, you can just stay here to protect the ship and the girls. Don’t be sneak attacked by Red Flower Old Demon. I will return in a short while. It would not take a lot of time.”

Killing intent surged in Ning Fan’s eyes.

He once made a promise to Suqiu. He had promised to keep her safe. Therefore, he would not do nothing to save her.

Besides, it was a perfect time for him to test his new technique “Colossal Bone Secrets Arts” when Suqiu was alone on the journey.

If that old demon was a male, Ning Fan could fight him using his body refinement technique “Colossal Bone Secret Arts” and save Suqiu.

It was such a pity that the old demon was a female. Even if she was a Nascent Soul expert, she would not be able to escape from Ning Fan once he used the technique to approach her and survived her first attack!  

*Zhang = 3.13meters

*li = 500 meters

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